The Brothers

Shazam!Danny Martin and his blind younger brother Chad are on a nature hike when Chad grows tired of Danny’s over-protective attitude. Chad runs away, ending up in the middle of the highway, where Billy and Mentor nearly hit him. Quickly discovering that Chad is blind (despite the boy’s best efforts not to tell them), they wait for Danny to catch up. Billy tries to coach Chad on making better use of his senses of sound and smell to help him, but Danny is still overprotective – until he’s bitten by a rattlesnake and needs Chad (with an assist from Captain Marvel) to find help.

Shazam!written by Len Janson & Chuck Menville
directed by Hollingsworth Morse
music by Horta-Mahana

Cast: Michael Gray (Billy Batson), Les Tremayne (Mentor), Jackson Bostwick (Captain Marvel), Lance Kerwin (Chad Martin), Steve Tanner (Danny Martin)

LogBook entry by Earl Green