River of Stars

Space: Above And BeyondWhen the troop transport carrying the 58th is severely damaged, Vansen and West find themselves barely able to calm their soldiers’ fears. Oxygen and other vital consumables are running low, and all communication with the Saratoga is lost. Using an ancient sextant, Wang spots an opportunity – a comet will be passing perilously close to the transport very soon. There may be just enough thruster power left to push the transport into the comet’s tail, making it visible to the Saratoga, but there may not be enough thruster power left to keep the transport from crashing into the comet moments later…

Order the DVDwritten by Marilyn Osborn
directed by Tucker Gates
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Tasia Valenza (Lt. Winslow), Tyrone Batista (Lt. Leslie O’Neil), Sharon Annett (Communications officer), Billy Maddox (Larkin), J. August Richards (Lt. Thomas), Christopher Wiehl (Ensign), Chris Kirby (Kelcher), Robert Arevalo (Horn), Robert Crow (Reynolds)

LogBook entry by Earl Green