The Geezenstacks

Tales From The DarksideThe Hummels – Sam, his wife Edith, and their daughter Audrey – are visited by Edith’s brother, Richard. He’s brought a gift for Audrey: a large, elaborate dollhouse with four dolls. As Audrey begins playing with the dolls and concoting elaborate stories around their day-to-day lives, Sam is alarmed to notice that the scenarios Audrey imagines for her dolls are playing out in real life as well. Do the Hummels still have free will…or are their lives now at the whim of their daughter’s vivid and sometimes disturbing imagination?

teleplay by Nancy Doyne
based on a story by Frederic Brown
directed by Bill Travis
music by Charlie Morrow

Cast: Craig Wasson (Sam Hummel), Tandy Cronyn (Edith Hummel), Larry Pine (Uncle Richard), Lana Hirsch (Audrey Hummel), Paul Sparer (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green