SlidersQuinn and the others arrive in a world where intellectuals are revered and even worshipped in the same way as athletes are in the sliders’ native dimension. Quinn and Arturo’s duplicates in this dimension are quite famous – and apparently quite infamous too, since Arturo is served with divorce papers intended for his double from a woman that Arturo once fell in love with and lost, and Quinn is roughed up for his alternate’s enormous gambling debts. The only way Quinn can avoid further harm during his stay is to throw a Mindgame championship, a contest combining physical sports and mental prowess, in MIT’s favor. The results if Quinn doesn’t conspire against his own team could be fatal.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Scott Smith Miller
story by Scott Smith Miller & Jacob Epstein
directed by Timothy Bond
music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Guest Cast: Charles Syphers (Coach Almquist), Peter Spellos (Jimmy), Gabrielle Rose (Kristina), Rick Garcia (Referee), Tom Jackson (Color Commentator), Ron Pitts (Play-by-Play Announcer), Andrew Guy (Wilson), Karen Austin (Lydia), William B. Davis (Professor Myman), Roman Danylo (Buyer), Johnny Mah (Victor), Rachel Hayward (Karen), Anthony Harrison (Agent Cannon), Marc Baur (Agent O’Malley), Sheelagh Megill (Mrs. Bingham), Colin Warner (Harvard Captain), Bentley Mitchum (M.I.T. Player), Mark Poyser (Rapper Leader), Carl Hibbert (Rapper #1), Michael McMillian (Rapper #2), Amanda O’Leary (Librarian)

Notes: Guest star William B. Davis is no stranger to fans of the Fox network’s mid ’90s SF series – he’s better known as the “Cigarette Smoking Man” from The X-Files.

LogBook entry by Earl Green