Thou Shalt Not Kill

Shazam!Lynn is upset that her favorite horse, Becket, is scheduled to be put down because he’s been deemed dangerous by a rancher who blames Becket for injuring him. Mentor and Billy arrive on the scene and introduce Lynn to the idea of a peaceful protest to delay Becket’s “execution”. When the local sheriff – who also happens to be Lynn’s father – points out that the protest is within the law and on public property, the rancher decides that a demonstration of how dangerous Becket is will change everyone’s minds. Captain Marvel has to save the horse’s life.

written by Marianne Mosner
directed by Arthur H. Nadel
music by Horta-Mahana

Shazam!Cast: Michael Gray (Billy Batson), Les Tremayne (Mentor), Jackson Bostwick (Captain Marvel), Pamelyn Ferdin (Lynn Colby), William Sargent (Sheriff Colby), John Karlen (Nick)

Notes:Another future Space Academy cast member puts in a guest appearance; Pamelyn Ferdin would become one of the later Filmation show’s leads.

LogBook entry by Earl Green