Johnny Sunseed

Space AcademyAs the Space Academy cadets are growing accustomed to a new artificially grown vegetable in their meals, Commander Gampu tensely awaits an inspection from someone who he knows would love nothing more than to shut the Academy down: his brother, Johnny Sunseed. With a reputation as an anti-technology crusader, Sunseed is unimpressed with the Academy, and is annoyed that Gampu has assigned Peepo to serve as his tour guide. An outbreak of an unknown condition with intoxicating effects sweeps through the Academy, and Sunseed is quick to pounce on any sign that things aren’t running smoothly.

written by Don Heckman
directed by Ezra Stone
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael and Horta-Mahana

Space AcademyCast: Jonathan Harris (Commander Gampu), Pamelyn Ferdin (Laura), Ric Carrott (Chris), Ty Henderson (Paul), Maggie Cooper (Adrian), Brian Tochi (Tee Gar), Eric Greene (Loki), Dallas McKennon (Johnny Sunseed), Peepo (himself)

Notes: Although it seems as though Johnny Sunseed is being set up as a new regular at Space Academy, this is the show’s final episode; plans were already underway, in the wake of Star Wars‘ smash success earlier in the year, to use the Space Academy sets, props and models for a more action-adventure-oriented show.

LogBook entry by Earl Green