SlidersOn an idyllic world where population control is not the problem that it is on their Earth, Quinn and the others arrive and find a moment to relax. Wade begins thinking about staying in this world despite Quinn’s misgivings. When she enters a lottery and wins, Wade feels she’s found a good stopping place – and, Quinn discovers, so does the government. The lottery awards its winners all their hearts’ desires for 24 hours before euthanizing them to control the population. Rembrandt falls for one of Wade’s fellow winners, and Wade herself becomes attracted to another “lucky” individual. They each reveal to their newfound friends that there is a means of escape by sliding, but Quinn – perhaps jealous of Wade’s blossoming romance with Ryan – can’t guarantee that the wormhole from one dimension to another can carry more than four people. When the police come to arrest Rembrandt for the “pro-life” offense of trying to dissuade a lottery winner from her ultimate goal, the others break him out and run for their lives with Wade’s new heartthrob. Quinn’s fears about the stability of the wormhole may prove unfounded when it appears that it only has to deposit four living subjects to their next destination as Quinn takes a bullet from the pursuing police.

Order the DVDswritten by Jon Povill
directed by Les Landau
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Nicholas Lea (Ryan), Alex Datcher (Julianne), Kevin Cooney (Ken), Geoff Edwards (himself), Mike Kopsa (Agent Wilson), Nathan Vanering (Father Fergus), Walter Marsh (Elderly Man), Kristina Matisic (News Anchor), Ted Cole (Friendly Man), David Glyn-Jones (Elderly Man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green