Summer Of Love

SlidersThe authorities investigate the Sliders’ disappearance in their native universe, questioning Quinn’s classmate Conrad Benish, just as Quinn and his friends arrive in another universe. To Quinn’s horror, the timer has suffered some damage, but when a public PA system warns of the coming of a swarm of mutant spider-wasps, he and his friends worry that they may suffer even worse damage. The timer is barely able to generate another vortex in time to escape, and the gateway closes for a moment after Wade and Rembrandt slide. Quinn and Arturo slide to a different location, and find that some of the mutant insects have come with them. Both parties have actually arrived in the same world, with Wade and Rembrandt emerging from their wormhole before the shocked eyes of a hippie commune whose members believe them to be aliens from another world. While searching for Quinn and Arturo, Rembrandt stumbles upon his own funeral – and blows his own cover when the eulogy becomes less than complimentary. It gradually becomes apparent that America is at war in this world, and the counterculture with whom the sliders are identified is considered a very dangerous and subversive group indeed.

Order the DVDswritten by Tracy Tormè
directed by Mario Azzopardi
music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Guest Cast: Obba Babbatunde (Hippie), Deborah Lacey (Agent), Arthur Reggie III (Detective), Jason Gaffney (Benish), Gerry Nairn (Mace Moore), Michele Goodger (Copeland), Robert Lee (Harold), Barry Pepper (Skidd), Ajay Karah (Seeker), Richard Leacock (Tenedu), Gabrielle Miller (Fling), Joy Coghill (Ms. Tweak), Mike Dobson (First Policeman), Joanna Piros (Newscaster)

LogBook entry by Earl Green