The Last Of The Fourth Of Julys

The Six Million Dollar ManLong a surveillance target of the OSI, a man named Quail – who has the resources to hide out on his own well-equipped island complete with sensor systems, a 30-foot-tall electric fence, and a water filtration system – is now a top priority: a U.S. government agent relayed information that Quail is planning something massive, and lethal, in July. Infiltrating Quail’s base is beyond most agents, and even Austin has to undergo a rigorous training program that tests even the limits of his bionically enhanced endurance. Unfortunately, once inside Quail’s base, the nuclear power source in Austin’s bionic limbs gives him away to the base’s sensors. Austin is subjected to a series of interrogations, and one of his interrogators reveals that she is a deep-cover agent working on behalf of Interpol to topple Quail’s operation. With time running out before Quail hatches a plan to kill all the delegates at a critical world peace summit, does Austin go it alone, or does he believe her story?

written by Richard Landau
directed by Reza Badiyi
music by Oliver Nelson

The Six Million Dollar ManCast: Lee Majors (Steve Austin), Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman), Steve Forrest (Quail), Kevin Tighe (Root), Tom Reese (Joe Alabam), Arlene Martel (Violette), Barry Cahill (Submarine Captain), Hank Stohl (Balsam), Ben Wright (Ives), H. Alan Deglin (Hurst), Tom Hayden (Sonar)

LogBook entry by Earl Green