The King Is Back

SlidersNarrowly escaping from a dimension where Judge Ito sentences Quinn to die for a minor crime under the “instant justice act,” Rembrandt finds himself in a world where his double was a bigger star than Elvis. The only problem is that this world’s Rembrandt apparently died, which makes it hard for Rembrandt to go anywhere without being recognized and even chased down by rabid fans. His agent tracks him down and approaches him with the offer of a comeback concert that will net Rembrandt a million dollars per song. This is enough to make Rembrandt consider staying behind in this dimension, but it appears that his newfound fame and fortune might be cut short when an insanely jealous former bandmate decides to ensure that the rumors of Rembrandt’s death are anything but exaggerated.

Order the DVDswritten by Tracy Tormè
directed by Vern Gillum
music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Guest Cast: Chuck McCain (Captain Jack), Clinton Derricks-Carroll (alternate Rembrandt), Tom Pickett (Maurice), Eadie Del Rubio, Elena Del Rubio, Milly Del Rubio (The Del Rubio Sisters), Janice Kent (Lawyer), Michele T. Carter (Penny Jenson), Sheri-D Wilson (Secretary), William Sasso (Gomez Calhoun), Judith Maxie (Charmagne), Nicholas Harrison (Nick), Peter Hanlon (Expert Analyzer), Richard Ihara (Judge), Tyler Van Blankenstein (First Kid)

LogBook entry by Earl Green