The Bringers Of Wonder – Part 2

Space: 1999Restrained by his own crew, Commander Koenig fights to get Tony, Dr. Russell, Maya or anyone to believe him. He claims that the crew is being tricked by blob-like beings capable of telepathically projecting themselves as an image from someone’s memory – hence the rescue ship conveniently manned by people known to members of Alpha’s crew. Koenig convinces Helena to perform the same experimental brain treatment on her that he underwent, and she too can then see the Moonbase’s visitors as they really are. But this revelation is too late – the aliens have set a plan into motion to feed their need for highly-radioactive emissions by exploding the nuclear waste dumps on the moon’s far side. Even when Dr. Russell manages to administer a treatment to the entire Moonbase crew, Alan Carter and an alien-influenced team at the nuclear dump is left unaffected – and still doing the aliens’ bidding.

Order the DVDswritten by Terence Feely
directed by Tom Clegg
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Nick Tate (Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Jeffery Kissoon (Dr. Ben Vincent), Toby Robins (Diana Morris), Stuart Damon (Guido Verdeschi), Jeremy Young (Jack Bartlett), Drewe Henley (Joe Ehrlich), Patrick Westwood (Dr. Shaw), Cher Cameron (Louisa), Al Lampert (Ken Burdett), Billy J. Mitchell (Professor Hunter), Earl Robinson (Sandstrom), Robert Sheedy (Henry), Nichols Young (Peter Rockwell), Albin Pahernik (Lizard Animal)

LogBook entry by Earl Green