Collision Course

Space: 1999An asteroid is plummeting toward the moon, and a last-ditch effort is underway to plant nuclear explosives on the rock to destroy it before it collides with Moonbase Alpha. During the flight to deposit one of the last bombs, Alan Carter’s Eagle runs into technical problems, delaying the all-important timed blast. Commander Koenig is forced to detonate the asteroid before Carter is clear of the blast radius. Despite Bergman’s warnings about debris and residual radiation, Koenig insists on leading a recovery mission to find Carter – dead or alive. Aboard the rescue ship, Koenig begins hearing a female voice he doesn’t recognize, but the voice gives him the precise coordinates of Carter’s ship. Alan, still alive, hears the voice as well – and thinks he sees a veiled figure in the cockpit of his Eagle. But a new danger presents itself when a massive planet appears in the path of the moon – and this time, there’s no getting around it or going through it. Bergman and Paul Morrow concoct a plan to recreate the cataclysmic blast that originally threw the moon out of Earth’s orbit to divert its course, but Koenig continues to hear the mysterious voice, and this time it’s telling him not to change the moon’s course. The voice was right once before, so how far will Koenig trust it this time?

Order the DVDswritten by Anthony Terpiloff
directed by Ray Austin
music by Barry Gray
additional music by Vic Elms

Guest Cast: Margaret Leighton (Queen Arra), Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow), Clifton Jones (David Kano), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Anton Phillips (Dr. Mathias), Nick Tate (Alan Carter)

LogBook entry by Earl Green