…Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best

Space: Above And BeyondThe war takes a turning point when a Chig ambassador arrives aboard the Saratoga, ready to talk about the possibility of peace. As the members of the 58th idly fantasize – or worry – about returning to peacetime life, the negotiations grow more intense. The survivors of the Tellus colony – Nathan West’s lover among them – become a bargaining chip, and are launched back toward Earth space. But when the talks break down and the war resumes, the Tellus colonists are now easy targets within easy reach of both Earth forces and the Chigs. West is determined to get there first, no matter the cost.

Order the DVDwritten by Glen Morgan & James Wong
directed by Vern Gillum
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Richard Fancy (E. Allen Wayne), Elliot Woods (Weapon specialist), Chris Ellis (Admiral Stenner), Steve Monroe (Engineer), Amanda Douge (Kylen), Marlon Chopper Young (Sentry), Harriet Sansom Harris (Diane Hayden), Lisa Talerico (Sgt. Parker), Don Pugsley (Colonel Rabwin), Amy Loubalu (Sentry #2), Reggie Hayes (Wallace), J. Patrick McCormack (Frank Shaffner), Tom Ayers (German Colonist), Derek Mark Lochran (Chig envoy), Christopher Boyer (Colonist), David Jean Thomas (General Alcott), Lawrence T. Wrentz (Sims), Robert Crow (Lt. Pruitt), Nilla Westerlund (Reporter)

LogBook entry by Earl Green