Level of Necessity

Space: Above And BeyondDuring a desperate retreat through subterranean caves on Daedalus, the 58th meets up with another Marine unit. Though they initially follow the other unit toward an escape route, Damphousse warns them not to after witnessing an inexplicable halo of light around the other Marines – who are then killed, leaving only one survivor. Though she saved her comrades, Damphousse falls under suspicion, and finds herself receiving the attention of an officer who intends to test her for psi abilities – for possible use as a weapon.

Order the DVDwritten by Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer
directed by Thomas J. Wright
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Richard Kind (Colonel Burke), Kane Picoy (Lubin), Tasia Valenza (Lt. Winslow), Timothy Dale Agee (Captain Kremens)

LogBook entry by Earl Green