Marionettes, Inc.

Ray Bradbury TheaterJohn Braling, henpecked husband and unambitious computer salesman, is mystified when every computer he turns on suddenly shows him the name of a company – Marionettes, Inc. – and its slogan, “we shadow forth”, followed by a data dump of nearly every piece of Braling’s personal information. When even the computers he tries to sell begin showing this, costing him business, Braling pays Marionettes, Inc. a call. He is greeted by Mr. Fantoccini, who shows Braling a robot duplicate of himself, a perfect replica that can take Braling’s place while he goes off to live the life he really wants to live. The cost? Braling’s life savings – and yet he pays up in full. But when Braling becomes uncomfortable with how friendly his robot doppelganger is becoming with Mrs. Braling, can he simply put his duplicate back in the box and return it for a refund?

Get this season on DVDwritten by Ray Bradbury
directed by Paul Lynch
music by Bruce Ley

Ray Bradbury TheaterCast: James Coco (John Braling), Leslie Nielsen (Fantoccini), Jayne Eastwood (Mrs. Braling), Kenneth Welsh (Crane), Pixie Bigelow (Buyer), Rex Hagon (Buyer), Michael Fletcher (Buyer), Laura Henry (Secretary), Tom Christopher (The Other Braling)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

The Playground

Ray Bradbury TheaterInsurance salesman Charles Underhill, a widower, entrusts the care of his son to his sister, but she insists that her, too, needs to take his son to play. But Charles is against taking his son to the nearest playground, a convenient location that harbors terrible childhood memories of being trapped and taunted by bullies. Worse yet, Charles keeps seeing the ringleader of those bullies – the ones who tortured him as a child – at the playground, in the present, waiting for his son.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Ray Bradbury
directed by William Fruet
music by Domenic Trojano

Ray Bradbury TheaterCast: William Shatner (Charles Underhill), Keith Dutson (Steve), Kate Trotter (Carol), Mirko Malish (Ralph), Steven Andrade (Charlie), Barry Flatman (Robert Peerless)

LogBook entry by Earl Green