Dear Earth

Space: Above And BeyondIn the midst of a mail call, Hawkes and McQueen resign themselves to being left out of the festivities – there are no families to write letters from home to in vitros. But the two then face an even worse dilemma. In an effort to bring order to the ranks, the top brass have decided to make a motivational film about the efforts of in vitros fighting alongside natural born humans in the war against the Chigs. Hawkes buys into the idea of becoming a role model for his people, but McQueen wants nothing to do with the documentary.

Order the DVDwritten by Richard Whitley
directed by Winrich Kolbe
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Steve Hytner (Reporter), Robert Crow (Crow), Charles Carpenter (Cameraman), Gibson Frazier (Ed), Loren Chase (Mrs. West), Darren Gray Ward (Lt. John Hill), Kate McCalley (Doctor), Bob Clendenin (Mank), Scott Heath Dorel (Sailor #1), John Battle (Supply sergeant), Jermaine Mentell (Sailor #2), Jennifer Burns (Ann), Michael Wachtel (Marine #1), Rock Reiser (Armed guard), Ted Mann (Slow Talker), Carl Gilliard (Ophthalmologist)

LogBook entry by Earl Green