Space: Above And BeyondThe 58th is forced to tag along on a non-military cargo ship to avoid being marooned on Groombridge 34. The freighter’s payload, however, alarms the young soldiers – hundreds of human beings trapped in stasis, and a shipment of unborn in vitros intended for a life of slave labor. Hawkes finds that one of the in vitros could grow into the closest things he’ll ever have to a brother. To make matters worse, a Chig ambush inflicts critical damage on the cargo ship, and the only way to redirect enough power to escape is to deactivate the stasis unit which keeps the in vitros intact …but will Hawkes allow a wholesale slaughter of his own kind to be the salvation of a ship full of natural born humans?

Order the DVDwritten by Stephen Zito
directed by Stephen Cragg
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Robert Louis Kempf (Sgt. Monk), Tony Amendola (Captain Lewelyn), Calvin Levels (First Mate Potter), William Forward (Mercer), Tom Everett (C.P.O. Keats), Ping Wu (Ashby), Christopher Michael Moore (Sorrel), Thom Barry (Chief Mechanic), Jeffrey Howard (Harris), Steven Hack (Harkin), Lisa Dinkins (Triage Nurse)

Notes: Tony Amendola is well-known in SF circles for his recurring Stargate SG-1 role of Master Bra’tac; William Forward made an equally memorable series of appearances on Babylon 5 as the scheming Refa.

LogBook entry by Earl Green