Logan’s Run

Logan's RunIn the 23rd century, mankind lives in gigantic domed cities, protected by the elements and never allowed to venture outside. Pleasure is the only pursuit, but while there’s plenty of hedonism, there isn’t much longevity: everyone is expected to do their part to prevent overpopulation by laying down their life at the age of 30 in a spectacular ritual called Carousel, after which doctrine tells them that they will be reborn as infants. Implanted in the palm of every citizen’s hand is a glowing crystal that begins to flash red as their time draws near, and anyone who tries to defy the law and live past 30 is declared a Runner, and becomes the target of Sandmen – trained killers who, on the behalf of the city, put Runners to “sleep.”

It is this life into which Logan-5 (Michael York) is born, and he enjoys his work as a Sandman until the city’s central computer selects him for a special mission. Apparently, over the years (and carefully hidden from the general populace) over a thousand Runners have successfully escaped the city and taken refuge in a place known only as Sanctuary. Logan is assigned to become a Runner himself to infiltrate their ranks, and report back to the authorities where Sanctuary is so it can be destroyed, along with a growing resistance movement, once and for all. But no one will accept Logan unless they believe he has a reason to run – and thus he is subjected to a process which robs him of his remaining six years. With no indication that he will get them back if he accomplishes his task, and strangely drawn to a young woman named Jessica with dangerously dissident ideals, Logan finds that he now has more reason to become a real Runner than to fulfill his mission – even if it sets his fellow Sandmen against him.

Download this episodescreenplay by David Zelag Goodman
based on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson
directed by Michael Anderson
music by Jerry Goldsmith

Cast: Michael York (Logan), Richard Jordan (Francis), Jenny Agutter (Jessica), Roscoe Lee Browne (Box), Farrah Fawcett-Majors (Holly), Michael Anderson Jr. (Doc), Peter Ustinov (The Old Man), Randoplh Roberts (2nd Sanctuary Man), Lara Lindsay (Woman Runner), Gary Morgan (Billy), Michelle Stacy (Mary), Laura Hippe (Woman Customer), David Westberg (Sandman), Camilla Carr (Sanctuary Woman), Grew Lewis (Cub), Ashley Cox (Timid Girl), Bill Couch (Sandman), Glen Wilder (Runner)

Review: In some ways, it’s regarded as pure cheese now, and even ripe for a remake, but I find that I still enjoy Logan’s Run. And despite my admiration for the movie, it’s incredibly derivative – there’s very little of the basic premise of mankind’s fate and state of existence that I haven’t already read in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, from the hedonistic lifestyle to the great outdoors being a horrible place in which our heroes are ill-equipped to survive. Where the two diverge is Logan‘s commentary and parody of ageism. […]

Logan’s Run (Pilot)

Logan's RunIn the year 2319, two centuries after nuclear war rendered the Earth’s surface uninhabitable for a time, humanity lives in the City of Domes, with every need – and every desire – supplied by the City’s computers. But at the age of 30, every resident of the City is required to take part in Carousel, a ritual sacrifice that keeps the City’s population growth at zero. Everyone is taught that Carousel brings renewal, life in a new body, but not all believe it; an underground railroad of “runners” steadily helps those who want to live past 30 escape. And the City dispatches Sandmen to deal with those runners – fatally. But not even all Sandmen believe the lie of Carousel; during a pursuit, Sandman Logan corners a runner and a woman named Jessica, both of whom confirm what he has already suspected: there is life past 30, and freedom beyond the City of Domes. Logan’s fellow Sandman, Francis, arrives and shoots the runner, but Logan knocks Francis unconscious before he can kill Jessica. Now as much of a fugitive as any runner, Logan follows Jessica outside the City to look for Sanctuary.

Before Francis can pursue Logan and Jessica outside the City, he is summoned to White Quadrant 1, a high security area of the City that few ever see. There, he meets a group of men who are clearly past the age of 30; they introduce themselves as the Elders who keep the City running, and make the rules about how society works, including Carousel. They make a bargain with him: if Francis brings the refugees back for “reprogramming,” he will be guaranteed a seat on the Elders’ council – and life beyond 30. He agrees and sets out on his mission.

Logan and Jessica take shelter in an abandoned military planning post, where they also find a solar-powered hovercraft. The vehicle helps them find a fallout shelter Logan spots on a map, but before they can explore the shelter, they’re pursued by raiders on horseback. They manage to enter the shelter and lock the door, finding a society of pacifists that has lived there for years. When one of the shelter-dwellers’ children hears Jessica’s tales of the outside, she investigates for herself and is captured by the raiders. Jessica, feeling guilty for inspiring the little girl’s misadventure, goes outside to find her and is herself captured. Despite the pacifists’ insistence that blood must not be spilled, Logan mounts a rescue operation anyway, destroying many of the raiders’ weapons himself before the shelter-dwellers emerge from underground to help him. After freeing all of the raiders’ captives, Logan and Jessica move on; shortly after they leave, Francis finds the raiders’ camp and gets the pacifists to tell him where his prey was headed.

Logan and Jessica arrive at a the foot of a mountain with a magnificent city built into its side, but strange energy emitters bring their hovercraft to a halt. Immaculately clad people welcome them to the city and offer to serve them, fulfilling any desire – but the first time Jessica mentions leaving the city to continue the search for Sanctuary, she and Logan discover that they are not guests, but prisoners. Their captors turn out to be robots whose “masters” are the skeletal remains of people who died in the nuclear war. Logan and Jessica befriend Rem, the only other “guest” in the city, who toils away at keeping the robots working. He offers to help them leave the city if Logan and Jessica will take him with them, but during their escape, Francis and two other Sandmen catch up with them. Rem is shot in the leg and goes down, but before Francis can capture Logan, the city’s robots emerge and claim the Sandmen as their new guests.

Rem manages to repair his own injuries – it turns out he is an android, a much more advanced machine than the city’s robots – and professes a genuine curiosity about the human concepts of love, self-sacrifice and freedom that his new friends have taught him. The three fugitives board the hovercraft and continue the search for Sanctuary.

Season 1 Regular Cast: Gregory Harrison (Logan), Heather Menzies (Jessica), Donald Moffat (Rem), Randy Powell (Francis)

Download this episodewritten by William F. Nolan & Saul David and Leonard Katzman
directed by Robert Day
scenes from the movie Logan’s Run directed by Michael Anderson
music by Laurence Rosenthal
music from the movie Logan’s Run by Jerry Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Lina Raymond (Siri), Keene Curtis (Draco), Wright King (Jonathon), E.J. Andre (Martin), Morgan Woodward (Morgan), Ron Hajek (Riles), J. Gary Dontzig (Akers), Anthony De Longis (Ketcham), Cal Haynes (Rider #3), Mary Hamill (Marianne), Ted Markland (Karlin), Sandy McPeak (Rider #4), Kimberly la Page (Leanna), Patrick Gorman (David), Gilbert Girion (Man), Marvin Dean Stewart (Paine), Michael Biehn (Sandman), Mary Ball (Woman), Gary Charles Davis (Barry)

Logan's RunNotes: Considered by Starlog magazine to be the most promising SF TV series of 1977, Logan’s Run borrows some visual elements from the movie – namely costumes and props, to say nothing several minutes of the movie’s “Carousel” scenes (complete with excerpts of Jerry Goldsmith‘s music, a rarity for the series). The segment of the story dealing with the fallout shelter and the raiders was a late addition to the script; the pilot was originally scheduled to be an hour long, but new scenes were written to fill it out for a 90-minute time slot. The plotline of the City Elders was a relatively late addition as well; planning documents for the series seemed to indicate that this storyline wouldn’t occur until later in the series. (Then again, those same documents hinted at Logan and Jessica returning to the City to free other runners, a story which the series didn’t stay on the air long enough to tell.) The series concepts were actually gestated during very early pre-production for a sequel to the Logan’s Run movie, but MGM turned the movie project into a TV series a few months before the release of Star Wars; several big names in SF were recruited, including story editor D.C. Fontana, and writers such as Harlan Ellison, John Meredyth Lucas and David Gerrold.

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The Collectors

Logan's RunWhen the hovercraft breaks down in the desert, Logan and Jessica go exploring on foot while Rem tries to conduct repairs. But what the two runners find isn’t desolation – it’s an oasis in the unlikeliest of places, and a populated one too. When they cautiously introduce themselves, Logan and Jessica find that they’re among friends: fellow runners tell them they’ve found Sanctuary. But after repairing the hovercraft, Rem goes looking in exactly the same place, and he doesn’t see Sanctuary at all, but more desert. Even though they’re separated from each other, Logan, Jessica and Rem quickly discovered that they aren’t guests in a safe haven, but captives in an interplanetary zoo whose “specimens” have been abducted by an alien crew. They also seem to have developed telekinetic powers, which could be their means of escape…or their undoing.

Download this episodewritten by James Schmerer
directed by Alexander Singer
music by Laurence Rosenthal

Guest Cast: Linden Chiles (John), Leslie Parrish (Joanna), Angela Cartwright (Karen), Lawrence Casey (Martin), Perry Bullington (Sandman #1), Ben Van Vacier (Sandman #2), Stan Stratton (Sandman #3)

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Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem take up temporary residence at an abandoned cabin near a lake, until they’re cornered and disarmed by Francis and another Sandman. Their orders are simple – Francis will take Logan and Jessica back to the City of Domes, while Rem is to be dismantled. During an overnight stop, Jessica disappears from the hovercraft while Francis has Logan tied up outside. When they go looking for her, they meet a man named James Borden, who warns them that Jessica has probably been kidnapped by mutants who hunt in packs nearby. But he’s not quite being truthful – Borden and his ruthless wife are holding Jessica prisoner to use her as bait for a hunt of their own, and Logan and Francis are the prey. Rem gives his captor the slip and locks him up, and then follows Logan’s trail to Borden’s compound. To survive this most dangerous game, Logan and Francis will have to trust each other, and Logan will have to rediscover the killer instinct he left behind in the City of Domes.

Download this episodewritten by Michael Richards
directed by Irving J. Moore
music by Jeff Alexander

Guest Cast: Horst Bucholz (James Borden), Mary Woronov (Irene Borden), Stan Stratton (Benjamin)

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The Innocent

Logan's RunFrancis and the other Sandmen, now armed with their own vehicles, close in on Logan and his friends. Even though Logan is able to shake off his pursuers, his flight comes to a sudden stop when he finds that his hovercraft is in a minefield surrounding an underground bunker. Rem manages to neutralize the bunker’s various defense systems, and inside the bunker, they find rather antisocial robots watching over an adolescent girl who has apparently never seen another human being since her parents died. She develops a strong attachment to Logan, but doesn’t understand the feelings she’s experiencing. But she quickly picks up on Logan’s affection for Jessica, and her envy leads her to reveal a terrifying telekinetic power. After she uses her power to “remove” Rem and Jessica, Logan still rejects her advances…so she decides to betray him to the Sandmen.

Logan's RunDownload this episodeteleplay by Ray Brenner and D.C. Fontana
story by Ray Brenner
directed by Michael Preece
music by Jerrold Immel

Guest Cast: Lisa Eilbacher (Lisa), Lou Richards (Strong), Barney McFadden (Jeremy), Brian Kerwin (Patrick), Gene Tyburn (Friend)

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Man Out of Time

Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem investigate unusual energy readings near a junkyard, and they watch in amazement as a large cylinder appears in front of them, containing a live rabbit, which Logan removes. The cylinder then vanishes again, and returns a while later with a man inside, claiming that he too seeks Sanctuary and knows the way. But when the travelers’ new friend brings them to Sanctuary, it’s not what any of them expect. There are no wayward runners from the City of Domes, there are no computers, and there is no modern knowledge. Devastated, the man from the cylinder reveals who he is at last: he is from the past, on the eve of the nuclear war which almost killed all life on Earth, and he’s seeking hints from the future that will allow him to prevent that future – and he needs Logan’s help. But if Logan does assist him, history as Logan knows it – and even Logan himself – might never happen.

Download this episodewritten by Noah Ward (pseudonym for David Gerrold)
directed by Nicholas Colasanto
music by Laurence Rosenthal

Guest Cast: Paul Shenar (David Eakins), Mel Ferrer (Analog), Woodrow Chambliss (Lab Tech One), Gene Tyburn (Comp Logan's RunTech Four), Hank Brandt (Gold), Betty Bridges (Fontaine), Wallace Chadwell (White), Kenneth Martinez (Martinez), Jeff Reese (Handley), Jeff Cotler (Binary), Sherril Lynn Katzman (Katie)

Notes: This episode seems to peg the date of the holocaust that wiped out most human life as Christmas Day, 2112. Mark your calendars and get your shopping done early. Director Nicholas Colasanto later found greater prime-time fame as Coach, the original owner of Cheers.

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Half Life

Logan's RunLogan’s hovercraft is ensnared in a net, and primitive humans surround them with 20th century weapons. A different group of people arrives with more sophisticated weapons, driving the primitives away. This new group’s leader introduces his people as Positives, and calls the others Negatives; he offers Logan and his friends shelter from the Negatives. But once inside the Positives’ community, Logan, Rem and Jessica notice that the faces they’re seeing among the Positives are the same faces they saw among their Negative attackers – the very same people. It’s only when the Positives hypnotize Jessica and subject her to their “processing” that the disturbing truth comes to light: the Positive’s processing splits its subjects into two people, one gentle and happy, the other aggressive and operating purely on instinct. But can the two aspects of Jessica be reunited in one body?

Download this episodewritten by Shimon Wincelberg
directed by Steven Stern
music by Jerrold Immel

Logan's RunGuest Cast: William Smith (Patron / Modok), Len Birman (Positive 14 / Brawn), Kim Cattrall (Rama II), Jeanne Sorel (Rama I), Betty Jinnette (Woman-Positive), John Gowans (Engineer-Scientist)

Notes: The Positives’ processing equipment apparently uses the same sound effect as the viewscreen of the Enterprise from the original Star Trek.

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Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem explore the ruins of a crumbling city, and are surprised to see a sign of activity – a building with a red warning light, still flashing. When they step inside, a recorded message begins playing, informing them of a chamber in the building’s lower levels, containing cryogenic units that hold six of the most brilliant people the old world had to offer – and all of them are supposedly infected with a deadly disease. A serum to cure these people was developed, but only after they were frozen – and not before the war killed anyone who could have revived them. The building is unstable, and as Logan and his friends try to reach the cryochamber, some of the serum is lost, leaving only enough to cure three people – and yet all six of the cryogenic chambers open simultaneously, their locking mechanisms damaged. Now Logan and the others are faced with six people who want the cure, and only enough serum for half of them. One of the survivors turns up dead, but not from the plague – Rem believes he has been murdered. It quickly becomes apparent that one of these brilliant minds is prepared to do whatever it takes to even the odds of being cured.

Download this episodeteleplay by Al Hayes
story by Harlan Ellison
directed by Michael Caffey
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Christopher Stone (David Pera), Ellen Weston (Rachel Greenhill), Soon-Teck Oh (Dexter Kim), Neva Patterson (Victoria Mackie), Liam Sullivan (Frederick Lyman), Adrienne LaRussa (Sylvia Reyna), Peggy McCay (Dr. Mildred Krim), Richard Roat (Man on video screen)

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Fear Factor

Logan's RunLogan and his friends happen upon an intact 20th century mansion, home of a group of reclusive scientists who don’t seem to be willing to discuss what they’re studying. Jessica manages to get a little bit more information, though – and after she finds out what experiments are being conducted there, she says that it’s even worse than the City of Domes. Rem and Logan and trapped in an enclosed chamber and battered with fierce winds, and then fireballs are flung at them – but their ordeal is all part of an attempt to gauge how well Logan handles fear. It’s an emotion that the chief scientist wants to eliminate from his own followers – and instill in any potential enemies before they can do him harm. He sees Logan as the perfect fearless template for his new breed of human soldier.

Download this episodewritten by John Sherlock
directed by Gerald Mayer
music by Bruce Broughton

Guest Cast: Ed Nelson (Dr. Rowan), Jared Martin (Dr. Emory Paulson), William Wellman Jr. (Psychiatrist #1), Peter Brandon (Psychiatrist #2), Carl Byrd (Psychiatrist #3), Jay W. Macintosh (The Woman), Sean Fallon Walsh (Guard “A”), Tim Gillin (Guard #1), Thomas Brunelle (Guard #2)

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The Judas Goat

Logan's RunLogan and Jessica are stunned to see a runner from the City of Domes on the road, and after he initially bolts upon seeing Logan’s Sandman uniform, they pick him up and bring him along. The runner insists that a movement is taking hold within the City – a movement that counts Logan and Jessica as its heroes – and they should return to lead the uprising against Carousel. Before there’s much time to think about it, a force field immobilizes Logan’s hovercraft, and armed men swiftly surround it – including a man who insists that the Sandman inside the vehicle should throw out his “weapon that blasts.” Logan, Jessica, Rem and their new runner friend are taken to a modern compound, where a community is presided over by a man named Matthew – the first man to run from the City of Domes. After a while, he recognizes Jessica, but doesn’t trust Logan, again because of his Sandman uniform. But Matthew has apparently changed since he became the first runner to sprint for freedom – he tells Logan and the others that, for the sake of Matthew’s personal Sanctuary, they can never be allowed to leave.

Download this episodewritten by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Paul Krasny
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Nicholas Hammond (Hal 14), Lance Le Gault (Matthew), Spencer Milligan (Garth), Wright King (Jonathon), Morgan Woodward (Morgan), Gary Tomlin (Joseph 8 ), Andrew Massett (Carlos), Diane Lander (Elna), Patrick Skelton (Mark), James Poyner (Theo)

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Logan's RunAfter a narrow escape from the Sandmen, Logan and his friends happen upon a long-abandoned observatory which is apparently maintained by one woman. She proves to be a friendly enough hostess, inviting Jessica and Logan to stay the night and sleep in the first comfortable beds they’ve seen since the City of Domes, and she seems to have a strange effect on Rem. He quickly discovers that their hostess is also an android. What she hasn’t told anyone, however, is that the beds are “dream analysis stations” allowing their users to experience their most deeply repressed fears and desires. Both of them return in their dreams to the City of Domes, Jessica longing to meet her real parents and Logan torn between his need for order and his desire for freedom. Rem is warned not to disconnect his friends from the dream analysis machine for fear of permanent damage to their minds. As the Sandmen close in, all Rem can do is wait – and realize that he and his android hostess may be experiencing something unprecedented: the human emotion called “love.”

Download this episodewritten by Katharyn Michaelian Powers
directed by Michael O’Herlihy
music by Laurence Rosenthal
music from the movie Logan’s Run by Jerry Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Mariette Hartley (Ariana), Michael Sullivan (Clay), Ed Gouppee (2nd Sandman), Joey Fontana (1st Sandman), Janis Jamison (The Woman)

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Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem stop to explore on foot, but Logan is hit by a tranquilizer dart from a hidden attacker, and Rem and Jessica vanish before his eyes before he loses consciousness. Rem and Jessica find themselves in a place devoid of any features, with a man claiming he represents a “higher authority,” though he declines to say exactly which authority that is. He claims that he and his kind are exploring Logan’s memories, but at the result of temporarily erasing Logan’s memories. The amnesiac Logan is apprehended by Francis. Francis asks Logan of Jessica and Rem’s whereabouts, but Logan remembers neither of them, and he certainly doesn’t remember abandoning the principles of the City of Domes and going on the run himself. Logan is brought back to the City of Domes and stands before the Council of Elders, who promise to let him live past the age of 30 if he will make a public testimony at the next Carousel that there is no such place as Sanctuary. Rem and Jessica are allowed to return to the City to save Logan, but when Jessica brings his plight to the attention of the underground network of runners still inside the City, they have a different assignment for her: she must eliminate Logan before his subconscious knowledge of the runners and Sanctuary resurfaces for the benefit of the Sandmen.

Download this episodewritten by D.C. Fontana and Richard L. Breen Jr.
story by Richard L. Breen Jr.
directed by Irving J. Moore
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Rosanne Katon (Diane), Ross Bickel (Michael), Wright King (Jonathon), Morgan Woodward (Morgan), Melody Anderson (Sheila), Regis J. Cordic (Darrel), Gary Swanson (Peter), Burton Cooper (First Man), William Molloy (Second Man)

Logan's RunNotes: This episode establishes that Logan has been running for nearly a year. This was the final episode of Logan’s Run broadcast by CBS. Following numerous time slot changes, an intermittent schedule of new episodes, and a fall 1977 schedule that had pitted the science fiction show – traditionally seen as the domain of male viewers – against Monday Night Football at a time when ABC’s weekly football game completely dominated television ratings. Three further episodes were produced, but not aired as part of CBS’ run; they premiered later in syndicated packages sold to such up-and-coming cable “superstations” as Ted Turner’s WTBS. The synopses of the remaining episodes, since their premiere dates are unknown (regardless of what the user-generated content on IMDb says), can be accessed by clicking on the show logo above.

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