Never No More

Space: Above And BeyondReports begin to filter in of a new Chig “ace” ship which has destroyed almost every Earth fighter to come in contact with it…but these reports come in the form of unsubstantiated rumors rather than official news. The Wild Cards are frustrated by the lack of any official denial or confirmation. When the latest victim turns out to be the lover of an old high school sweetheart of Vansen’s, she fills the empty slot when the same squadron is sent on a recon mission. Then, and only then, does McQueen break with orders to warn Vansen that “Chiggy Von Richtoven” does indeed exist.

Order the DVDwritten by Glen Morgan & James Wong
directed by James Charleston
music by Shirley Walker / “Never No More” by Patsy Cline

Guest Cast: Michael Reilly Burke (Captain John Oakes), Heinrich James (Fenris), Tasia Valenza (Lt. Winslow), David Jean Thomas (Alcott), Michael Raynor (Admiral), Randy Stone (Spud), Rob Elk (Mr. Saber), Xavier Montalvo (Sullivan), Jacquelyn Houston (Hadden), David St. James (Broden), Ashley Smock (Curran), Jonathan Williams (Burnett), Michelle Clunie (Jennifer Brandt), Will Schaub (Paterno), Julio Dolce Vita (Ensign)

LogBook entry by Earl Green