The Seance Spectre

Space: 1999The moon approaches a potentially habitable planet, but Commander Koenig, sensitive to having raised false hopes too many times in the past, keeps it a secret from most of Moonbase Alpha’s population. This turns out to be an even better decision in hindsight, as Koenig discovers that the planet is on a direct collision course with the wayward moon. But a crewman named Sanderson and his close circle of friends, suspicious of the information blackout, mutiny and take over Alpha’s command center. Koenig orders Sanderson and his cohorts confined to the sick bay, and then boards an Eagle with Maya to explore the planet ahead. They find not an Earthlike world, but a planet with a poisonous, turbulent atmosphere that forces a crash-landing. Carter is barely able to bring the Eagle back via remote control, and Koenig decides to deliberately replicate the nuclear blast that shot the moon out of Earth’s orbit, hoping it’ll divert the moon’s course enough to avoid the impending collision. But Sanderson is still convinced of a cover-up – and even when his friends refuse to go against Koenig again, Sanderson is willing to put his life, and everyone else’s, on the line to prove his point.

Order the DVDswritten by Donald James
directed by Peter Madek
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Nick Tate (Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Ken Hutchinson (Greg Sanderson), Carolyn Seymour (Eva), Nigel Pegram (Cernik), James Snell (Stevens), Christopher Asante (Guard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green