Journey To Where

Space: 1999Moonbase Alpha receives a transmission directed specifically toward it – and it appears to originate from Earth. The voice from Earth claims that the year there is now 2029, and that the technology is available on Earth to bring the Alpha crew home. Though skeptical, Koenig agrees to give the project a try. As the crew works toward building a device to return them to 21st century Earth, they learn that things have changed on Earth – it’s become a barren planet with sealed, domed cities and more earthquakes than before. After a successful test of the long-range transport system, Commander Koenig, Dr. Russell and Tony volunteer to be the first live test subjects, but when a freak earthquake strikes the domed city that the Alpha crew is attempting to reach, they find themselves in a jungle and they don’t even know if it’s on Earth.

Order the DVDswritten by Donald James
directed by Tom Clegg
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Nick Tate (Alan Carter), Freddie Jones (Dr. Logan), Isla Blair (Carla), Jeffery Kissoon (Dr. Ben Vincent), Yasuko Nagazumi (Yasko), Roger Bizley (MacDonald), Laurence Harrington (Jackson), Norwich Duff (1st Operative, Texas), Peggy Page (The Old Crone)

Notes: Recognize the “test package” sent to Earth by Alpha? It’s a repainted model of the atmosphere-spewing probe from The Last Sunset.

LogBook entry by Earl Green