The Taybor

Space: 1999Small glowing objects appear all over the station, and the first two people to touch them are blinded. Not long afterward, a booming voice contacts the Moonbase, bellowing “Ahoy there, Moonbase Alpha!” Moments after requesting permission to land (and not really getting it), a large orange spacecraft appears on the moon’s surface, followed by the appearance of its rotund captain, identifying himself as a trader named the Taybor, in Alpha’s command center. It is clear that the Taybor has been monitoring Koenig and his crew for some time, as he seems to know quite a bit about them, and even invites himself to stay for dinner. During that meal, Tony Verdeschi finally finds an admirer of his home-brewed beer in the crew’s guest, and when his tongue is a bit loosened, the Taybor reveals that his craft is capable of making hyperspace jumps, a technology that intrigues Koenig. The commander tries to barter with the Taybor for passage to Earth for the entire crew, but the trader wants only one thing in exchange – Maya.

Order the DVDswritten by Thorn Keyes
directed by Bob Brooks
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Willoughby Goddard (The Taybor), Jeffrey Kissoon (Dr. Ben Vincent), John Hug (Fraser), Yasuko Nagazumo (Yasko), Larraine Humphrys (Karen), Rita Webb (Slatternly Woman), Mel Taylor (Andrews)

LogBook entry by Earl Green