The Last Days

SlidersThe sliders arrive on a world on the brink of chaos and anarchy as the human race prepares to be wiped out by an approaching asteroid in 72 hours. While this might only cause mild consternation to the visitors, Quinn has arranged for them to stay in this dimension for a little over three days, making them just as susceptible to this Earth’s fate as everyone else. Quinn and Wade try to visit the home of this dimension’s Quinn to see if he has developed sliding equipment that can allow them to escape earlier, while Arturo sets out on an unlikely mission to develop an asteroid-deflecting atom bomb – a technology never used in this world – with obnoxious Benish, a student of his from home. Rembrandt, in the meantime, decides to party like there’s no tomorrow – only to find that anarchy is breaking loose as the end draws near, and he’s right in the middle of it.

Order the DVDswritten by Dan Lane
directed by Michael Keusch
music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Guest Cast: Jennifer Hetrick (Caroline), Jason Gaffney (Benish), George Touliatos (Dr. Antonovich), Gary Narin (Mace Moon), Malcolm Stewart (Alan Fontaine), Carlton Watson (Reverend), Robin Palmer (Nurse Pamela), Patrick Stevenson (Jimmy), Hidalgo Rubin (Driver), Jacqueline Dandeneau (Meter Maid), Norma Wick (News Anchor), Brian Arnold (Science Correspondent), Mike Dobson (Policeman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green