SearchWith the help of Tommy, the mental patient from the hospital, Sky tries to explain the circular nature of the Juganet to his friends. At the same time, Sky learns about Earth religions, and marvels at the destructiveness of the human race. With the help of Arby and Jane, Sky narrows down the possible site of the Juganet on Earth to a tall, round hill topped by an ancient castle. Sky goes there, intent to activate the Juganet to return to his home dimension, but Goodchild is also there.

Order the DVDswritten by Bob Baker and Dave Martin
directed by Terry Harding
music by Eric Wetherell

SkyCast: Marc Harrison (Sky), Stuart Lock (Arby Vennor), Cherrald Butterfield (Jane Vennor), Richard Speight (Roy Briggs), Jack Watson (Major Briggs), Meredith Edwards (Tom), Pruella Ransome (Susannah), Sean Lynch (Michael), Gerard Hely (Dr. Saul), Ursula Barclay (First Nurse), Monica Lavers (Second Nurse), Robert Eddison (Goodchild)

LogBook entry by Earl Green