And If They Lay Us To Rest…

Space: Above And BeyondAn elaborate mission to draw a large portion of the Chig defense away from their home planet is falling right into place. The Wild Cards are sent in to place landing beacons on a Chig-occupied moon which will be the Earth forces’ next target. Not only do they fend off a Chig ground patrol, but they discover a new life form of a kind never seen. Suddenly, the attack on this moon brings up the possibility of genocide…but even if a way can be found to warn the seemingly gentle, harmless creatures of the impending assault, nobody knows if the beings can be trusted not to share that information with the enemy.

Order the DVDwritten by Glen Morgan & James Wong
directed by Vern Gillum
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Don Pugsley (Colonel Rabwin), Derek Mark Lochran (Pasty), Robert Crow (Communications officer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green