GodzillaMariners on fishing vessel Eiko-Maru see a bright light and boiling water. The ship sinks, while a distress signal is sent out. At Southern Seas Steamship Company, family and friends of the doomed ship are gathering for news. A second ship, the Bingo-Maru, arrives at the last known location of the Eiko-Maru, but it explodes and sinks as well.

A fishing boat finds three survivors, but sinks while taking them to Odo Island. At Odo Island, natives also rescue a survivor, floating on a raft near the shore. Masaji, a resident of the island, briefly wakes and says a monster sank the ship. An elder speculates the legendary “Godzilla must have done it,” but is met with skepticism. Later that night, during a fierce storm, Masaji is terrified as he looks out the window. Much of the village is destroyed, including the home of Masaji, who is killed.

Representatives from Odo Island arrive in Tokyo to testify about the tragedy before a committee of the Japanese Diet. Paleontologist Professor Kyohei Yamane proposes a fact finding mission to the island. Among those accompanying Yamane are his daughter Emiko and Hideto Ogata, the man she loves. Dr. Serizawa, who is arranged to be married to Emiko, is in the farewell party onshore.

The investigative team surveys the damage on Odo Island, finding radiation in many of the water wells, a giant, radioactive footprint and a recently dead trilobite, a shell-like creature thought to be extinct for millions of years. Suddenly, a giant prehistoric creature rises above a mountain. When the beast leaves, the islanders climb to the mountain’s precipice, only to find more giant footprints below on the beach. Yamane testifies that the creature, called Godzilla by the islanders, likely originated during the Jurassic period. He speculates it survived by eating deep sea animals, but nuclear weapons disrupted its natural habitat.

More ships disappear, and the government forms a Counter-Godzilla Headquarters. A naval fleet is dispatched to drop depth charges on Godzilla. Yamane laments the efforts, believing the monster is a significant scientific find. Revelers on a cruise ship are the first to see Godzilla in Tokyo Bay, who swims off into the ocean. Serizawa shows Emiko the Oxygen Destroyer. He uses it to kill a tank full of fish, but pledges Emiko to secrecy because he does not want its terrible power to be used against mankind.

Godzilla returns to Tokyo Bay, but this time comes ashore. Terrified residents cower as the creature smashes through an industrial sector before returning to the sea. An electrified fence is built in pretty short order around the coastal border of Tokyo. Ogata plans to ask Yamane to allow him to marry Emiko, but instead argues with the scientist about Godzilla. Yamane wants to study Godzilla, while Ogata wants the monster destroyed.

Godzilla arises from Tokyo Bay, crashing through and destroying the ineffectual electrified fence. Despite the best efforts of the Japanese military, the beast continues his destructive path through the city before swimming away. Tokyo is left in ruins. The landscape is broken, twisted, and ashen. Hospitals are overrun with the thousands of people who are dead, dying, or severely injured. Many have radiation poisoning.

Ogata, who has been told the secret of the oxygen destroyer, confronts Serizawa about using it against Godzilla. Following a brawl in the lab, and viewing scenes of the awful devastation on TV, Serizawa agrees to use the oxygen destroyer against Godzilla.

At the bottom of Tokyo Bay, Ogata and Serizawa find a slumbering Godzilla. He awakens and moves toward the pair. Ogata rises to the surface as Serizawa activates the oxygen destroyer. The water’s oxygen creates a frothy mix as it bubbles to the surface. Once he is certain it will kill Godzilla, Serizawa cuts his line to the ship above, the secret to the oxygen destroyer dying with him. Godzilla rises above the surface briefly, but sinks again. The oxygen destroyer searing away his flesh, and then his bones, leaving nothing behind.

Ogata tells Emiko that Serizawa’s last words were that he “wanted us to be happy.” As others celebrate Godzilla’s death, Yamane remains concerned that continued nuclear testing might cause other Godzillas to appear…

screenplay by Takeo Murata and Ishiro Honda
story by Shigeru Kayama
directed by Ishiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Akira Takarada (Hideto Ogata), Momoko Kochi (Emiko Yamane), Akihiko Hirata (Serizawa), Takashi Shimura (Prof. Yamane)

Monster Cast: Godzilla

Notes: This is the original Japanese language version of Godzilla. The English language version is Godzilla, King Of The Monsters!.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

GodzillaTokyo is in ruins. The city is a smoldering, twisted, wrecked disaster. Steve Martin, a foreign correspondent from the U.S., awakens in a hospital “overflowing with the maimed and the dead.” Many of the survivors are suffering from radiation poisoning. Martin begins to recount his story.

He was on his way to Cairo, Eqypt, but was going to make a stop in Tokyo to visit college friend Dr Serizawa. While riding in his plane, sailors on a fishing vessel spot boiling water and are blinded by a bright light. The ship slips beneath the ocean, but radio operators manage to send out a distress signal. Martin and security officer Tomo Iwanaga push their way past the crowd into the office of the Nankai Shipping Company. The company dispatches a rescue ship, but it also catches fire and sinks. Martin reports back to United World News, that a total of eight ships have been destroyed under similar mysterious circumstances.

A fishing ship discovers survivors floating in the water, but they die shortly from “shock and strange burns.” The natives of Odo Island have also recovered a survivor, who also soon died. Martin and Iwanaga are among the investigators questioning the natives, who claim they saw a monster. Overnight, a fierce storm develops while Martin and Iwanaga are trying to sleep in a tent. A horrific roar is heard and buildings are smashed and torn. Many people die. There was much more in the storm than just rain, wind, and lightning.

Survivors of the Odo Island disaster testify before a government panel, all agree it was a creature that destroyed their village. Martin joins a research team lead by Dr Yamane and includes his daughter Emiko, marine officer Ogata, the man she loves. Emiko, however is engaged to Dr. Serizawa. The research team combs over the wreckage of the village at Odo Island. They find many radioactibe hot spots, including a footprint of a huge animal.Yamane finds a trilobite, thought to have been extinct for millions of years.

A prehistoric creature suddenly rises from above a hill, terrifying the inhabitants and visitors of the island. The beast returns to the ocean, leaving footprints on the beach sand. Dr Yamane tells a government committee he believes Godzilla, as the natives of Odo Island call the monster, is a cross between land-living and sea-living creatures originally from the pre-historic Jurrasic period. Repeated nuclear testing has apparently caused Godzilla to reappear.

Emiko, who is in a marriage arranged in her childhood, tries to tell Serizawa she is in love with Ogata. Before she can, he shows her the results of his experiments. He drops a ball-bearing sized object into a fish tank, killing all the fish. He swears her to secrecy to keep its destructive powers from becoming known. The Japanese Navy drops depth charges into the ocean near Odo Island in an effort to kill Godzilla. Yamane becomes morose: Godzilla should be studied, not destroyed.

Partiers on a pleasure cruise in Tokyo Harbor are the first to see Godzilla, who swims out to sea. The Japanese Defense Force mobilizes to defend the nation. Their efforts are futile when Godzilla returns. He crashes through an industrial sector, with hundreds of people fleeing and finally returns to the sea. Plans are made to use existing high voltage lines ringing Tokyo to electrocute Godzilla. Martin is standing by at the press office, to record a report of Godzilla’s destructive path through Tokyo.

Godzilla rises from the harbor and makes his way to shore. He rips through the electronic barrier as though it is made of sewing thread and paper mache. The military fires on Godzilla, but he shrugs it off. The efforts of the Japanese military are only an annoyance to Godzilla as he continues to stomp through the city, smashing and setting buildings on fire.

Martin is hospitalized, recovering from his injuries. Emiko admits that Serizawa showed her the oxygen destroyer, which removes oxygen from water, disintegrating anything in the water. Ogata and Martin convince Emiko she needs to convince Serizawa the oxygen destroyer must be used against Godzilla. Ogata confronts Serizawa about the oxygen destroyer. The scientist locks himself in the lab, but Ogata breaks in. After a brawl, a plea by Ogata, and viewing the awesome destruction on TV, Serizawa agrees to use the weapon against Godzilla.

Serizawa insists on joining Ogata in placing the oxygen destroyer in Tokyo Bay. Godzilla awakens from a sleep and begins moving toward the two men. Ogata returns to the surface, but Sarizawa remains underwater and activates the oxygen destroyer. The water bubbles and froths. Serizawa reports that it is working, and tells Ogata to “live happily with Emiko.” He cuts the cables to his diving suit.

The shipped is rocked by the bubbling water. Godzilla rises for moment and roars in agony before slipping under again. His flesh disintegrates, then his bones.

Martin reports, “The menace was gone. So was a great man. But the whole world could wake up and live again.”

original story by Shigeru Kayama
screenplay by Takeo Murata and Ishiro Honda
new scenes written by Al C. Ward
directed by Terry Morse and Ishiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Raymond Burr (Steve Martin), Takashi Shimura (Dr. Yamane), Momoko Kochi (Emiko), Akihiko Hirata (Dr. Serizawa)

Monster Cast: Godzilla

Notes: This is the English language U.S. version. Gojira is the original Japanese language version.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla Raids Again

GodzillaTsukioka is to flying over the ocean looking for schools of fish.  He finds a large school of tuna, and radios the location back to headquarters.  The word is relayed to a fishing ship at sea.  Hidemi is one of the radio dispatchers at headquarters.  On an open channel, they set up a date for that night. 

Tsukioka is dispatched to rescue Kobayashi, who encountered engine trouble while looking for schools of fish. After reuniting with his friend they become alarmed by loud, strange sounds.  They look up to find a giant bipedal monster fighting with another, four legged beast with a spiked, hard back and spiked tail.  The pilots escape when the monsters fall into the ocean and continue to battle underwater.

A conference is called with military officials and scientists.  One of the scientists says both creatures are from the same family of prehistoric fire monster. The bipedal beast is known as a Gigantis, the other is an anguilasorous.  He reads from a textbook that they may have been awakened by nuclear testing.  Dr Yamane, visiting from Tokyo says it will be impossible to kill the monsters.  He shows a movie with a Gigantis ravaging the city.  As the movie ends, Yamane says the Gigantis could only be killed by the oxygen destroyer, but the developer has died. He says, though, the monsters appear to be sensitive to light and could be lead away from the city.  

Planes, ships, and submarines are dispatched to seek the Gigantis, which has been spotted and appears to be heading to Shikoku.  Instead, Gigantis shows up in Osaka. Some flares dropped by airplanes distract Gigantis and he moves away. A group of prisoners is being transferred out of Osaka, when they overpower their guards and escape.  Following a high speed chase, their stolen truck slams through a barrier and crashes into a gas storage facility, catching fire.

Gigantis hears the explosion and is attracted by the flames. He makes his way back toward Osaka. Tanks and planes fire on him as he makes shore, but they are ineffective. He blasts one of the attack planes with his nuclear breath, causing it to crash.  The other creature, now called Anguirus, comes ashore and attacks Gigantis.  The military continues to fire on them as they fight.  Gigantis uses his fiery breath against Anguirus, having little affect, but catch the nearby buildings on fire.  The flames spread as the monsters continue to battle. The fight rages on with buildings crumbling as the monster fall on them.

Gigantis finally gains the upper hand by by biting into Anguirus neck.  Mortally wounded, Anguirus tumbles into the water.  Gigantis sets him on fire, causing more buildings to catch fire.  Gigantis leaves, but the city is in flames.

The fires die down by morning.  Osaka is in ruins.  Buildings are burnt, twisted, broken, and crumbled.  Very little is left standing.  Hidemi’s father makes plans to rebuild the ruined cannery.  He transfers Koabyashi to the Hokkaido branch, which will be temporary headquarters for the cannery.  Tuskioka and Hidemi stay in Osaka to help in the reconstruction. 

Now based in Hokkaido, Kobayashi is hard at work in his air search for fish.  Hidemi and Tsukioka arrive in Hokkaido and tel him the reconstruction is nearly complete. Gigantis is reported to have destroyed a fishing vessel. A world-wide alert is issued – Gigantis could strike anywhere, even the U.S.!

Tsukioka is flying over the ocean, and is among those involved in the search.  Back at headquarters, Kobayashi enters the radio room and ask for advice from Hidemi on what women want.  Tsukioka reports Gigantis is swimming toward Kamiko Island.  Kobayashi rushes off, leaving his notebook behind.  Hidemi opens it and discovers Kobayashi had been secretly in love with her. 

Kobayashi arrives at the island and takes over the watch so Tsukioka can return to report back.  He tells the military officials they can trap Gigantis into an inlet and then attack the monster.  The war planes and frigates leave to do battle with Gigantis, with Tsukioka now pressed into service with the air force.

Kobayashi reports back that Gigantis is making his way back to beach for the open ocean.  In an attempt to stall him until the military arrives, Kobayashi buzzes Gigantis.  Moments later, the military jets arrive and drop bombs on the beast, which fail to kill him. Kobayashi buzzes Gigantis again, who blasts at the plane with his nuclear breath, causing it to crash into a snowy mountain.  Tsukioka watches as his friend dies, but the resulting avalanch that partly buries Gigantis gives him an idea.  He instructs the fighter pilots to drop their bombs on the mountain in hopes Gigantis will be completely buried.  They drop bomb after bomb, but it’s not enough.  A tearful Hidemi reports to her father that Kobayashi has died.  The planes return to base to be armed with more powerful rockets.

The fighter jets return and begin launching rockets into the mountain.  An avalanche of snow and ice fall onto Gigantis. The beast, now neck deep, sweeps the sky with his nuclear fire, but to no avail.  Seeking revenge for the death if his friend, Tsukioka fires into the mountain once more. This finally buries the monster.  Tsukioka mourns Kobayashi’s death as he returns from his mission.  The nation prays for those killed by the beast and those killed in the attack on Gigantis.  Back in Osaka, Tuskioka and Hidemi are relieved – they can live their lives in peace.

original story by Shigem Kayama
screenplay by Takeo Murata and Sigeaki Hidaka
directed by Motoyoshi Oda (original Japanese version) and Hugo Grimaldi (U.S. version)
music by Masaru Sata (see notes below)

Human Cast: Hiroshi Koizumi (Syouichi Tsukioka), Setsuko Wakayama (Hidemi Yamaji), Minoru Chiaki (Kouji Kobayashi)

Monster Cast: Godzilla (AKA Gigantis), Anguirus

Notes: This was was originally released in U.S. theaters as Gigantis, The Fire Monster and was later renamed. The Japanese language version was released in 1955. The U.S. version of Yamane’s film includes a segment on the prehistoric lives of the Fire Monsters. This segment does not exist in the Japanese version. The Japanese version ends with Tsukioka flying back to headquarters following the death of Godzilla; the English version adds an epilogue with Tsukioka and Hidemi reflecting on the monsters and looking forward to a peaceful life. Other than this, the U.S. version had a few shortened scenes that did not significantly impact the storyline. Much of the original music from the Japanese version was replaced in the U.S. version. The U.S. version also opens with stock footage of missiles and nuclear explosions with a voice over warning about the dangers of nuclear proliferation.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

King Kong vs. Godzilla

GodzillaA Japanese scientist has discovered that red berries, that grow only on one South Pacific island, has great medical benefits, but the islanders are reluctant to allow them to be exported. There is also a giant monster on the island. Pacific Pharmaceutical dispatches a team to the island to harvest the berries and and bring back the monster for an advertising gimmick.

A U.S. nuclear submarine crashes into an iceberg in the Arctic Circle. As the seamen attempt to escape a watery grave, they hear a horrific roar and flames race along the inside of the bulkhead. They have released Godzilla. A Japanese outpost in the North Pacific is destroyed by Godzilla.

A team from the pharmaceutical firm arrive at Faro Island to negotiate with the islanders. They are bought off with a transistor radio and a pack of cigarettes. The team hires some natives and mount and expedition to look for the monster. They hear a monstrous roar and flee to the village. A child is sent to retrieve some red berry juice to treat an injured team member. The storage building is attacked by a giant octopus! As the villagers attempt to fight it off and giant ape appears and wrestles with the octopus. It retreats to the ocean. The ape drinks up the berry juice stored in large pottery. He collapses in a drunken stupor. The natives rejoice. The team straps the ape, known as King Kong, to a raft to bring him to Japan. Experts believe Kong and Godzilla are instinctively drawn to each other in a fight to the death.

Kong flails about on the raft. Explosives on the raft are set off in an attempt to kill him, but he manages to escape, and heads to Japan to intercept Godzilla. They meet and toss boulders at each other. Kong is scorched by Godzilla’s nuclear breath and retreats. The Japanese Defense Force attempts to stop Godzilla’s march toward with a giant trench filled with gasoline, which leads him to fall into a pit surrounded by explosives! He picks himself up and continues on. A blockade of high-voltage lines is set up around Tokyo. After being shocked, he moves away. But now, Kong is running toward the city, which is hastily being evacuated. The electrical blockade fails to stop the ape, in fact the electricity seems to make him stronger.

Kong walks around Tokyo unchallenged. He picks up a train car, drops a woman into his hand, throws the car down, and carries her off. He climbs the Japanese Diet building. Missiles with red berry juice are fired above the great ape. He inhales the juice and collapses in a drunken stupor. The woman slips from his hand and she is rescued.

Godzilla is spotted at Mount Fuji, and a team of helicopters carry Kong there. When he is released, Kong slides down the mountain, slamming into Godzilla knocking the lizard off the mountain. When Godzilla returns, Kong ambushes him and grabs his tail. Godzilla brushes him, and forces him to back off with a blast of his nuclear fire. He resumes the battle and the pair grapple some more, with Godzilla managing to knock the ape to the ground. As Godzilla blasts Kong and the nearby countryside, an electrical storm builds up. The lightning rejuvenates Kong, who presses the battle even harder than before. They roll off the mountain into the ocean. Kong rises from the ocean and swims back to Faro Island. Godzilla is nowhere to be seen, but his fate is unclear…

Japanese screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa / English screenplay by Paul Mason and Bruce Howard
directed by Inoshiro Hondo (Japanese – see notes below) and Thomas Montgomery (English)
music by Akira Ifukube (see notes below)

Human Cast: Michael Keith (Eric Carter), Harry Holcombe (Dr. Arnold Johnson), James Yagi (Yutaka Omura), Tadao Takashima (Osamu Sakurai), Kenji Sahaka (Kazuo Fujita), Ichiro Arishima (Mr. Tako)

Monster Cast: King Kong, Godzilla

Notes: Director Ishiro Honda was credited on screen as Inoshiro Hondo in several Godzilla movies when translated into the English language. For the movie’s U.S. release, Akira Ifukube’s original score was replaced by stock music from the Universal Studios library. The original Japanese premiere date was August 11, 1962.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Mothra Vs. Godzilla / Godzilla Vs. The Thing

GodzillaIn the aftermath of a powerful storm, rescue and recovery teams are cleaning up Kurata Beach on Iwa Island. Reporter Ichiro Sakai and photographer Junko Nakanishi and discover an unusual blob floating among the debris. Meanwhile, at another beach, a mammoth egg is floating offshore and a team of fishermen is sent to pull it onto the beach.

Professor Miura examines the egg, which is at least three stories tall, trying to shrug off questions from Sakai. Self-described “Great Entrepreneur” Kumayama orders Miura to leave the egg alone, since he purchased it from the islanders and plans on exploiting it for financial gain. Later at the hotel, Junko, and Muira are discussing the sale of the egg, and Muira says there’s nothing that can be done. They spot Kumayama entering the hotel and follow him to a room. The businessman turns over the contract for the egg over to Shiro Torahata, the president of Happy Enterprises, who unveils plans for a tourism center featuring the egg, where they will easily make at least “a billion dollars!” They are interrupted by the Shobijin, two young girls about a foot tall, who plead for the egg to be returned. They try to capture the Fairy Twins, but they manage to escape. Sakai enters the room, mistaking the rowdy search for the tiny girls for a fight.

Sakai meets Muira and Junko in a glen near the hotel, where he tells them he overheard the plans by Torahata and Kumayama. The twins approach the newspaper people and the scientist, and ask them to return the egg to Mothra Island. The island had changed dramatically for the worse as a result of nearby nuclear testing. A recent hurricane had caused the egg to wash away. The fairies advise the three that if the egg hatches the creature inside could cause “great damage” while foraging for food. Mothra, also known as “The Thing” also wants the egg returned. The reporters and the scientist are surprised to find a giant moth in the brush behind them.

At the construction site, Sakai, Junko, and Muira are trying to convince Kumayama and Torahata to turn the egg over to the islanders. The two businessmen will hear nothing of it, until they see the Shobijin, who are being carried in an ornate case. The girls again plead for the return of the egg, but instead the entrepreneurs offer to buy the girls to include them as part of the tourist attraction. The reporters and the scientist leave, taking the twins with them. Back at the hotel, Sakai promises to write a negative story about the business venture, but admits public opinion is powerless against the law. The Shobijin slip away. The three return to the glen, just in time to watch Mothra and the twins fly off.

The villagers who sold the egg are demanding payment in full for the remainder of the contract that has not yet been paid. Kumayama calls Torahata and advises him about the villagers’ demands. Torahata is willing to loan Kumayama the money the villagers demand if he uses his share of the company as collateral to secure the loan. Kumayama reluctantly agrees. Sakai is frustrated with the public ambivalence to his articles about the egg. Editor Arota pushes Sakai to try harder and be more compelling. Arota receives a newstip that Kumayama is trying to hatch the egg. Junko rushes in and tells Sakai that Muira needs to see him urgently.

Muira decontaminates Sakai and Junko, who are both radioactive. He tells them the mysterious blob they discovered following the storm is also radioactive. They return to the beach which has since been drained of floodwaters, to test for radioactivity. Junko has been trying to take a picture of the property, but the land has been moving. The ground heaves, and steam is released from underground. The Geiger counter ticks madly. A giant tail emerges from the ground, followed by the rest of Godzilla. He shakes off the dirt and walks off toward Nagoya.

In the industrial sector, Godzilla crashes through oil pipelines and belches his terrible atomic fire. An army of fire trucks heads to the fires as residents try to evacuate. Looking behind them in panic, they watch the beast pull down a giant tower. As he continues through Nagoya, he trips and falls onto a pagoda, wrecking it as he tries regain his footing. U.S. military officials conferring with Japanese officials say they will use the Frontier Missile, “the newest and most powerful rockets the unit has ever developed.” U.S. warships offshore try to contain Godzilla to a beach using the missiles. Godzilla is temporarily stunned, but gets up again to continue his rampage.

Muira, Sakai and Junko are sent to Mothra Island to ask for the creature’s help in defeating Godzilla. Because of the devastation to their island caused by nuclear testing, the islanders and the twins are hesitant to implore the Thing to help them. But Junko and Sakai appeal to their humanity and compassion. The Shobijin appeal to Mothra to assist, who agrees. But Mothra is dying and will not return. However, a new Mothra will be hatched from the giant egg.

Kumayama attacks Torahata, wanting his money back because the tourist attraction has failed. Pulling money out of the safe, Kumayama is shot in the back by Torahata. As Torahata tries to escape from the hotel, he is killed when Godzilla tears down the building. Godzilla smashes the egg’s incubator, causing the egg to roll away. Mothra shows up to protect the egg and the people of Japan, and uses a yellow dust to disable Godzilla. As he writhes on the ground, he blasts Mothra with his nuclear fire, mortally injuring the flying creature. Mothra manages to make her way to the egg to die.

With Mothra dead, Japanese Defense Forces attempt an attack on Godzilla. A line of electrical towers are powered up as the beast approaches. The “artificial lightning” serves only to annoy him, and he pulls some of the towers down. As the Shobijin sing to the egg, Godzilla struggles as he is trapped by nets and is zapped with more “lightning.” The high voltage overloads the system, shuts it down, and melts the towers, allowing Godzilla to escape his bonds.

The egg hatches! Two Mothra larvae emerge! They follow Godzilla as to Iwa Island. The larvae spin a cocoon onto Godzilla. He becomes fully cocooned by the spray and falls into the ocean. The larvae swim off to Mothra Island.

written by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Inoshiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Akira Takarada (Sirou Sakai), Yuriko Hoshi (Junko Nakanashi), Hiroshi Koizumi (Dr. Miura), Yu Fujiki (Jirou Nakamura), Kenji Sahara (Jirou Torahata), Emi Ito (Shojibin), Yumi Ito (Shojibin), Yoshihumi Tajima (Kumayama)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, The Thing (Mothra), Mothra Larvae

Notes: This is the U.S. version of Godzilla Vs. The Thing. The movie was originally released in Japan as Mothra Vs. Godzilla in 1964. The Frontier Missile scene does not exist in the original Japanese language Mothra Vs. Godzilla; instead, Japanese audiences saw a scene of military officials laying plans and issuing orders for an attack on the approaching Godzilla.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster

GodzillaAs a group of scientist and reporters watch the night skies for “flying saucer people,” several meteors come crashing to the ground. One slams into the foot of a mountain. Princess Salina Salno of the Himalayan country of Selgina is fleeing to Japan, under a threat of assassination. She is mesmerized by a bright light and hears a mysterious voice urging her to get off the plane. It explodes moments after she steps off.

A prophetess, claiming to be from Mars, appears to warn people of future trouble. She says Earth is the brink of destruction. Detective Shindou, who was assigned to protect the princess before her plane blew up, is alarmed when he notices the similarities between the Martian prophetess and Salno, and begins to guard her unofficially. Meanwhile, the assassins travel to Japan to determine whether the prophetess is the princess, and kill her if she is.

The prophetess warns visitors at a volcano that Rodan is buried beneath and they should leave immediately. They refuse to listen, and the pterodactyl-like creature breaks free. Later, she predicts that a ship about to set sail will be destroyed. She is taken off the ship by the sister of Detective Shindou, reporter Naoko Shindou. They are followed by the assassins to a hotel. Shortly afterwards, Godzilla destroys the ship.

Naoko leaves the prophetess in the room while she meets her brother in the lobby. The assassins break into the room get her to admit she is the princess. Just then, Shindou and and Naoko return. Shindou exchanges gunfire with the assassins, who escape. They take the princess to see a doctor.

Following Rodan, Godzilla walks ashore, destroying buildings as he continues his way inland. Scientists studying the meteor witness it growing and flashing from within. The rock cracks open and explodes revealing the flying three headed golden space beast, Ghidrah.

While undergoing psychological testing, the princess predicts that Ghidrah will destroy the Earth just as it did Mars thousands of years ago. Godzilla and Rodan are fighting nearby.

At a meeting with the Japanese Diet, the Fairy Twins of Infant Island suggest that Ghidrah could be defeated if Mothra, Godzilla, and Rodan joined forces. The meeting is interrupted when Ghidrah attacks. The monster spews lightning from each of his three mouths, ripping much of the city to shreds. The Twins sing out to the larval Mothra, who begins the trek to Japan.

Under hypnosis, the princess tells Shindou and the Doctor that several Martians escaped Ghidrah’s attack, and the descendents remain on Earth with only the power to foretell the future left from their advanced civilization. With the ongoing battle between Godzilla and Rodan approaching, the assassins break into the hospital. Shindou engages them in a gunfight, and they flee again. The princess and the hospital staff evacuate the building as the fight wages on.

Mothra arrives at the battlefield and debates the other two on whether they should combine forces to fight Ghidrah. The two creatures have had nothing but trouble with mankind, and refuse to help. The killers are careening down the highway to get away from Godzilla and Rodan, when they are caught in a rock slide created by Ghidrah. One assassin manages to escape the crushed vehicle, carrying a rifle.

Mothra fights Ghidrah alone, but is injured by one of the space monster’s lightning blasts. Godzilla, apparently have a change of heart, arrives and grapples with Ghidrah. He, too, is injured. Rodan flies in and taunts Ghidrah, drawing it away while Godzilla and Mothra recover.

With Rodan under assault, Godzilla and Mothra arrive to fight. The princess, who has slipped away from protection, is praying for Ghidrah to be defeated. The lone assassin finds her and shoots at her, causing her to fall onto a ledge. She regains her senses and is once more fully the princess, and no longer the prophetess. Shindou is again forced into a gunbattle with the assassin. He loses his gun, but tries to shield the princess. As the killer takes aim, Ghidrah blasts the top off the cliff, creating a rockslide that takes the assassin with the falling rocks.

Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan triple-team Ghidrah. Mothra rides Rodan and sprays a cocooning spray on the the space monster, while Godzilla pulls its tail. Godzilla flings Ghidrah away, injuring the beast. Still covered in cocoon spray, Ghidrah gives up the fight and flies away.

Surrounded by a press gaggle, Princess Salno prepares to return home and thanks Shindou for saving her life. Godzilla and Rodan watch as Mothra swims off to return to Infant Island.

screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Inoshiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Yosuke Natsuki (Shindou), Yuriko Hoshi (Naoko Shindou), Hiroshi Koizumi, Takashi Shimura, Emi Ito, Yumi Ito (The Peanuts), Eiko Wakabayashi (Princess Salno)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Ghidrah (King Ghidorah)

Notes: This is the English language translation released in the U.S. The original Japanese language version is titled Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster, and was released in 1964. In the original Japanese version, the prophetess was from Venus, not Mars. There is a short scene with a reporter talking to the Chief of Police Detectives at the beginning that is deleted from the U.S. version. Other than that, there are a few scenes that have been trimmed in the U.S. version, including the final monster battle which seems slightly shorter.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

GodzillaRyota is sent by his mother to look for his missing brother, Yata, who has been lost a sea and given up for dead. Ryota meets Nita and Inchino, and convinces the two men take him to the boat docks several miles away. On a boat, they find another man, Yoshimura, who tells them they can stay overnight but must leave in the morning. In the morning, Ryota sails the boat out to sea hours before the others awaken. Listening to the radio, the three young men realize the older man is a thief who had robbed an export company of several million yen.

Days later they encounter strange cloud formations and a massive storm breaks out. The boat is tossed to and fro by the angry seas. The four are thrown overboard as a giant claw smashes the boat to pieces. They wash up on a remote island, and begin to explore their surroundings.

They spot a ship entering the bay, spewing a mysterious yellow gas. The ship docks at a fully equipped marina, and begins to unload it’s cargo, including several captives, apparently from nearby Pacific islands. Two of the captives find an outrigger canoe nearby and try to escape a secret military force. But they are intercepted and killed by Ebirah, a giant lobster-like creature, and the owner of the claw seen by the four men. A female captive slips away into the jungle and stumbles into the four men. The five barely escape being captured and enter a cave as a storm breaks out. The female captive, Dayo reveals she is from Infant Island, the home of Mothra, and that Yata is on the island. She tells the men many of the residents of Infant Island are being enslaved by the terrorist organization Red Bamboo, and Ebirah prevents their escape but Mothra is sleeping and cannot rescue them. The five later discover a sleeping Godzilla.

The five sneak into the Red Bamboo military compound. There, they find a fully equipped arsenal and make off with several smoke bombs. They also find out the Red Bamboo is making heavy water for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. The five are discovered by the terrorists’ security officer, but manage to escape using the smoke bombs. Outside the buildings one of the men, Nita, is captured, but Ryota escapes in an observation balloon.

Dayo, Yoshimura, and the other man return to the cave where Godzilla lies sleeping. Nita is thrown in with the captives from Infant Island, who are making the yellow liquid, which is sprayed from the Red Bamboo’s ships as an Ebirah-repellent.

Ryota floats to Infant Island and finds his brother. On the other island, they decide to shove a lightning rod into Godzilla in hopes of waking him to cover up their escape while the King of the Monsters hopefully destroys the heavy water plant. Nita convinces the captives to pour away the yellow liquid and make a fake batch. A fierce storm rolls in as Ryota and Yata approach the island after several days of rowing. Ebirah smashes their canoe, but they swim to shore.

The lightning from the storm shocks Godzilla awake. Godzilla, on the shore, and Ebirah, in the bay, volley a boulder back and forth several times before Ebirah tosses it nonchalantly into the island, smashing a guard tower. Godzilla and the giant lobster wrestle in the water for a time before Ebirah slinks away.

Dayo, Yoshimura, and the other man have been setting traps to aid their escape. As they begin setting more traps, Ryota and Yata are caught in one and need to be cut down. The five of them make their way to the Red Bamboo compound. As they consider plans to free the captives from Infant Island, they are spotted by the terrorists who chase them back into the jungle. They are all chased away by Godzilla. Dayo, however, gets left behind. Godzilla, though, seems intrigued with the beauty from Infant Island. Dayo tries to slip away as Godzilla naps, but a giant condor awakens Godzilla, who dispatches the condor with his nuclear breath. Suddenly, a group of Red Bamboo fighter jets attack the Godzilla, but he easily destroys them. Dayo is reunited with the others.

Hundreds of thousands of volts sent through high power lines manage to keep Godzilla from entering the compound. He kicks and stomps around the facility, and throws boulders inside, eventually causing the electricity to fail. The commander of the Red Bamboo orders the nuclear bomb to be set to self destruct. Several Red Bamboo soldiers retrieve the yellow liquid as they prepare to evacuate, not realizing it’s the bogus batch. Yoshimura uses his safecracking skills to free the captives, and they run past Godzilla who is continuing the smash the compound. A ship carrying the fleeing Red Bamboo leaves the harbor, spraying the bogus Ebirah-repellant. Ebirah just smashes the ship, killing all aboard. Godzilla heads to the harbor to finish his battle with the giant lobster.

Meanwhile, the now-freed captives are making a giant net and chanting to awaken Mothra as their friends on Infant Island perform a ceremonial dance in front of the giant moth. Mothra awakens as Godzilla and Ebirah continue their battle underwater. The timer on the nuclear bomb continues to tick away.

As Mothra flies to the island, Godzilla rips the claws off Ebirah, who swims away, likely mortally wounded. Mothra arrives and the captives gather into the net. Godzilla moves onshore and uses his nuclear breath. Mothra protects the escapees by beating her huge wings to create a giant wind, and then pushes Godzilla over. She picks up the net and they fly off. Because he helped them escape, the humans yell at Godzilla, urging him to run away. He leaps into the ocean moments before the nuclear bomb explodes.

The threat from the Red Bamboo, however, may not have been eliminated…

screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Jun Fukuda
music by Mararu Sato

Human Cast: Akira Takarada (Yoshimura), Kumi Mizuno (Dayo), Akihiko Hirata (Captain Yamata), Jun Tazaki (Red Bamboo Commander)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Ebirah, Mothra, Giant Condor

Notes: This was originally released in Japan as Godzilla vs. Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. There have been suggestions that this was originally to have been a King Kong movie, but Toho couldn’t secure the rights. There have been no further documented incidents involving the Red Bamboo terrorist organization. So far.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Son Of Godzilla

GodzillaA U.N. science team is preparing for a super secret weather experiment on Sollgel Island in the South Pacific, and are experiencing strange readings on their instruments. Reporter Goru Maki surprises the team when he parachutes into the secret outpost. A preying mantis, roughly the size of a tall man encroaches on the research station, but is scared away by gunfire.

The next day, the scientists put their experiment into action. During the countdown, Maki rushes off to look for a mysterious woman he saw the day before. Due to outside interference with their equipment, the experiment goes horribly wrong and creates a terrible hot and radioactive storm, that lets up four days later.

As Maki and Kusumi survey the island for damage, they are surprised by giant preying mantis, who has grown to 160 feet long as a result of the radiation. They rush to one of the weather stations, and find three “Gimantis” unearthing a giant egg.

The next day, the Gimantis are successful at breaking open the egg, and a “baby Godzilla,” some 20 feet tall, rolls out, only to be attacked by the other beasts. Godzilla arrives onshore and wrecks the research station. The radio interference experienced earlier was apparently caused by the cries of the infant, known as Minilla. Godzilla battles the Gimantis, burning one with his nuclear breath as it attempts to escape. One hits Minilla in the face with a boulder, enraging The King of the Monsters. He pounds it into the ground and burns it. The third flies off to fight another day. Godzilla walks off, leaving Minilla behind, trying to crawl. The woman, who has watched all this, pulls a giant fruit from a tree and calls to Minilla. The small monster manages to get to his feet and accepts the fruit. Godzilla returns and offers his tail to Minilla, who hops on and rides as Godzilla walks off again.

The woman finds Maki in a nearby cave. Riko Matsumiya agrees to return to the now smashed research station. It turns out, she is the daughter of an archeologist who had died while on the island. Her mother died in childbirth. The scientists move their research station to her cave.

Minilla is kicking around boulders while Godzilla naps, with his tail swishing back and forth in his sleep. Minilla uses the tail as a jumprope, but accidentally jumps on it, waking Godzilla. He apparently admonishes Minilla, who wanders off and finds Riko and Mako frolicking on the beach. Godzilla wakes from his nap and finds Minilla at the beach. The baby throws a tantrum and throws himself on the ground. Godzilla pulls the baby by the tail and drags him back

At the cave, several of the scientists come down with a high fever. Riko says they can be cured of the mysterious illness by drinking Red Water, but must pass Godzilla and walk through Spiga’s Valley. However, Spiga, a giant spider, is asleep. Riko and Maki head off to find the Red Water.

At the pool with the Red Water, Godzilla is teaching Minilla monster skills, starting with roars. Minilla’s for now is a high pitched squeal. Godzilla encourages him to create nuclear breath. But he can only create smoke rings. Godzilla steps on the baby’s tail, and Minilla blasts fire. The lesson done, the pair nap. Riko and Maki fill their canteens and leave. They return with the water and administer it to the ailing scientists. With their equipment smashed and giant monsters roaming the island, Kusumi admits it may be time to end the weather controlling experiments.

Riko is gathering herbs and awakens a Gimantis. It knocks her uncoscious, but not before she call for her friend, Minilla. Minilla blows smoke rings at the giant preying mantis, but it only serves to irritate the bug. The fight awakens Spiga. Maki finds Riko, and the pair run to safety. Godzilla arrives to rescue his son. A blast from his nuclear breath cause the Gimantis to run off.

Spiga finds the cave with the humans and traps them with its web. The radio has been repaired, but someone must go outside to erect an antenna. Riko and Maki volunteer. Outside, they spot Minilla, who is fighting with Spiga. Kusumi suggests freezing the monsters. There is just enough of the weather controlling equipment left to do so.

The fight between Minilla and Spiga continues. The giant spider has covered the baby with webbing. The Gimantis shows up and fights with Spiga, who covers it with webbing also. The freezing device is launched. Godzilla wakes from a nap, and finds the three other monsters. Godzilla throws a boulder at it and pulls the baby from the webbing. Spiga tries to cover Godzilla with the web. The scientists blow the weather device, causing the temperature to drop.

Minilla uses its nuclear breath to burn the webbing covering Godzilla, who then blasts Spiga. As the beasts battle, the scientists float off in a life raft to meet the rescue ship. It begins to snow. The weather control experiment is a success!

Godzilla disables the Spiga with his nuclear breath. Both Godzilla and Minilla deliver the killing blow with their nuclear breath, and walk toward the beach. The snow is getting deeper and ice is forming on the ocean around the beach. Minilla trips and falls. The ever patient Godzilla walks back to gather up his son. Together, they hibernate until warmer weather. A submarine arrives to pick up the scientists.

screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa and Kazue Shiba
directed by Jun Fukuda
music by Masaru Sato

Human Cast: Tadao Takashima (Prof. Tsunezou Kusumi), Bibari Maeda (Riko Matsumiya), Akira Kubo (Goru Maki)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Gimantis (Kamacuras), Minilla, Spiga (Kumonga)

Notes: The English translation of this movie identifies Kamacuras as Gimantis, and Kumonga as Spiga. Also, Riko is know as Saeko in the Japanese version. The subtitles of the North American DVD identify them with the original names. Minilla is known only as “Baby Godzilla” throughout the North American version of the movie.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Destroy All Monsters

GodzillaIn the far flung future of 1999, mankind has established a moonbase, with regularly scheduled flights. Meanwhile, an underwater base has been established near Ogasawara Island. All the Earth’s monsters have been gathered together and confined with “scientific walls” on a nearby island known as Monsterland.

The underwater base and Monsterland are attacked by an unknown force. The humans and monsters all succumb to a yellow gas. Rodan attacks Moscow, causing great amounts of property damage. In Paris, Barugon breaks through the ground and destroys the Arc de Triomphe before moving on to the rest of the city. Mothra attacks Beiping, China and the snake-like Manda assaults London. Godzilla invades New York city and blasts the waterfront, including the U.N. building.

A spaceship on an exploration mission is ordered to return to the moonbase, but spots a UFO on the way back. Back at the moonbase they are told to return to Earth, and to land at Monsterland. At the underwater base, they discover the humans at the base and the monsters are now under the control of an alien race known as the Kilaaks. The Kilaaks want to create a Scientific Civilization on Earth, and demand the humans surrender or face annihilation. The crew refuses to surrender and manages to escape, taking Dr. Otani with them. Kyoko, still under control of the Kilaaks, slips away and returns to her controllers.

During interrogation at a remote island resort, Otani throws himself out a window. A fierce gunbattle to recover Otani’s body ensues, with Kyouko leading a Kilaak- influenced team. The team manages to escape. An autopsy of Otani’s body reveals some sort of control device embedded in his neck. The monsters are also believed to have the same devices embedded into them. Using his moonship, Katsuo begins a search for the transmitters.

Security agents checking travelers for signs of the embedded controllers, but Kyoko gets away because the agents cannot find one. Rodan and Godzilla appear in Tokyo and begin smashing buildings. Manda shows up and tears down an elevated train. Japanese Defense Forces fire on the beasts, but to no avail. Mothra arrives to join in the melee. In the end, Tokyo is turned into twisted, ruined wreckage.

Meanwhile, the Kilaaks have evacuated Monsterland and established a new base underground at the hot springs in Izu. Kyoko arrives at the human base of operations with a message from the Kilaaks– agree to live under alien rule and the giant creatures will be returned to Monsterland. In a brief struggle with Katsuo, he rips the earrings off her ears and discovers the earrings were being used to control her. But she remembers nothing about her days spent under Kilaak influence.

Katsuo tries to penetrate the Kilaak base with the moonrocket, but is turned away by Godzilla. JDF tanks fire on the base, but Kilakk technology freezes the tanks in place, allowing Godzilla and Angurius to crush them. As the moonbase attempts to follow a Kilaak ship to Mount Fuji, the aliens set Rodan to chase it away.

A foot patrol near Mount Fuji is scared off by Godzilla, but several members of the team, including Katsuo finds a hidden entrance. It turns out to be a trap. The Kilaaks show them the underground base with several spaceships, including the one spotted earlier on the moon. At a new base on Ogasawara Island, the humans discover that the transmitter controlling the monsters is on the moon. Katsuo takes his moonship and crew back to the moon and destroys the transmitter. They also discover the Kilaaks turn to lumps of coal when exposed to cold temperatures.

The humans have created a device that can control the monsters, and set the creatures to attack the base at Mount Fuji. But the Kilaaks have one more trick up their sleeve – the space monster King Ghidorah. Anguirus takes on the golden beast, which lifts it into the air and drops it. The earth shakes, revealing the Kilaak base. Ghidorah lands atop Anguirus and stomps on him. Godzilla, coming to the aid of Anguirus, grabs Ghidorah, who tries to fly off. The King of the Monsters holds onto Ghidorah and keeps it from escaping. The monsters team up to crush the space monster. As it lays defeated, a flaming monster appears and destroys the human base and the machine controlling the monsters. Godzilla, however, “knows who his real enemies are” and destroys the alien base.

In his moonship, Katsuo chases the flaming monster and discovers it is only a Kilaak ship operating at an extremely high temperature. He fires a freeze missile at it, causing it to lose its fire and crash to the ground. The aliens have been defeated. The monsters return to Monsterland.

screenplay by Kaoru Mabuchi and Ishiro Honda
directed by Ishiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Akira Kubo (Katsuo Yamabe), Yukiko Kobayashi (Kyoko Manabe), Kyoko Ai (Kilaak Commander), Jun Tazaki (Dr. Yoshida), Yoshio Tsuchiya (Dr. Otani), Kyoko Ai (Kilaak Leader)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra (larva), Gorosaurus, Manda, Kumonga, Varan, Barugon, Minilla

Notes: Monsterland is also known in other movies as Monster Island. Even though a voice-over identifies Barugon as the beast that attacks Paris, the creature that actually breaks through the surface is Gorosaurus. Manda’s first appearance was in Toho’s Atragon. Varan first appeared in Varan the Unbelievable. In Son of Godzilla, the spider-like Kumonga is known as Spiga. ADV’s 50th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of Destroy All Monsters has no chapter stops, but does include a bonus CD of the original soundtrack. This is the favorite Godzilla movie of theLogBook.com writer Robert Parson, who says Destroy All Monsters is “enthusiastically ridiculous.”

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Monster Zero

GodzillaAstronauts Glenn and Fuji are sent to investigate a mysterious Planet X, which is beyond Jupiter. Back on Earth, Fuji’s sister Haruno is dating failed inventor Tetsuo Torii, who Fuji disapproves of. Tetsuo, meanwhile, is awarded a contract from toymaker World Education Corporation for one of his gadgets, the Ladyguard Alarm, which makes a high pitched wail – but his invention is put into development limbo.

Shortly after landing on Planet X, Glenn and Fuji are surprised by thunder and lightning. They discover a highly advanced civilization, that has been driven underground due to continual attacks by Monster Zero, known on Earth as King Ghidorah. The beast damages a water plant, causing the Controller and his staff to leave for a short time, but not before isolating the astronauts in a darkened room. When they return, the Controller asks to borrow monsters Zero-1 and Zero-2 Godzilla and Rodan to defeat Monster Zero. In exchange, Planet X will provide Earth with a miracle drug that will cure all disease.

Even though Earth officials agree to allow the aliens to capture Godzilla and Rodan, Glen and Fuji are cautious. They suspect Planet X is in a severe water shortage, and may have more malevolent plans. Glenn rushes off on a date with Miss Namikawa, the representative from World Education Corp. When he returns, he tells Fuji he suspects the woman of collaborating with the Controller. A short time later, they discover that the Controller and others from Planet X are already on Earth. The aliens encapsulate Godzilla and Rodan in giant bubbles and transport them, Glen, Fuji, and Dr Sakurai to Planet X. On the way, the humans discover the aliens are able to control the flying saucers, animals and planets with their minds.

Tetsuo follows Namikawa to a remote island and discovers the truth: she is an alien collaborator. He’s captured.

Planet X is under assault by Monster Zero. Godzilla and Rodan are released from their bubbles to battle the three headed space monster. After a short fight, they drive away Zero. Glenn and Fuji slip away during the battle and find an oddly beautiful gold park-like room. Namikawa enters the room, wearing the Planet X uniform, but she fails to recognize Glenn, then a second Namikawa enters. Glenn and Fuji are captured by a group of the aliens. The Controller decides not to press charges and releases the pair to Dr. Sakarai. They leave in a replica of their original ship with the medical cure, leaving Godzilla and Rodan behind.

Back on Earth, they discover the tape they brought back doesn’t have instructions on how to produce the miracle drug. Instead, it contains a demand by the Controller to place the Earth under the control of Planet X as a colony, or be destroyed. Riots breakout worldwide. In an abandoned and heavily damaged building, Glenn finds Namikawa wearing a Planet X uniform. She admits she is an alien, but has fallen in love with the astronaut. The two are surrounded by aliens. Before Glenn is led away, she secretly slips a note into his pocket. The aliens kill her for falling in love with a human.

The aliens arrive, and order the humans to surrender within 24 hours or face death. They have brought Godzilla, Rodan, and Ghidorah to Earth and are controlling them with magnetic waves. Glenn, who has been tossed into a cell with Tetsuo, finds the note from Namikawa. She writes that the aliens from Planet X can be defeated through the use of a certain sound. Tetsuo realizes his Ladyguard Alarm emits that sound. Pulling one out of his pocket, he turns it on, rendering their guards helpless. They escape and report their discovery to Dr. Sakurai.

The Xns release Godzilla, and Rodan to attack. The pair smash buildings and knock over bridges in Japan, and Godzilla sets the countryside on fire, while the aliens blow up land-based weapons. Ghidorah joins them as they press the attack into an urban area, devastating the city.

The Ladyguard Alarm signal is broadcast on radio and TV stations. As the aliens try to regain control over their saucers, the humans bring to bear a weapon that disrupts the magnetic waves controlling the monsters, causing them to collapse. They continue to fire the magnetic wave disruptors at the saucers, which are careening out of control. The Controller orders his minions “into the future, the dimension we have never seen.” He presses a button, blowing up the saucers and their island HQ.

Freed from the alien’s grip, Godzilla and Rodan turn on Ghidorah. While the wrestle, they fall over a cliff into the ocean. Ghidorah flies out of the water, but Godzilla and Rodan whereabouts are not known. But it’s not believed the earth monsters are dead. Glenn is advised he will be returning to Planet X as an ambassador to the remaining inhabitants.

screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Inoshiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Nick Adams (Astronaut Glenn), Akira Takarada (Astronaut Fuji), Kumi Mizuno (Miss Namikawa), Keiko Sawai (Haruno Fuji), Jun Tazaki (Dr. Sakurai), Yoshio Tsuchiya (Controller of Planet X), Akira Kubo (Tetsuo Torii)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Rodan, King Ghidorah / Monster Zero

Notes: The original Japanese language version is known as Invasion Of Astro Monster, and was released in 1965, but even in the Japanese language version, the creature is called Monster Zero or King Ghidorah, not Astro Monster. Among the differences in the Japanese and English versions: a change in the opening theme, the Controller offers “only” a cure for cancer (rather than a cure for all disease), and instead of Glenn being appointed as Ambassador to Planet X, both Glenn and Fuji are dispatched to conduct a survey of Planet X in the original Japanese version.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla’s Revenge

GodzillaPoor little Ichiro. He’s bullied nearly everyday on the way home from school. Not only that, his parents work long hours and are seldom at home. He is often watched over by Toy Consultant Shinpei Inami, who lives in an apartment nearby. Meanwhile, bandits have gotten away with more than 50 million yen in a bank heist.

Ichiro fantasizes about visiting Monster Island. Once there, he watches Godzilla defeat several Kamacura and the Giant Condor. He also spots several other giant creatures. Ichiro makes friends with Minilla, Godzilla’s son, who is also being bullied by the monster known as Gabara. Inami wakes Ichiro from his dream.

Ichiro is playing outside when he is spotted by his own bully, also named Gabara. He runs off to an abandoned warehouse. He finds a driver’s license and carries it off. Little does he realize, the bandits are hiding out there, and the driver’s license belongs to one of them!

Once at home, Ichiro again visits Monster Island. Searching for Minilla, he instead finds the giant Gabara and runs away. He finds Minilla hiding from Godzilla, who wants to teach Minilla to fight his own battles. But he agrees to introduce Ichiro to his father. Godzilla is engaged in a battle with Ebirah. The giant lobster is defeated in short order. He then battles the giant spider, which is beaten back with Godzilla’s nuclear breath. Gabara walks onto the scene. Minilla grows to some fifty feet and blows smoke rings at Gabara, which only irritates the bully. Gabara beats up Minilla, who shrinks himself again and runs off. Several fighter jets launch missiles at Godzilla, but the enraged beast crushes and destroys most of the jets. He calls out to Minilla to teach the youngster some monster fighting skills. Godzilla shows how to use nuclear fire, but Minilla can only blow smoke rings. Godzilla stomps on his son’s tail, who then blows fire at some brush.

Ichrio is awakened when the bank robbers snatch him and take him back to the warehouse. One of the robbers goes to steal a car, while the other stays behind and watches over Ichiro. The boy covers a hole in the floor with newspaper. He then closes his eyes and returns to Monster Island.

Minilla is again fighting Gabara, who is getting the upper hand. Ichiro encourages his friend, who then blasts his new nuclear breath onto Gabara’s face. Enraged, Gabara lunges forward, but Minilla moves away and the bully konks his head on the wall of a cliff. Minilla runs to Godzilla, but the King of the Monsters refuses to fight his son’s battle. Minilla re-enters the fray and is being beaten down. Godzilla uses his nuclear breath and forces Gabara to retreat. Ichiro and Minilla discuss how to defeat the bully. When Gabara steps on a fallen tree, Minilla jumps on the other end, causing the bully to fly off, head over heels. As Godzilla passes the fallen creature, Gabara bites his leg The two giant monsters wrestle and Godzilla throws him over his shoulder. The bully finally leaves.

The robbers tie Ichiro, planning to use him as a hostage to get away, but the car won’t start. Ichiro remembers what Minilla told him: “Godzilla says we have to fight our own battles and not be cowards.” He slips his bonds and makes his break from the car, running off to the warehouse, with the bandits in hot pursuit. He leads them to the third floor. Meanwhile, Inami spots his stolen car at the warehouse with a money bag inside. He dashes off to call the cops. One of the bandits falls through the hole in the floor that was covered with newspaper, and breaks his leg. The second robber spots Ichrio and gives chase. Ichiro fantasizes the robber is the monster Gabara, and uses a fire extinguisher to vanquish him. The police have now arrived and take the bad guys into custody.

At breakfast the following morning, Ichiro’s mother promises to spend more time with the boy. On the way to school he is confronted by his own bully, Gabara. This time, however, instead of running, he fights and knocks the kid to the ground. Now equals, Ichiro, Gabara and their friends walk to school.

written by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Ishiro Hondo
music by Kunico Miyauchi

Human Cast: Tomonori Yazaki (Ichiro Miki), Eisei Amamoto (Shinpei Inami), Sachio Sakai (Bank Robber), Kazuo Suzuki (Bank Robber)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Minilla, Kamakura, Gabara, Gorosaurus, Manda, Anguilas, Giant Condor, Ebirah

Notes: This movie was originally titled Godzilla- Minilla- Gabara- All Monsters Attack in Japan. Much of the monster footage seen in this movie was culled from previous Godzilla movies.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster

GodzillaPollution is continually worsening. Scientist Yano examines a very strange looking fish that looks like a giant tadpole. He has a collection of other strange looking fish that have been preserved on his shelves. Meanwhile, some sort of beast attacks fishing vessels in the Sea of Japan. It has a strange resemblance to the odd fish brought to Dr. Yano earlier. Dr. Yano goes skindiving near the attack to look for evidence. Instead, he finds the ocean floor littered with trash. On shore, Ken discovers the oysters have no meat in them and that dead sea creatures are in the wash. Suddenly, the giant tadpole with blazing red eyes leaps out of the water and flies over him! Yano and the giant tadpole meet underwater. Later that day, Dr Yano is bedridden from the attack, gravely injured with an ugly grey wound across half his face. Ken has named the beast “Hedorah.”

Following a trail of pollution, Hedora crawls ashore. It finds a pair of smokestacks and breaths in the noxious fumes, growing even larger. Godzilla, who Ken has speculated is frustrated and angry about the pollution, confronts Hedorah. The polluted beast leaps at Godzilla. Hedorah’s own horrible odor brings down the King of the Monsters. As they continue to grapple, Godzilla is able to bring himself back up and swings Hedorah around, splashing muck everywhere. Godzilla eventually flings away Hedorah. He uses his nuclear breath against the creature, which flees to the ocean. Godzilla gives chase, but cannot find the other monster.

Once in the ocean, Hedorah regains strength, and the ability to fly. After some forensic testing, Dr Yano realizes the Hedorah is mineral, not animal. He suspects it arrived on Earth in a meteor and the pollution caused it to grow. It also creates sulfuric acid as a deadly, corrosive smog.

Hedorah reappears in the skies above Japan. Where it flies, people collapse from the noxious fumes it emits. If they have direct contact with the toxic mist, they dissolve to skeletons.

Using a tiny piece of Hedorah, Dr. Yano finds that an electrical shock can dry out and destroy the polluted beast. Meanwhile, a group of young adults has gathered at Mount Fuji to protest pollution and celebrate life at the same time.

Hedorah continues its path of destruction toward Mount Fuji. Godzilla is there and steers the monster away from the partygoers. As the two beasts face each other, Dr. Yano finds out the giant electrodes the humans plan to destroy Hedorah with are not yet finished. Hedorah knocks Godzilla to the ground and advances towards the partiers. They throw torches at the creature, but they are nothing more than matchsticks. Hedorah emits its noxious fumes, killing many of them. As it moves to kill those remaining, Godzilla fires a nuclear blast ahead of Hedorah, distracting it.

The two wrestle, but Hedorah’s deadly fumes overpower the King of the Monsters. Hedorah carries Godzilla to Mount Fuji, drops him into a crevice, and oozes nasty polluted muck into the crevice. Godzilla appears doomed. Can the military set up the electrodes before Hedorah destroys he world?

As the Army Commander discusses the plan with the still injured Dr Yano. Godzilla and Hedorah continue their struggle, falling down the side of Mount Fuji and crashing into the power lines! The Commander orders new lines installed quickly.

By this time, Hedorah is larger than Godzilla, and is getting the upper hand in the continuing battle. Godzilla lies wounded and Hedorah leaves the battlefield toward the still non-functioning electrodes. Trying to keep the monster near, the solders blink their headlights. It moves closer to the headlights and the soldiers, but there is still no power. Everyone is waiting for the coming death.

A nuclear blast activates the electrodes! Godzilla has energized the devices. He fires another blast and the electrodes dry Hedorah out, causing it collapse. Godzilla shoves his hand inside and pulls out two shiny globes. He again activates the electrodes, vaporizing the globe/hearts. A smaller Hedorah emerges from the remains of the other and flies off. Godzilla uses his nuclear breath as a jet and flies backwards to the escaping Hedorah. But the smaller, weaker Hedorah is no match for a rejuvenated King of the Monsters. Godzilla grabs the monster and he flies them back to the electrodes, which have new powerlines attached. The humans turn on the juice, but it’s not enough. Godzilla uses his nuclear breath again to reactivate the electrodes, finally causing Hedorah to shrivel up. Godzilla rips the guts out of Hedorah. Before the guts can become new Hedorahs, he activates the electrodes and shrivels them up.

Godzilla turns and leaves. He is angry, however. He may have defeated Hedorah, but pollution is still destroying the world.

written by Kaoru Mabuchi and Yoshimitsu Banno
directed by Yoshimitsu Banno
music by Riichiro Manabe

Human Cast: Akira Yamauchi (Dr. Yano), Hiroyuki Kawase (Ken Yano), Toshie Kimura (Toshio Yano), Keiko Mari (Gara Takatori), Toshio Shibamoto (Yukio Keuchi)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Hedorah

Notes: The opening title sequence is obviously inspired by Maurice Binder’s title sequences for the James Bond movies. The movie’s original title was Godzilla Vs. Hedorah; when imported to North America, the distributor renamed this movie Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster, and replaced the theme song with the English language song “Save The Earth.” Since then, the “commonly available” version that usually airs on TV and is now on DVD has restored the original title and the Japanese language theme song. However, Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster is readily available on an apparently properly licensed disc that is packaged with Godzilla Vs. Megalon.

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Godzilla vs. Gigan

GodzillaComic book artist Gengo Kotaka is engaged by World Children’s Land to assist in developing a theme park in Japan, featuring a tower shaped like Godzilla. As he reports to work one day, he is nearly knocked over by a woman running out of the building, who is being chased by several men. She drops an audio tape as she dashes off. Inside, he meets the chairman of the Japanese branch of World Children’s Land. The Chairman tells Gengo that the woman is an “enemy of peace.”

Returning home, Gengo is mugged by the woman and one of her cohorts, who demand the tape. They tell Gengo that Children’s Land is the real enemy of peace, based on journals left by Machiko’s missing brother. Gengo accepts their story, and leads them to a locker in which he had hidden the tape. They play back the tape, which emits a strange sound. At the Godzilla tower, the Chairman and his henchmen pick up the sound, the “Action Signal.” It’s also heard by Godzilla and Anguirus at Monster Island. The King of the Monsters dispatches Anguirus to investigate the mysterious sound.

Gengo and his new friends conduct background checks on World Children’s Land and the Chairman, only to find many irregularities. The most surprising is that the Chairman died a year ago. Apparently, the Chairman and the others are taking over the bodies of recently deceased humans. Back at the tower, the Chairman receives a message from Nebula Space Hunter M in preparation of an invasion. He orders the playing of “Action Signal 1.” Just then, Anguirus arrives at a nearby bay. The army swings into action, and is able to turn back the spiked monster.

Snooping around at the Godzilla Tower, Gengo finds Machiko’s brother. He is caught and run off, but followed by the chairman?s henchmen. Gengo, Machiko, and Shosaku are about to be killed, when Gengo’s sister arrives and beats them away. Meanwhile, Godzilla and Anguirus are making their way to Japan. At the same time another Action Signal is played, which calls space monsters Gigan and King Ghidorah. Gigan is a horned bipedal Cyclops-type creature with multiple fins on his back, hooks for hands and a buzzsaw in his abdomen.

Gengo and his sister attempt rescue Machiko’s brother from the Godzilla tower, but are captured by the aliens. One of the Chairman’s henchmen reveals they are the advance force for creatures from Nebula Space Hunter M, which has very nearly been destroyed by pollution. The aliens are in reality the only surviving race of that planet: giant cockroaches. Controlled by the aliens, Ghidorah and Gigan arrive on Earth. The monsters are ordered to attack Tokyo. The pair rip through the city as if it were simply model buildings.

Godzilla and Anguirus arrive. Gigan leaps into the air, but is brought down by a mighty blast of Godzilla?s nuclear breath. Godzilla is, in turn, felled by Ghidorah’s lightning bolts. But both Gigan and the King of the Monsters get up. Ghidorah sets the oil storage tanks afire, and Godzilla pulls Anguirus from the flames. Meanwhile, Machiko and Shosaku mount a rescue mission for their friends in the Godzilla tower. A weather balloon is floated to the imprisoned friends, who escape by sliding down a rope.

The battle between the kaiju continues and is moving closer to the theme park. Godzilla and Ghidorah wrestle while Gigan focuses his attentions on Anguirus. But Gigan leaps into the air toward Godzilla. The space monster uses the buzzsaw in his abdomen and slices a huge gash in Godzilla’s shoulder. Godzilla stumbles in pain into the theme park and is startled to find the tower shaped in his image. As he approaches the tower, the aliens shoot lasers from the tower at the monster, which knocked Godzilla off his feet.

A small task forced lead by Gengo carries explosives into the tower, since the interior is lightly defended. While they do so, the monster battle continues, with Gigan taking a slice out of Anguirus. Moments later, the explosives destroy the tower from inside. As it burns, the aliens revert to their original cockroach shape. The tower explodes, releasing the control the aliens held over space monsters.

Even without direction, Gigan and Ghidorah are able to put the other two monsters on the ropes. Godzilla is able to gather a second wind and manages to subdue Gigan. Ghidorah, which has been watching from the sidelines, is attacked by a rejuvenated Anguirus. The three headed monster however lifts the spiked beast into the air and drops him. Godzilla and Anguirus double-team the other monsters by having Anguirus jump backward onto the golden monster, which then collides into Gigan. Godzilla stomps onto one of the necks of Ghidorah, but the golden creature rolls free. Without leadership and facing the overwhelming force of Godzilla and Anguirus, the two space monsters flee.

screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Jun Fukuda
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Hiroshi Ishikawa (Gengo Kotaka), Tomoko Umeda (Machiko Shima), Yuriko Hishimi (Tomoko Tomoe), Minoru Takashima (Shosaku Takasugi)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Gigan, King Ghidorah, Anguirus

Notes: Godzilla speaks! You’ll recall that in Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster the Fairy Twins translate a discussion between Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. But here, Godzilla and Anguirus speak in English. The Japanese version reportedly uses comic book type balloons. Originally released in Japan as Earth Attack Command: Godzilla vs. Gigan.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. Megalon

GodzillaAn underground nuclear test in the Aleutian Islands has widespread environmental effects, even as far away as Monster Island in the South Pacific. Godzilla and the other monsters are in distress and attempt to escape the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and storms.

The effects are also felt in Japan, where inventor Goro Ibuki, his son Rokuro, and Goro’s friend Hiroshi Jinkawa are enjoy a day at the lake. An earthquake creates a crack in the lake bed, draining the water underground. The day ruined, they return to Ibuki’s home, where the door is unlocked and open. They are attacked by several mysterious men, who flee. Hiroshi gives chase, but they manage to escape. The attackers were apparently trying to find information about the robot Ibuki is building. The leave behind an unusual red sand, which is revealed to have come from deep undersea.

Now completed, the robot is activated and named “Jet Jaguar.” The mysterious agents snatch Rokuro and use him as ploy to get into the house, using a sleep gas to knock out the two men and the boy. Receiving orders from the Emperor of Seatopia, they program the robot to lead Megalon to “the target.”

At the undersea kingdom of Seatopia, Emperor Antonio informs his subjects they are going to war against the Earth because the nuclear testing has already destroyed a third of the country. He unleashes the giant monster Megalon. The giant winged beetle with a glowing antenna and sharp, serrated claws rises to the surface.

A Seatopian agent has tied up Ibuki and his son in the back of a truck and is heading toward the cracked lake, with plans to take them to the undersea kingdom. Back at the house, Hiroshi breaks free from his bonds, knocks out a Seatopian agent, and escapes to rescue the others.

Megalon arrives at the lake, meeting Jet Jaguar who leads him to Tokyo. The city is being evacuated, and army units are being sent in. The truck drivers throw the Seatopian out of the cab, and decide to dump the container with Ibuki and his son into the dam instead of going to the lake. Megalon interrupts their task and they run off. The monster smashes the dam, releasing the water into the valley below. The container slips off the truck, but Megalon bats it over the mountain. The doors crack open spilling out the pair.

The army is making a valiant attempt to stop Megalon before he gets to Tokyo, but the beast breaks through the line and uses a laser emitting from his antenna to destroy the defenders. In an army helicopter, Ibuki uses the transmitter to override the Seatopian programming and sends Jet Jaguar to get Godzilla. Realizing the King of the Monsters will arrive soon, the Seatopians request assistance from Space Hunter Nebula M, who send Gigan.

Megalon arrives in Tokyo and uses his antenna laser to destroy huge sections of the city. Jet Jaguar meets with Ibuki and reports that Godzilla is on the way. However, Ibuki no longer controls the robot – it has reprogrammed itself “for survival.” It flies to meet Megalon, and grows to match the monster’s size in order to do battle.

Jet Jaguar is barely able to hold his own against Megalon, when Gigan appears. Caught between the two monsters, the robot tries to fly off. But Megalon knocks him out of the sky with his antenna laser. On the ground, the beasts knock Jet Jaguar around. Just as it appears hopeless, Godzilla arrives and throws some kaiju karate moves on Megalon and Gigan while Jet Jaguar licks his wounds.

Both of the monsters are seriously injured and lying on the ground. Gigan manages to get back up, flies toward Godzilla, and slashes Godzilla in the shoulder with the buzz-saw blade in his abdomen, This enrages Godzilla, who blasts the space monster with his nuclear breath, knocking it out of the sky. Gigan threatens to decapitate Jet Jaguar, but Godilla blasts Gigan again, who retreats to Megalon. The creatures surround Godzilla and Jet Jaguar with a ring of fire, but the robot lifts Godzilla out of the inferno. The allies thrash Megalon and Gigan, causing Gigan to flee like a wounded bully back to Space Hunter Nebula M. Godzilla and Jet Jaguar continue to beat on Megalon, who falls into a crevice that leads back to Seatopia.

Defeated, the Emperor orders all exits to the surface closed. Godzilla returns to Monster Island. Jet Jaguar shrinks to human size and returns to his creator.

written by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Jun Fukuda
music by Riichiro Manabe

Human Cast: Katsuhiko Sasaki (Goro Ibuki), Hiroyuki Kawase (Rokuro Ibuki), Yutaka Hayashi (Hiroshi Jinkawa), Robert Dunham (Seatopia Emperor Antonio)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Megalon, Jet Jaguar, Rodan, Angirus

Notes: Jet Jaguar was based on a design created by a school child as part of a Toho-sponsored contest. He was originally intended to be in his own movie, but studio execs didn’t think he could stand alone. The English language translation pronounces the robot’s name as “Jet Jag-you-are.” While there is no “official” DVD release of this movie in North America, it does show up on TV from time to time, and there is a Mystery Science Theater 3000 version on DVD.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla Vs. MechaGodzilla

GodzillaDuring a ceremonial dance on Okinawa, a woman faints after experiencing visions of monsters destroying a city. Masahiko, a reporter sent to cover the ceremony, later visits a cave and discovers a radioactive metal, which later analysis reveals is Space Titanium. Meanwhile, his brother, who is developing a marina, finds another cave containing ancient artifacts, apparently honoring an ancient god, King Caesar. Paintings on the wall predict an attack by a monster that will destroy the world, but two other monsters will save the world.

Mainland Japan is being rocked by a series of earthquakes, with a “moving epicenter,” and Godzilla emerges from a volcanic eruption at Mount Fuji. His roar, however has a strange metallic sound. As he begins his rampage, Anguirus attacks. The two battle, but Godzilla seriously wounds the spiked creature, who retreats to fight another day. Godzilla marches off. At the scene of the battle more of the Space Titanium is found.

Godzilla is crashing through an industrial sector in Tokyo, destroying oil storage tanks and pipelines. Suddenly, a second Godzilla appears. The two thrash around, destroying more of the industrial sector, when the skin is ripped from one of the Godzillas. It is a cyborg made of Space Titanium, and is controlled by aliens. MechaGodzilla launches missiles from its fingertips and lasers from its eyes. Godzilla uses his nuclear breath. Both are injured. Godzilla retreats to the ocean and MechaGodzilla is recalled by his controllers.

While investigating the cave on Okinawa, Professor Miyajima, his daughter, Eiko, and Masahiko are grabbed by the ape-like aliens from the “Third Planet of the Black Hole,” who have taken human form. They demand that Miyajima help repair MechaGodzilla, and threatens to kill the others unless he complies. Meanwhile, on a remote island Godzilla is recovering from his wounds.

Miyajima has finished his repairs to MechaGodzilla. The alien controller throws him into the execution room with Eiko and Masahiko. The room is filled with hot, pressurized steam. Keisuke and an Interpol agent, who has been investigating the aliens, break into the stronghold and rescue the others from the deadly steam.

King Caesar awakens from his ages-long sleep. The aliens send MechaGodzilla after the giant creature, which looks like a giant floppy-eared lion-dog cross with a menacing toothy grin in a stone face.

MechaGodzilla unleashes a laser blast at King Caesar, but the ancient god reflects it back. Caesar hides behind a giant rock when the metal monster fires his finger missiles. The two continue to grapple and Caesar is tossed aside like rag doll, when Godzilla arrives. The King of the Monsters and MechaGodzilla battle while King Caesar recovers. Caesar pulls himself up and MechaGodzila launches a full attack with all of its ordnance. Godzilla is seriously wounded, but manages to shake it off. With new magnetic abilities, Godzilla pulls the metal monster toward him. Godzilla grabs it from behind and Caesar begins smashing at it from the front. Godzilla rips the head off the cyborg, defeating it.

As the alien base explodes, Godzilla returns to the sea and Caesar returns to his slumber.

written by Jun Fukuda and Hiroyashu Yamaura
directed by Jun Fukuda
music by Masaru Sato

Human Cast: Masaaki Daimon (Keisuke Shimizu), Kazuya Aoyama (Masahiko Shimizu), Akihiko Hirata (Professor Hideto Miyajima), Hiromi Matushita (Eiko Miyajima)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, King Caesar, Anguirus

Notes: The city-destroying vision the young woman has at the beginning the movie features King Ghidorah, who is otherwise not seen in the movie.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Terror of MechaGodzilla

GodzillaA submarine is conducting a fruitless search under the ocean for the scattered remains of Mechagodzilla, when it is suddenly attacked and destroyed by a mysterious giant creature. Meanwhile, a pair of aliens are plotting to take control of the Earth, in part because their own planet is falling into the black hole, and also because the people of Earth have not been very good stewards of the planet. They plan to enlist the aid of Shizou Mifune, who has been ostracized and vilified by the scientific community for his outlandish theories. The aliens want him to control the giant beast, the Titanosaurus. As an added incentive, the aliens will put the rebuilt Mechagodzilla at Mifune’s disposal. Meanwhile, biologist Ichinose is also looking for Mifune, who may have information on the beast that destroyed the sub. His daughter, Katsura, though tells him that Mifune is dead.

Katsura tells Ichinose via telephone not to lead another submarine expedition. He insists on going anyway. When she hangs up, one of the aliens shoots Katsura with a laser, and it’s revealed that she had died several years before in a lab experiment, and is now a cyborg. She has a device implanted in her to control Titanosaurus. The alien orders her to direct Titanosaurus to attack the sub. Trying desperately to contact headquarters, Ichinose and the crew turn on all sorts of electronic transmission devices. One, a supersonic beam, causes the monster great pain. The crew escapes and following thier report, government officials order construction of a giant Supersonic Beam Oscillator.

Mifune argues with his cyborg daughter about turning over the planet to the aliens. But he insists he is seeking revenge against all who have mocked him. He releases Titanosaurus on Tokyo. While the Japanese Defense Force wages a fierce battle against the beast, Godzilla arrives to challenge the monster. The aliens plan for the two monsters to fight, with Godzilla defeating the other, but too weak to battle Mechagodzilla. Instead, Titanosaurus retreats.

Ichinose investigates a mountainous area, and is captured by aliens who take him to their base. There he finds Mifune and his cyborg daughter. The aliens flee, taking Ichinose, Mifune and Katsura. Another team of Interpol agents breach the mountain, but not before the aliens unleash Mechagodzilla. The agents lead several captives away, escaping moments before the aliens destroy the base, moving their operations to Mifune’s home.

Mechagodzilla meets with Titanosaurus, and they begin a destructive rampage across Tokyo. Godzilla returns to face the two other monsters. He is knocked over by a strong wind created by Titanosaurus. As he gets up, he is blasted by the eye-lasers of Mechagodzilla. As he falls, Titanosaurus kicks Godzilla over a range of mountains. Not willing to give up, Godzilla continues the fight. But the pummeling and biting of Titanosaurus and the blasting by Mechagodzilla prove to be too much. He collapses in a heap and is dumped into a crevice. His adversaries bury him, and Titanosaurus dances a victory jig on the mound.

A helicopter carrying the just constructed Supersonic Beam Oscillator disrupts the alien control over the beast, confusing it. Mechagodzilla takes aim at the helicopter, but Godzilla rises again and blasts the metal monster with his nuclear breath. The two wage a fierce battle, with Godzilla managing to get within arms reach and begins to pound on the doppelganger.

Ichinose breaks free of his bonds as agents surround the house. Katsura holds him at gunpoint, but she is shot by one of the agents. As she lies wounded, Ichinose holds her in his arms and declares his love for her. But she confesses that the monster control device is inside her, and she must die to stop their rampage. She kills herself, causing Mechagodzilla to come to a stop. Godzilla rips its head, smashes Mechagodzilla, and drops it into a crevice. The aliens try to flee the planet, but their ships are blasted by Godzilla. The King of the Monsters blasts at Titanosaurus, who falls off a cliff into the ocean. The other giants defeated, Godzilla swims away.

written by Yuki Takayama
directed by Ishiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukabe

Human Cast: Katsuhiko Sasaki (Akira Ichinose), Tomoko Ai (Katsura Mifune), Akihiko Hirata (Dr. Shizou Mifune), Goro Mutsumi (Alien Leader)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, Titanosaurus

Notes: Notes: The English language North American release includes a preamble about the origins of Godzilla, but removed a torture scene, the squishing of a couple of kids, Katsura’s suicide, and some sexual content. Most of these scenes were restored in the new DVD release from Classic Media, although the original English language cut can still be viewed at video.aol.com.
This concludes the Showa Era of Godzilla movies. No further Godzilla movies were produced until 1984.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla 1985

GodzillaA fishing vessel at sea is being battered by a fierce storm and is run aground on an island with an exploding volcano. The sailors hear a horrendous roar. The following morning, a man in a passing sailboat discovers the remains of the wrecked fishing vessel, finding a lone, shocked survivor. He relates his story of seeing a giant monster to authorities, who are certain Godzilla has reappeared.

After his story on the crashed ship is spiked due to national security issues, reporter Maki continues his investigation and visits Professor Hayashida. The scientist is studying genetic mutations, specifically Godzilla, who he says is indestructible and is a victim of the modern nuclear age. A sister to the survivor of the boat disaster is an aide to Prof Hayashida. Maki breaks the embargo on information about the ship, and tells Naoko that her brother survived. She runs to the hospital and cannot be restrained from reuniting with Ken.

A Soviet submarine makes sonar contact with a mysterious underwater shape. They fire torpedoes, but to no effect. The sub is attacked, explodes, and sinks. The sub disaster puts U.S. forces on alert. Japanese leaders report that Godzilla has reappeared, in an attempt to stop an escalation of superpower mobilization. The Japanese Prime Minister rejects U.S. and Soviet demands to use nuclear weapons against Godzilla.

Professor Hayashida speculates that Godzilla must feed on nuclear material, and will likely return to Japan soon. The military swings into action. Godzilla makes landfall at near nuclear power station. Feverish attempts are made to shut down the reactor. The beast rampages through the facility and consumes the radiation. He is distracted by a flock of birds and returns to the sea.

Steve Martin, who survived Godzilla’s first attack in Tokyo 30 years earlier, is summoned to Washington D.C. He tells the U.S. Commander that man-made weapons cannot stop Godzilla, he must be treated as a force of nature. Hayashida reports that Godzilla may be able to be lured to a volcano by using the same bird sounds that distracted him at the power station. Tokyo is evacuated when The King of the Monsters is spotted heading toward town..

Several war planes fire missiles at Godzilla in Tokyo Bay. He destroys a few of the planes, but continues onward. Ground based missiles are fired at the monster but he vaporizes the defense line with his nuclear breath. A Soviet ship captain, fatally wounded in the attack in the bay, sends a launch command to a nuclear missile on an orbiting platform. Godzilla enters the city and heads downtown, with the remaining citizens fleeing ahead of him. He presses on crashing into buildings and pulling a train off its tracks.

Watching at the U.S. Command Center, Martin says Godzilla is looking for something, and the key may be finding it. Meanwhile, the Japanese Defense Force begins its efforts to lure Godzilla to the volcano. As Godzilla passes their building, Hayashida, Mika, and Naoko use their bird-call device to distract Godzilla. The monster rips the lower floors of the building, forcing the three to escape to the roof. Laser cannons deployed by the army are unable to stop the beast from its rampage. A super-secret high-tech warcraft, the Super-X, is dispatched to battle Godzilla. It’s able to fire cadmium missiles into Godzilla’s mouth. He collapses into a building. But Steve Martin is not convinced Godzilla is dead.

The Soviet missile launches from orbit, and will explode over Tokyo in 30 minutes. The Japanese Foreign Minister asks the U.S. to try to shoot down the Soviet missile. As the nuclear missile continues on its deadly trajectory, Hayashida is rescued from the rooftop, but air turbulence is too strong to pick up the others. Mika and Naoko begin making their way to the street.

The American missile collides with the Soviet missile, causing a massive nuclear blast above the atmosphere. A radiation storm awakens Godzilla. The monster and the Super-X battle through the downtown. The ship uses its lasers against Godzilla while he unleashes his nuclear blast against the heavily armored aircraft. The ship is damaged and lands, but Godzilla drops a skyscraper on it. Having reached street level, Mika and Naoko flee through a burning city.

Hayashida turns on the bird-call machine. Godzilla hears the siren sound and stomps toward the volcano, which is on a nearby island. When he arrives, the volcano is reactivated by a series of explosions. With a mournful roar, Godzilla sinks into the molten lava.

screenplay by Shuichi Nagahara and Lisa Tomei
story by Tomoyuki Tanaka
directed by Koji Hashimoto and R.J. Kizer
music by Reijiro Koroku

Human Cast: Raymond Burr (Steve Martin), Keiju Kobayashi (Prime Minster Mitamura), Ken Tenaka (Goro Maki), Yasuko Sawaguchi (Naoko Okumura), Shin Takuma (Hiroshi Okumura), Yosuke Natsuki (Dr. Hayashida)

Monster Cast: Godzilla

Notes: After an absence of nine years, the producers brought Godzilla back to his roots as an unstoppable elemental force in a movie that ushered in the Heisei era. The North American distributor heavily re-edited 1984’s The Return Of Godzilla to create Godzilla 1985. There has not been a North American release on DVD of either The Return Of Godzilla or Godzilla 1985.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla Vs. Biollante

GodzillaGodzilla has fallen into a volcano, and Tokyo begins rebuilding following his onslaught. In the debris a research team discovers a chunk of Godzilla cells. But they are spirited away by a mercenary who delivers them to the Republic of Saradia. There, Dr. Shirigami plans on using the cells to create grains that can grow in harsher environments. A terrorist explosion at the lab destroys his hopes and kills his daughter.

Five years later, Shirigami is studying plant biology in Japan, believing the spirit of his daughter is in the roses. He is being assisted by Miki Saegusa, a clairvoyant. The Special Disaster Research Council- Godzilla Unit takes Miki on a helicopter tour over the volcano, who declares Godzilla is awake. A project is launched to create an Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria, which would essentially eat nuclear material in the event of an accident. But they need some Godzilla cells. Shirigami agrees to help.

Rival biotechnology firm Bio Major sends a pair of thieves to break into Shirigami’s lab. They are interrupted by the mercenary from Saradia, who is also seeking to steal secrets. All three men are attacked by long, ropey strands that pull them away, but the mercenary is able to slip away. The creature disappears.

Bio Major demands the research on the bacteria, or it will set of explosives around the volcano containing Godzilla, causing his return. The Japanese government concedes.

At a lake near Shirigami’s lab, a creature rises. The giant stands on a thick tree-trunk like stalk, with long vines for arms, and is topped with a rose. Shirigami reveals he developed Biollante with Godzilla, plant cells, and DNA from his dead daughter.

Asuka and Sho meet a Bio Major agent to deliver several samples of the bacteria from Shirigami’s development, but are ambused by the Saradian assassin. The Bio Major agent tries to flee in a truck, but is killed by the Saradian, who takes the case containing the bacteria. Asuka and Sho are unable to stop the explosions on time and Godzilla rises from the volcano.

The Japanese Defense Force meets the King of the Monsters in the Pacific Ocean, and greets him with a barrage of canon fire and missiles. He destroys them without batting an eye. A newly rebuilt, more powerful Super-X is deployed against the advancing beast. It is able to reflect the nuclear blasts back to Godzilla. He retreats for a while, but Biollante calls out to him. Godzilla damages the Super-X and continues his path to Biollante.

The two monsters battle in the lake, with Biollante tying up Godzilla in its tendrils. Godzilla struggles against the bonds and unleashes a nuclear blast at Biollante that cuts like a scalpel and explodes the rose-head. Miki, who can still sense the bio-engineered creature, reports Biollante is dying. But in the inferno, Biollante releases pollen. Godzilla disappears into the ocean.

Miki is engaged by the military to find Godzilla, and finds him while in a helicopter. He appears to be headed to a nuclear power plant. A repaired Super-X is dispatched against the monster. With the Japanese Defense Force lying in wait at the power plant, Godzilla surfaces miles away at Osaka Bay. Using her ESPer powers, Miki attempts to contact Godzilla and delay his entry into Osaka.

Asuka and Sho snatch the Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria from the Saradian business offices, just before Godzilla comes ashore. The King of the Monsters stomps through Osaka, leaving fire and destruction in his wake. The Super-X launches a barrage of missiles at Godzilla, but it only enrages the beast and he again destroys the Super-X. In several nearby buildings a team lead by Asuka and Sho use bazookas to fire the bacteria at Godzilla. Godzilla leaves, but the bacteria doesn’t seem to be working. His body temperature is too low to allow its growth. A plan is hatched to raise his temperature by using giant microwaves. Even that doesn’t work. It appears Godzilla is immune to the bacteria.

From out of the rain clouds, Biollante’s pollen falls, and a new hybrid creature rises from the ground. It is bulkier, and has more vines. Instead of a rose, Biollante’s head is more similar to Godzilla’s, only with a longer snout, with the vines ending in Venus Flytrap-like mouths. It advances toward Godzilla and stabs him in the shoulder and hands with its new blade-like tendrils. The two grapple. Godzilla stumbles away and falls into the ocean. The bacteria finally appears to have worked. Biollante disintegrates into a cloud of pollen, and Shirigami sees an image of his daughter in the rising pollen.

As he calls out to his daughter, Shirigami is shot and killed by the Saradian assassin. As he escapes, he steps into the microwave zone and is vaporized. Godzilla rises again. The water has lowered his body temperature, inhibiting the growth of the bacteria again. He heads off to sea.

screenplay by Kazuki Omori
story by Shinichiro Kobayashi
directed by Kazuki Omori
music by Koichi Sugiyama

Human Cast: Kunihiko Mitamura (Kazuhito Kirishima), Yoshiko Tanaka (Asuka Okouchi), Masanobu Takashima (Maj. Sho Kuroki), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa), Koji Takashima (Dr. Shirigami)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Biollante

Notes: As with The Return Of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985), Godzilla Vs. Biollante has not been released on DVD in North America. The VHS release can usually be found fairly inexpensively.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

GodzillaIn 2204, the remains of King Ghidorah, minus one head, are discovered beneath the ocean.

In 1992, Reporter Kenichiro Terasawa interviews World War II vet Ikehata, who claims his military unit was protected from U.S. forces by a dinosaur on Ragos Island. Terasawa beleives nuclear testing may have caused the dinosaur to become Godzilla. Industrialist and creator of Dinosaurworld Yosuki Shindo admits to seeing the dinosaur on Ragos Island when confronted by Tersawa.

A UFO is discovered in a glade. Japanese security and intelligence officials are greeted by it’s passengers. Wilson, Grenchiko, and Emmy Kano, who explain they are from the Earth Union of the future and will meet with the Japanese Prime Minister the following day. At the meeting, they say Godzilla will return, destroy nuclear power plants, and cause Japan to become inhabitable. They are there to stop the King of the Monsters. Emmy reveals a book written by Tarasawa about a massive battle with Godzilla, a book he has not yet written because the battle has yet to occur. The people from the future plan to return to Ragos Island and remove it prior to becoming Godzilla, eliminating the monster from Japan’s history. They take Terasawa, dinosaur expert Mazaki, and Miki Seagusa of the ESP Institute. Also on the trip is andriod M-11, and three bio-engineered creatures called Dorats, which look like large, brown bats.

In 1944, the time travelers arrive just as American ships begin shelling Ragos Island. The Japanese troops, including Shindo and Ikehata, are waging a losing defense against U.S. ground troops when suddenly a dinosaur appears. The creature destroys the American troops, but is seriously injured. The time travelers watch as the Japanese soldiers honor the Godzillasaurus. After the troops leave, the time travelers remove the monster using a teleport machine. The dorats are left in the island when the group returns to 1992.

There, Wilson and Grinchiko tell them Godzilla is no longer an historic figure, but King Ghidorah is. The nuclear explosions had merged the three dorats into one giant angry creature. Thier plan was to use the three headed monster to remove Japan from a future history in which it dominates the world economy. Ghidorah is laying waste to Japan. Feeling betrayed, Emmy flees.

Shindo agrees to allow his privately developed nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarine to turn the Godzillasaurus into the King of the Monsters, but is destroyed by Godzilla. A nuclear submarine that had sunk years previously irradiated the beast, turning it into Godzilla. Meanwhile, Ghidorah continues his attack. Godzilla makes landfall. He is much larger than before because he was subjected to a higher grade of nuclear radiation than in the previous timeline. Wilson orders Ghidorah to attack Godzilla. The three headed monster blasts at Godzilla with lightning-like bolts emanating from his mouths.

Ghidorah is getting the upper hand, when explosives in the time machine are set off by Emmy, Terasawa, and M-11, causing Wilson and Grinchiko to lose control over Ghidorah. The machine though is set to automatically return to the future in the event of serious damage. Emmy, Terasawa, and the android escape the ship by fleeing in a smaller time machine. Godzilla has managed to defeat Ghidorah and uses his nuclear blast to severe one of Ghidorah’s heads. M-11 uses the teleporter to send the larger machine to the creature’s battlefield. Moments before the automatic controls return the ship to the future, it is destroyed by Godzilla.

Sapporo prepares for an attack by Godzilla. Thier defenses are useless as he smashes through the city. M-11 and Emmy return to the future to “fix” Ghidorah and bring him back to the 20th century. This time, they’ll use the golden beast to stop Godzilla from destroying Japan.

Godzilla is attacking Tokyo. Shindo, though refuses to evacuate. The same monster that saved him 50 years earlier is now destroying all he built. Godzilla recognizes the industrialist when he finds him. Shindo is incinerated with a blast from Godzilla. He continues his rampage through Tokyo, but is met by Mecha-King Ghidorah. It has a new mechanical head, wings, and torso with Emmy piloting and M-11 as the computer brains. The two monsters wage a back and forth battle, with Godzilla finally blasting the refurbished monster out of the sky, knocking Emmy unconscious. Before he can deliver the killing blow, Emmy awakens and launches several thick cables that wrap around Godzilla. Mecha King Ghidorah carries Godzilla out to sea, both of the creatures falling when Godzilla blasts at his opponant.

The smaller time machine rises out of the ocean. Emmy reveals that Terasawa is one of her ancestors as she returns to her time. Godzilla, however, is still alive.

screenplay by Kazuki Omori
directed by Kazuki Omori
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Kosike Toyohara (Kenichiro Tarasawa), Anna Nakagawa (Emmy Kano), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa), Yoshio Tsuchiya (Yasuaki Shindo)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Dorat, Godzillasaurus, Mecha King Ghidorah

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle For Earth

GodzillaA huge flaming meteor splashes into the Pacific Ocean in the Ogasawara Trench, near Godzilla. It creates a typhoon that reveals a giant, rainbow colored egg. Takuya, Masako, and Kenji are sent to recover the egg on Infant Island. Meanwhile, another creature with red glowing eyes and a high pitched screech is awakened.

After several days, the team finds a cave with ancient paintings, one of which includes a butterfly and some sort of bat-like creature. The three press on and find the egg. Two women, less than a foot tall, calling themselves The Cosmos, tell the team the egg is Mothra. 12 thousand years earlier, and advanced civilization had created a weather machine, which had greatly offended the Earth. The Earth sent a monster, Battra, to destroy the humans. Mothra however defeated Battra, who had been sleeping in the sea. But pollution was threatening to bring Battra back.

The CEO of the Marutomo Corporation puts plans in motion to bring the egg to Japan. The Cosmos volunteer to go also. A larval form of Battra, however, is already on its way. Burrowing underground, Battra arrives in Nagoya and tears through the city. Lightning bolts from it’s eyes and a horn on its head easily render the Japanese Defense Force irrelevant. Battra destroys much of Nagoya, and burrows underground again.

The ship pulling Mothra’s egg behind it encounters Godzilla near the Philippines. As the King of the Monsters approaches, the egg hatches! The Mothra larva escapes before Godzilla can destroy it with his nuclear breath. Mothra distracts Godzilla in an attempt to let the ship slip away. Battra arrives and battles both of the other monsters. Battra and Godzilla fight underwater. Thier fight is interrupted by a volcanic eruption, and it’s believed they are killed in the molten rock. Mothra returns to Infant Island and the ship continues to Japan. Once there, Ando steals the Cosmos, with plans to exploit them for marketing purpose by the Marutomo Company. Locked away, the Cosmos sing out to Mothra, who begins the journey to Japan to rescue them.

Attempts to stop Mothra are useless. The larva destroys the Naval aramada sent against it. On its way to rescue the tiny girls, it is no respecter of property and smashes through the city. Takuya and Masako find the girls. Finding they are safe, Mothra leaves. But as it does, the giant larva collapses onto the capital building and encases itself in a cocoon.

Volcanic Mount Fuji explodes. Ando, who has had a change of heart, tells the CEO of the Marutomo company the Earth is getting its revenge for the damage caused by humans, and walks out.

Godzilla rises from the volcano and heads towards Tokyo. Back at the capital building, Mothra emerges from the cocoon as a giant, beautiful, rainbow colored butterfly. She spreads her wings and flies off to battle Battra. Meanwhile, out to sea, the larval Battra transforms into a giant bat and flies off. JDF units wage a fierce, but futile, battle in an attempt to change Godzilla’s direction.

As Godzilla approaches, Mothra and Battra meet in the sky over Yokahoma. Godzilla crashes through the city while the flying creatures do battle. Battra forces Mothra to the ground at a theme park in the harbor area. Godzilla finds the others and is attacked by Battra. Using it’s lightning blasts, Battra drops a building on the giant lizard. The King of the Monsters rises from the rubble, grabs Battra, and flings it to the ground. He blasts at it with his nuclear breath. Lightning from the injured Mothra stuns Godzilla. She flies to Battra, who gives her renewed energy.

Mothra rises to attack the approaching Godzilla. Using lightning blasts and glittery dander from her wings she appears to win the battle, but Godzilla is able to beat her back with a nuclear pulse. She crashes into a ferris wheel, but Battra grabs it before it can crush her. Battra slams the wheel into Godzilla, who falls to the ground. Both flying beasts blast at Godzilla from above. Godzilla tries to defend himself, but is confused by the onslaught. He struggles against the dander and the lightning before falling in a heap.

Battra grabs Godzilla, who bites into its neck. Mothra grabs onto Godzilla’s tail. The two carry the monster away from the battlefield. Battra is bleeding profusely from the neck bite, and Godzilla blasts at him with his nuclear breath, killing the giant bat. Mothra releases its grip on Godzilla’s tail and drops the pair into the ocean.

Keeping a vow with Battra, Mothra leaves the Earth to change the course of an oncoming planet-killing asteroid, a possibly deadly task that Battra would have performed if Godzilla had not reappeared.

screenplay by Kazuki Omori
directed by Takao Okawara
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Testuya Bessho (Takuya Fujita), Satomi Kobayashi (Masako Tezuka), Takehiro Murata (Kenji Andoh)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Mothra, Battra

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II

GodzillaLifting the remains of Mecha King Ghidorah from the ocean, Japanese officials begin work on Mechagodzilla, a robot they hope will defeat the King of the Monsters.

A scientific expedition on a remote island finds fossilized pteranodon remains and an intact giant egg. As they prepare to ship it to Japan, Rodan swoops down and destroys the encampment. Godzilla rises from the ocean and the two beasts taunt each other. While they battle, the humans escape on a helicopter with the egg.

The egg is taken to Kyoto for study. Kazuma Aoka, who is in a Mechagodzilla training program, checks out the egg as a pteranodon enthusiast, but is run off by Azusa, one of the researchers. Several days later, the egg hatches! Instead of a flying dinosaur as expected, a cute little (6 foot) baby Godzillasaur emerges and becomes attached to Azusa.

Following the path of the egg, Godzilla arrives near Kyoto. G-Force deploys Mechagodzilla.. They face off in a wooded hilly area. The metal monster blasts at Godzilla with several types of energy weapons, with little effect. Godzilla uses his nuclear fire against Mechagodzilla, but it just sheds off the diamond skin like water on a waxed car hood. Using a “Plasma Grenade” beam, the robot knocks Godzilla to the ground. More weapons are used against the felled giant, who writhes in pain. Just as it appears Mechagodzilla is going to defeat Godzilla, a malfunction immobilizes the robot. Godzilla continues his march to Kyoto, swatting away the conventional forces sent against him. Azusa and Kazuma suspect the baby dinosaur may be calling to Godzilla. When the King of the Monsters arrives at the building with Godzillasaur, he turns and leaves.

Repairs are being affected to Mechagodzilla. Meanwhile, Kazuma is performing maintenance on Garuda, a flying battle tank that was superseded by the robot. Officials decide to use the friendly monster to lure Godzilla into a trap.

Recovered from his wounds, Rodan flies in causing extensive damage. He apparently is also hearing the call of the Godzillasaur. The giant pteranodon grabs the container with “Baby” and and Azusa inside and leaves.

With repairs attached, Mechagodzilla is deployed against Rodan, with Garuda deployed separately. Rodan is attempting to break open the container with the Godzillasaur when the two machines arrive. Garuda distracts Rodan, which forces Garuda to crash into a building. Mechagodzilla blasts at the flying monster with its Plasma Grenade, knocking it out the sky.

As Rodan lies bleeding profusely, a team from G-Force attempts to free the baby and Azusa from the container. Godzilla rises from the bay and again faces Mechagodzilla. The blast at each other with fire from their mouths. Godzilla stumbles, but renews his attack against a damaged Mechagodzilla. He picks it up, tosses it aside, and slams at it with his tail.

Kazuma has managed to repair Garuda and presses an assault against Godzilla. While he is distracted, Mechagodzilla uses a flying tackle to knock over the beast. With Godzilla lying stunned, Garuda attaches to the back of Mechagodzilla. Together they form Super Mechagodzilla, and continue their attack.

They advance against Godzilla, firing most the beam weapons simultaneously. The Plasma Grenade, now recharged, is used and knocks him down again. He rises again, only to be shot with a new weapon called the G-Crusher. It launches two spikes with power lines attached into Godzilla’s body. Incredible jolts of electricity are fired through the lines, causing him excruciating pain.

The Godzillasaur breaks out of the container and cries out. It awakens Rodan, who flies to Godzilla, only to be shot down by Mechagodzilla. It falls onto the King of the Monsters, but its life energy is transferred into Godzilla, who rises again with renewed strength. The same energy that brought Godzilla back to life also weakens the robot’s armor. Godzilla blasts at it again and again. Mechagodzilla lies broken and burning. The crew escapes.

With her heart breaking, Azusa flies off in a helicopter, leaving behind the Godzillasaur. The smaller monster swims off with the giant.

screenplay by Wataru Mimura
directed by Takao Okawara
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Masahiro Takashima (Kazuma Aoki), Ryoko Sano (Azusa Gojo), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Rodan, baby Godzillasaur

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

GodzillaOn a remote island in the Pacific, G-Force members Koji Shinjo, Kiyoshi Sato, and Major Akira Yuki discover the baby Godzilla, and strange crystalline shaped formations. Shinjo and Sato are attempting to control the King of the Monsters, while Yuki plans on killing Godzilla. Meanwhile, telepath Miki Saegusa is contacted by Mothra’s familiars, the Cosmos, who tell her a monster has arrived to kill Godzilla, and then conquer the Earth.

A Godzilla-like monster, encrusted with crystals, is heading toward Earth. A giant robot, Mogera, is dispatched to intercept the SpaceGodzilla. Miki has joined the G-Force team on the island and contacts Godzilla after a telepathic amplifier is implanted in his neck.

In the asteroid belt, SpaceGodzilla easily defeats the robot, and Mogera spins out of control. Soon thereafter, it arrives at the same South Pacific island, and is energized by the crystalline structures. It attacks little Godzilla with lightning bolts from its mouth, but now faces Godzilla’s wrath. Godzilla’s fiery breath, though, is deflected by a forcefield. Spacegodzilla takes to the air and encircles the other two monsters, blasting at Godzilla until he falls. The alien beast uses telekenetic powers to send little Godzilla into one of the structures. It flies off, leaving Godzilla to lick his wounds.

A study of cells found near the battle indicate SpaceGodzilla was created by Godzilla cells that managed to get into space, where they grew and mutated.

Yuki heads a team with Shinjo and Sato and fly a repaired Mogera into battle against Spacegodzilla who has arrived in Fukuoka. Mogera attacks the alien beast, with limited effect, ending with the robot crashing to ground. Godzilla arrives and faces off against Spacegodzilla.

The alien beast quickly renders Godzilla unconscious, lifts him in the air, and throws him into a skyscraper. Godzilla picks himself up and approaches the other beast, but Spacegodzilla is floating in the air and attacking again with lighting. Godzilla blasts at the crystalline structures, weakening his opponent. SpaceGodzilla launches the missile shaped crystals at Godzilla, to slow the approaching King of the Monsters. Godzilla’s nuclear fire is glancing off the other’s force field.

The crew of Mogera separate the Star Falcon from the rest of the robot and close in for an attack while Godzilla attempts to destroy the alien’s power source. Mogera burrows underground, as the Falcon flies into battle. Separately they manage to sneak up on SpaceGodzilla and surprise him while his forcefield is down. The Falcon docks with Mogera, and the robot and Godzilla double team against the the space monster. Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla wrestle, with Godzilla thrown off. SpaceGodzilla turns its attentions to Mogera, severely damaging it. Shinjo and Sato abandon the robot, with Yuki staying behind. With SpaceGodzilla distracted, Godzilla gathers himself up and, with renewed strength, slams into the other monster. Yuki struggles to bring the robot back into the fray, but and manages to slam into SpaceGodzilla, causing it to fall. But the robot is spent and crashes into a building.

SpaceGodzilla rises up, and continues the battle. Godzilla is emitting energy, which will cause SpaceGodzilla to explode. Yuki escapes from Mogera moments before SpaceGodzilla explodes in a massive fireball. Little Godzilla is freed from his imprisonment.

Godzilla exits the battlefield, but there are hints that there may be another space monster.

screenplay by Hiroshi Kashiwabra
directed by Kensho Yamashita
music by Takayuki Hattori

Human Cast: Jun Hashizume (Lt. Koji Shinjo), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa), Akira Emoto (Major Akira Yuki) Zenkichi Yoneyama (Lt. Kiyoshi Sato)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla, Mothra, Mogera, Little Godzilla

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. Destroyah

GodzillaGodzilla, with his chest glowing red hot, surfaces at Hong Kong. He destroys the harbor area, and returns to the ocean, creating massive amounts of steam. Godzilla is overheating. It’s quite likely an explosion of Godzilla caused by the nuclear fission taking place in his body could destroy the world.

A scientist has developed “micro-oxygen” with plans to use it to end world hunger. But it also turns out to be very similar in composition to the oxygen destroyer developed by Dr. Serizawa when battling Godzilla in the mid 1950s. Plans are made to use the new research to find a way to kill Godzilla.

A fish kill at a Tokyo museum is determined to have been caused by pre-historic microorganisms that reacted to the original oxygen destroyer. Several have now grown over ten feet tall and are infesting an industrial area. They look like giant ticks with long necks, and can emit a destructive heat beam from their mouths. With great loss of life, a Special Forces unit destroys some of the creatures, but is overwhelmed

Godzilla arrives in Tokyo, and is heading toward a nuclear power plant, in an attempt to get more fuel to feed the fission that is also killing him. G-Force dispatches the Super-X III against the King of the Monsters. They encounter Godzilla in Tokyo Bay and use freeze weapons to cool him down. The threat of explosion has been eliminated. Once he thaws out, Godzilla heads back out to sea.

Little Godzilla has grown substantially, and now resembles Godzilla, only shorter. It’s moving toward the Bering Sea, with Godzilla following. But Godzilla’s temperature is rising again. This time, though, instead of exploding, he would melt down, burning to and destroying the core of the Earth.

Several of the Destroyah break out of the industrial facility, and combine into one giant monster. It easily destroys the military units surrounding it and flies off. A reluctant Migi Saegusa agrees to use her psi powers to draw Little Godzilla to Destroyah. The plan is to use Destroyah’s oxygen destroying capabilities to eliminate Godzilla before he can melt down. Destroyah and Little Godzilla converge in downtown Tokyo.

Little Godzilla is taking a beating. Destroyah has him on the ground and is inserting micro-oxygen into the Little Godzilla, weakening him. Little Godzilla uses his nuclear breath to blast Destroyah off him. Godzilla, burning and smoking, arrives in Tokyo. He meets up with his younger name-sake.

Destroyah, emerges from a burning area of the city, mutated and much larger than before. Meanwhile, Godzilla’s temperature continues to increase. The Super X III is again sent to try to chill him down. Destroyah flies in and snatches Little Godzilla, dropping beast into a building and then blasting at it, killing Little Godzilla.

Destroyah and Godzilla face off. Destroyah gets the upper hand, and drags the other monster into the bay. Godzilla picks himself up and makes his way to the body of Little Godzilla. But Destroyah stands in his way. With his body overheating from the extra energy, Godzilla blasts at Destroyah several times. Destroyah dissaembles itself into several smaller monsters, but Godzilla smashes them.

Godzilla again moves toward Little Godzilla. Super X III approaches Godzilla. The King of the Monsters bends down to transfer some of his life energy to the younger creature, but is interrupted by another attack by Destroyah. Using its tail, it lassos Godzilla and throws him aside. Godzilla is beginning to melt down, emitting concentric bands of energy as he does so. To keep Destroyah from escaping, G-Force units blast at it with freeze weapons, causing it to crash to the ground, dead.

Godzilla has now reached super-critical temperature and is melting. G-Force launches a constant barrage of freeze weapons to keep him from melting to the Earth’s core. The heat and the cold make his body unstable and it dissolves. The radiation increases to massive levels, but then subsides. It’s been absorbed by Little Godzilla, who rises from the ashes of Tokyo.

The King of the Monsters is dead. Long Live Godzilla.

screenplay by Kazuki Omori
directed by Takao Okawara
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Yasufuni Hayashi (Kenichi Yamani), Yoko Ishino (Yukari Yamane), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa), Takura Tatsumi (Kensaku Ijuin)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Destroyah, Little Godzilla

Notes: Momoko Kochi reprises her role as Emiko Yamani from the original Gojira. This ends the Heisei series of Godzilla movies. The next was the U.S.-made Godzilla. The next Godzilla movie produced by Toho Studios of Japan would be Godzilla 2000.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson


GodzillaLizard eggs are irradiated as a result of a nuclear test in the South Pacific. Years later, a commercial shipping vessel is attacked and sunk by a giant creature in the South Pacific. The only answer given by a survivor to a French agent is that they were attacked by “Gojira.”

Nuclear research scientist Niko Tatopoulos is pulled away from his worm research near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster to study giant radioactive footprints in Panama. He later investigates a ship that has been beached. It appears to have giant claw marks.

Off the Eastern Coast of the U.S, three fishing trawlers are pulled backwards and sunk by something caught in their nets. The military/scientific crew Tatopoulos has been drafter into receives word of the boats sinking. Tatopoulos suggests it may be a new creature never before seen.

A giant two-footed lizard trashes a fish market in New York City. It moves on to the interior of the city and pulls down a building near a speech by Mayor Ebert, and continues inward. The monster disappears.

Manhattan is evacuated as the military movies in. A search team finds discovers that the creature has entered the subway system and may have slipped out of the secure zone. A convoy of city trucks dump tons of fresh fish on Fifth Avenue near the flatiron building. The monster takes the bait, but is spooked by gunfire and flees. It’s chased by three armed helicopters. A pair of sidewinder missles are fired, but it dodges those and they explode into the Chrysler building. The beast manages to sneak behind the choppers and destroy them. It disappears again.

Tatopoulos collects some blood samples left by the monster, and discovers the creature is asexual, and appears to be nesting in New York. His former girlfriend (and Audrey is her name), who is an intern at a TV station, grabs a “Top Secret” video tape that, includes footage from other areas the monster has attacked, and the questioning of the survivor from the South Pacific sinking. Her boss takes credit for the information and mispronounces the monster’s name as “Godzilla.” Tatopoulos is removed from the project since he was the source of the leak, although his former girlfriend took it without his knowledge. He is snatched by the French agent, who convinces the scientist to help him find the nest. The agent reveals nuclear testing by the French government was the likely cause of the creature, and his team is trying to hide that secret.

Tatopolous and the French team are followed by Audrey and her cameraman into the New York underground. Godzilla crashes through some walls and moves through the subway before resurfacing near Central Park, where another fish trap has been set. Soldiers jump the gun, so to speak, and fire on Godzilla before it reaches the trap. It runs off and slips into the river, where a naval submarines are waiting. They fire torpedoes at the creature, but it swims around and dodges the torpedo, which explodes into one of the subs. As Godzilla attempts to come ashore, more torpedoes are fired. This time they strike the monster, apparently killing it.

Meanwhile, the French team, still followed by the reporters, arrives in a damaged Madison Square Garden. Inside the stadium are of hundreds of eggs over ten feet tall each. As the foreign soldiers are setting explosives, the eggs begin to hatch! And the baby Godzillas are hungry.

Several members of the French team are munched before they can finish setting the explosives. Tatopolous and the French agent manage to escape. Audry and her cameraman also escape the stadium separately. But the monsters are close behind. The four meet up as they are being chased by the babies.

They evacuate to the broadcast center and send a message that the monsters are at MSG and the building must be destroyed before the creatures can escape. The military dispatches three fighter jets. The four humans escape the broadcast center just as several of the creatures break on. They elude the monsters as they flee the building moments before it’s destroyed, killing all the baby Godzillas.

From the ruins of Madison Square Garden, the original monster crashes through the floor. Angered by the deaths of its children, it chases the humans through the city streets. They rush past an American military unit, which tunes into the cab’s radio frequency. They hatch a plan to lure Godzilla to the Brooklyn Bridge. It gets caught in the suspension cables and the fighter jets fire missiles into the monster, scoring several direct hits. But with the death of Godzilla, there is sadness. He is only a wild beast, just as a deer caught on city streets.

Back at Madison Square Garden, a lone egg hatches…

story by Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio and Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich
screenplay by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich
directed by Roland Emmerich
music by David Arnold

Human Cast: Matthew Broderick (Dr. Niko Tatopoulos), Jean Reno (Philippe Roache), Maria Pitillo (Audrey Timmonds), Hank Azaria (Victor ‘Animal’ Palotti), Kevin Dunn (Colonel Hicks), Michael Lerner (Mayor Ebert), Harry Shearer (Charles Caiman), Arabella Field (Lucy Palotti), Vicki Lewis (Dr. Elsie Chapman), Doug Savant (Sergeant O’Neal), Malcolm Danare (Dr. Mendel Craven), Lorry Goldman (Mayor’s Aide), Christian Aubert (Jean-Luc), Philippe Bergeron (Jean-Claude), Frank Bruynbroek (Jean-Pierre), Francois Giroday (Jean-Philippe), Nicholas J. Giangiulio (WIDF Engineer), Robert Lesser (Murray), Ralph Manza (Old Fisherman), Greg Callahan (Governor), Chris Ellis (General Anderson), Nancy Cartwright (Caiman’s Secretary), Richard Gant (Admiral Phelps), Jack Moore (Leonard), Steve Giannelli (Jules), Brian Farabaugh (Arthur), Stephen Xavier Lee (Lieutenant Anderson), Bodhi Elfman (Freddie), Rich Battista (Jimmy), Lloyd Kino (Tanker Cook), Toshi Toda (Tanker Captain), Clyde Kusatsu (Tanker Skipper), Masaya Kato (Japanese Tanker Crewman), Glenn Morshower (Kyle Terrington), Lola Pashalinski (Pharmacist), Rob Fukuzaki (WFKK Co-Anchor), Dale Harimoto (WKXI Anchor), Gary W. Cruz (WFKK Anchor), Derek Webster (Utah Captain), Stuart Fratkin (Utah Ensign), Frank Cilberg (Utah Sailor #1), Jason Edward Jones (Utah Sailor #2), Roger McIntyre (Utah Sailor #3), David Pressman (Anchorage Captain), Robert Faltisco (Anchorage Ensign #1), Christopher Darius Maleki (Anchorage Ensign #2), Scott Lusby (Anchorage Ensign #3), Alex Dodd (Anchorage Sailor), Terence Paul Winter (Apache Pilot #1), Kirk Geiger (Apache Pilot #2), Pat Mastroianni (Apache Pilot #3), Eric Saiet (Apache Pilot #4), Burt Bulos (Apache Pilot #5), Robert Floyd (Apache Pilot #6), Seth Peterson (Apache Pilot #7), Jamison Yang (F-18 Pilot #1), Nathan Anderson (F-18 Pilot #2), Mark Munafo (F-18 Pilot #3), Dwight Schmidt (F-18 Pilot #4), Dwayne Swingler (Raven Pilot #2), Lawton Paseka (Officer), Greg Collins (Humvee Soldier), James Black (Soldier), Thomas Giuseppe Giantonelli (Soldier), Paul Ware (Soldier), Montae Russell (Soldier on Plane), Christopher Carruthers (Radio Technician #1), Daniel Pearce (Radio Technician #2), Mark Fite (Radio Operator), Craig Castaldo (Radioman), Eric Paskel (Rodgers), Lee Weaver (Homeless Man #1), Leonard Termo (Homeless Man #2), Joshua Taylor (Spotter), Al Sapienza (Taxi Driver), Stoney Westmoreland (Tunnel Guard), Gary Warner (Gun Technician), Ed Wheeler (New York Cop), Bill Hoag (New Jersey Cop), Joseph Badalucco Jr. (Forklift Driver), Jonathan Dienst (Field Reporter #1), Benjamin V. Baird (Field Reporter #6), Madeline McFadden (Reporter #1), Julian M. Phillips (Reporter #2), Raymond Ramos (Reporter #5)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Baby Godzillas (over 200)

Notes: In fandom, this creature is affectionately known as “GINO,” or “Godzilla In Name Only.” Even though it has been rejected by Toho as part of the official Godzilla continuity, it has been referred to in later Toho films, either in sly remarks or by reproducing some of the visual effects. The monster design makes an appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars and is quickly dispatched by the real Godzilla. Here at theLogBook.com, we debated long into the night whether to include this as part of the episode guide. In the end we chose to do so, since this would be the “elephant in the room” (albeit a large green scaly radioactive elephant) if we did not.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla 2000: Millennium

GodzillaGodzilla’s movements are being tracked by the Godzilla Prediction Network, a small private research group, lead by Yuji Shinoda and his daughter Io. They are accompanied by reporter Yuki Ichinose. As they exit a tunnel, they literally come face to face with the King of the Monsters. They escape by driving in reverse back through the tunnel. Godzilla continues inward from the sea, wrecking damage throughout the countryside. The three manage to stay ahead of the monster.

Meanwhile, the Crisis Control Intelligence, lead by Mitsuo Katagiri, is raising an ancient structure from deep under the sea. As they continue their studies on the ocean’s surface, Katagiri is called away to Tokai, where Godzilla is approaching a nuclear power plant. Shinoda and Katagiri have opposing goals: the head of the GPN wants to study Godzilla, the leader of CCI wants the beast killed.

The JDF arrives to defend Tokai. Officials declare that a new missile will cut through Godzilla “like crap through a goose.” Helicopters and tanks attempt to stall Godzilla with standard ordnance as he approaches the beach, but he continues to advance. The new missiles are fired at Godzilla, but have limited success. Meanwhile, the structure at sea zooms into the air. It flies slowly past Godzilla, but examines his DNA. It fires a massive energy beam at the monster, knocking him over. The two trade shots, with Godzilla using his atomic fire. He’s pushed back into the ocean, but his blast has shattered some of the rock covering the structure to reveal something metallic. Godzilla returns to the sea. It’s now believed the structure is some sort of space craft that crashed into the ocean millennia ago, and was awakened by the sunlight.

Shinoda asks Katagiri to use CCI labs to study Godzilla skin samples, and agrees to share information. He discovers that Godzilla has incredible regenerative powers and is virtually indestructible. He calls the new cell structures “Regenerator G1.” Shinoda hopes to put the information to medical purposes.

The following morning, the UFO breaks out of its stone shell and lifts off, landing at City Tower in Shinjuku. There, it downloads information about Godzilla. CCI plants bombs in City Tower, but Yuki is in the building trying to find out why the alien ship is interested in Godzilla. Shinoda dashes off to rescue her. They manage to escape as the tower comes crashing down.

The alien ship, though, is untouched. The aliens are planning on creating their own kingdom on Earth, using Regenerator G1 to help them take new form. Godzilla arrives to do battle. The aliens subjugate Godzilla and acquire G1 cells, and create a tentacle creature with a flattened head.

Godzilla recovers from his injuries and smashes the alien ship with a nuclear blast. The G1 cells have mutated the alien into a hunchbacked monster with giant claw arms and a vaguely Godzilla-like head. It knocks Godzilla into a building with an energy blast from its shoulder. Godzilla gets up and while he’s distracted Orga telepatheically directs the remains of the ship to slam into Godzilla. The King of the Monsters gets up and begins wrestling with the mutated monster.

Orga bites Godzilla and tries to absorb more G1 cells in an attempt to become a Godzilla clone. The space monster tries to swallow Godzilla, but with his head inside the alien’s throat he uses a massive blast to destroy the creature from within. He then turns and smashes his human nemesis, Katagiri, before stomping through the city.

written by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Wataru Mimura
directed by Takao Okawara
music by Takayuki Hattori

Human Cast: Takehiro Murata (Yuji Shinoda), Mayu Suzuki (Io Shinoda), Hiroshi Abe (Misuo Katagiri), Naomi Nishida (Yuki Ichinose)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Orga, Mutated Orga

Notes: This begins the “Millennium” series of Godzilla movies, and is the first following the U.S.-produced Godzilla. Although there is no acknowledgment to that movie as part of the Godzilla continuity, there are several visual references to the U.S. movie, the most obvious is a recreation of the giant eye used for much of the 1998 movie’s promotion. Otherwise, the U.S. version of Godzilla 2000 is roughly eight minutes shorter than the Japanese version. Many of the alterations, and the logic behind them, are described in the audio commentary.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

GodzillaAnti-Godzilla task force G-Grasper presses Hajime Kudo to help them develop a black hole weapon to suck in Godzilla and trap him inside. Three months later, a child is running to a friend’s house to show off his insect collection when he spots a super secret science experiment. He watches the test firing of the Dimension Tide. The cannon fires a black hole at an empty warehouse, imploding the building and trapping much of the mountainside as well. It also creates a wormhole. Later that night the boy hears a great rushing of wings and follows it to the wormhole just as a giant insect flies in. He also discovers some sort of egg and takes it home. It starts oozing and he dumps the icky egg into a storm drain.

Two construction workers and a pair of young lovers are the first to die violent deaths from a giant dragonfly- like creature. The Meganulon evolves into a Meganula and flies away. Godzilla is spotted by radar out to sea, with the Meganula nearby. The G-Grasper VTOL unit “Fighter Griffon” is sent to investigate. They find the carcass of the Meganula floating on the surface. As they take samples, Godzilla rises. Major Tsujimori attaches a tracking device onto the beast.

The completed Dimension Tide is launched into orbit. The plan is to launch the black hole at Godzilla from space.

Meanwhile destruction of much of the water system by the Meganulon has caused Tokyo to be flooded. Using some of their Godzilla tracking equipment, G-Grasper finds more eggs in the flood zone. A unit sent to destroy the eggs instead finds they have hatched into thousands of Meganula.

By angering Godzilla, the beast has been herded to a remote island where the Dimension Tide will be fired at him. But the Meganula fly around the island, confusing the targeting system. The black hole is launched anyway. It pounds into the island creating a giant hole and destroying most of the Meganula. But it has missed the King of the Monsters. The remaining insects flee the island. Godzilla leaves, apparently for Tokyo.

Back at the flooded city, the Meganula gather at a giant larva, transfer their life energy to it, and die. The larva splits apart. Megaguirus splashes out of the water and flies off, emitting a deafening and destructive high frequency sonic pulse.

Godzilla surfaces at Tokyo Bay and is attacked by Megaguirus, which is defending and trying to enlarge its territory. The mutated insect slams Godzilla to the ground. He gets up and blasts at the bug, but misses. It uses its sonic pulse in an attempt to disable Godzilla. The lizard grabs the Megaguirus and the pair wrestle. The insect jabs its stinger into Godzilla, sucking away some of his life force before he can break away. The flying creature sneaks around to attack, but Godzilla snatches its pincher with his tail and flings him into a building. It picks itself up for another attack and jams its stinger inside Godzilla again. This time, Godzilla rips it away from him and shoves his adversary’s stinger into the ground. With a mighty leap, he body slams Megaguirus from above. The insect slips from his grasp and flies off. As they face each other, the giant dragonfly unleashes a ball of energy that stuns Godzilla. It flies in for the fatal blow and aims the stinger for Godzilla’s face! There’s a horrible crunching sound as the world gasps! But Godzilla has grabbed the stinger with his mouth! He crunches down on the stinger like a soda cracker. Megaguirus, grievously wounded, backs away. The King of the Monsters blasts Megaguirus with his nuclear fire, bringing down the insect in a burning heap.

Godzilla continues his destructive path through Tokyo to the Science Institute. It’s revealed that secret Plasma Energy experiments have been conducted there. As he brings the building down, the Dimension Tide is falling out of orbit due to monster-caused damage to some land based components. It’s fired one last time before it disintegrates. Godzilla unleashes a nuclear blast at the incoming black hole. There’s a massive explosion and implosion that reduces central Tokyo to rubble. When the smoke clears, Godzilla is nowhere to be found.

Months later, though, questionable seismic activity is detected. Godzilla may have somehow escaped the black hole.

screenplay by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Wataru Mimura
directed by Masaaki Tezuka
music by Michiru Ohshima

Human Cast: Misato Tanaka (Kiriko Tsujimori), Shosuke Tanihara (Hajime Kudo), Masato Tanihara (Motohiko Sugiura)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Meganulon, Meganula, Megaguirus

Notes: As with several of the Millennium Series of movies, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus dispenses with most of the previous Godzilla continuity and creates its own. In flashback sequences, Godzilla appears in 1954, 1966, and 1996. Don’t leave your seats! There’s more action following the end credits.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack

GodzillaJapanese naval experts are assisting the U.S. Navy in the search for a missing submarine near Guam. They spot Godzilla, who has apparently been reawakened after 50 years by the radiation released by the smashed sub.

A pair of earthquakes with moving epicenters rock the Mount Myoko region. At one, a terrified truck driver sees a monstrous face in the crumbling debris. Later at a beach party at Lake Ikeda, a group of drunken revelers are pulled underwater. A larval Mothra comes ashore.

TV Reporter Yuri Tachibana has been researching “Guardian Monsters” and decides to investigate the mysterious events. Baragon, Mothra, and Ghidorah are identified in an ancient book as being the protective creatures of legend. Meanwhile, Godzilla is described by an old man as having the collective souls of those killed during World War Two, seeking revenge against those who wish to forget the war. Baragon surfaces from underground and heads toward Gotenba. The red dog-like creature with a horn on its forehead is eliminated by Godzilla when they battle briefly at Hakone.

King Ghidorah awakens from his mountain slumber, while Mothra hatches from her cocoon floating on the lake. They converge in Yokohama. The butterfly and the golden monster wage a fierce battle with the King of the Monsters, destroying nearly the entire city. Godzilla beats back the three headed monster. As it lies wounded, he blasts at it with his nuclear breath, but Mothra takes the brunt of the blast. JDF forces launch an attack against the beast, only to face annihilation. Mothra rises again but as she closes in she’s vaporized by a point blank blast from Godzilla. Her life essence, though, is transferred to Ghidorah, who had been wounded. He rises and is able to fend off a brutal blast from Godzilla, pushing the blast back against the monster, who falls backward into the bay. The Guardian Monster presses the attack underwater.

Yuri’s father, Commander Tachibana, who witnessed Godzilla’s original attack 50 years earlier, pilots a small submarine armed with special mining explosives to attack the weakened lizard as Ghidorah holds fast. Godzilla blasts at the Guardian. The golden creature rises from the water, with Godzilla close behind. From the air it pelts the lizard with monstrous lightning bolts. Godzilla blasts at Ghidorah, who explodes in a massive fireball that fills the night sky. The fire forms into the shapes of Baragon, and Mothra before it engulfs Godzilla, who sinks into the water. Tachibana’s sub is swallowed up by Godzilla, who is regaining strength. He fires the missile from inside Godzilla, ripping the monster to pieces. Tachinaba manages to escape from the belly of the beast and is reunited with his daughter.

Deep in the waters of the bay, a giant heart lies beating…

screenplay by Keiichi Jasengawa, Mashiro Yokotani & Shusuke Kaneko
directed by Shusuke Kaneko
music by Kow Otani

Human Cast: Chiharo Niiyama (Yuri Tachibana), Ryudo Uzaki (Admiral Taizo Tachibana), Masahiro Kobayashi (Teruaki Takeda)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Baragon

Notes: Once again, previous Godzilla continuity is eschewed in favor of creating a different mythology. GMKG is more mystical in nature and casts King Ghidorah against type as a hero. This is one of the more interesting entries with better character development, lots of monster action, and plenty of property damage.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

GodzillaA heavily armed Anti-Megalosaurus Force is sent to protect Tateyama from an attack by Godzilla during a strong typhoon. The monster is believed to be a new Godzilla, related to the creature that attacked Tokyo and was killed decades ago. Maser gunner Akane Yashiro takes aim, but misses the beast. It retaliates and kills most of her unit. She is later busted down to a desk job.

Scientist Tokumitsu Yuhara joins a team at the Defense Agency, Science and Technology. Their goal: to find a way to use the skeletal remains and spinal cells from the original Godzilla to build a bio-mechanical robot to kill the new Godzilla. Three years later, the leader of the robot squadron enlists Akane to pilot the cyborg, known as Kiryu. She is not easily accepted by the other team members, who fear she will cost them their lives.

The Godzilla shaped robot is unveiled to the world, and its support aircraft, just in time for the reappearance of Godzilla. The White Herons lift Kiryu and carry it to Tokyo to face the beast.

Missiles are launched against Godzilla with minimal effect, but he backs away when blasted by the masers. As they prepare to launch the Absolute Zero weapon, Godzilla’s roar stirs the DNA memory inside Kiryu. It locks up allowing Godzilla to escape. The cyborg then goes berserk and rips a path of destruction through Tokyo, just as the real Godzilla would, until its batteries run out.

Efforts are made to repair the ‘bot, but there are concerns its Godzilla DNA may cause it to run amok again. Because of her actions to rescue squadron members during the tragedy, Akane is finally welcomed by most, but not all, of the unit.

Godzilla again approaches Shinagawa. JDF fighters are shot out of the sky by his nuclear blasts. Ground based weapons fare equally as well. After initial hesitation, the Prime Minister allows Mechagodzilla to be put into action.

The White Herons drop Kiryu into battle. It body-slams Godzilla before the monster can destroy the hospital. The lizard picks himself up only to be slapped by missiles. The two giants approach each other and grapple. Kiryu flies back and attacks with his maser, but it’s slammed back by Godzilla’s nuclear blast. The two wrestle again, with Kiryu jabbing a blade into Godzilla that stuns the monster with millions of volts of electricity. He snaps the blade using a pulse of his nuclear fire and knocking the robot away. As Kiryu lies damaged, Godzilla stomps in for the fatal blow. He is distracted when shots from a White Heron glance off his body. Kiryu gets up and presses the attack again. The cyborg seems to be getting the upper hand when it grabs Godzilla by the tail and flings him away. The monster lies injured and stunned. Kiryu is about to launch the Absolute Zero weapon when Godzilla knocks it over with a nuclear blast. The weapon misfires and vaporizes a pair of skyscrapers.

With much of the mechanism malfunctioning, including the remote controls, Akane decides to operate Kiryu manually from inside the robot. She lands her White Heron and enters the damaged machine. Mobile maser units distract the creature while Akane prepares the robot. She brings Kiryu to its feet, but is ambushed by Godzilla. She manages to get it up again. She snatches Godzilla and flies out to sea. With the robot and monster deep underwater, she fires the Absolute Zero weapon. There’s an explosion of ice with much of the ocean freezing over. From out of the quiet of the ice, Godzilla smashes free and swims away. Nearby, a heavily damaged Kiryu rises from the water. Even with the massive damage to the nation, the bio-robot is declared a success since it drove away Godzilla. There is hope the monster can be defeated.

screenplay by Wataru Mimura
directed by Masaaki Tezuka
music by Michiru Oshima

Human Cast: Yumiko Shaku (Akane Yashiro), Shun Takuma (Tokumitsu Yuhara), Kana Onodera (Sara Yuhara)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Kiryu, Mothra, Gaira

Notes: Most previous Godzilla continuity is abandoned again, with this movie as yet another sequel to the original Gojira. In this timeline, the AMF was formed to repel attacks by giant monsters who have also appeared, but this is the first appearance of “another” Godzilla. Don’t leave your seats! There’s exciting character development after the credits!

WARNING! SOCIO-POLITICAL COMMENTARY FOLLOWS: most Godzilla movies have anti-nuke or “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” messages. Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, though, has a distinct Pro-Life viewpoint:

  • Kiryu is considered by many to be alive.
  • Kiryu refuses to deliver a killing blow to Godzilla in their first battle.
  • Several characters question their value but ultimately decide that all life has meaning.
  • This movie was produced and released during one of the periods in which stem cell research was hotly debated, although they side-step the issue by using “spine cells” from the 1954 Godzilla to create Kiryu.
  • Several facets of the abortion debate are referenced. In one case, Yuhara’s wife dies during the birth of their second child. In the English language dub, Yuhara says the “baby” also died, but the English subtitles state the “fetus” died. This may or may not have been an intentional reference to the preferred terminologies used by the Prolife and Prochoice movements.

That’s a lot of heavy lifting for light entertainment.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla: Final Wars

GodzillaThe alien Xilians tap into a genetic code known as M-Base to take control of most of the Earth’s giant monsters. Between their advanced technology and the attacks of the kaiju, much of the planet is laid waste, and remaining humans used as breeding stock for a food supply. The world is doomed!

Godzilla, though, has been trapped in ice in the Antarctic for 50 years. Since he does not have the M-Base, he would be free from the alien influence. A team of mutants led by rogue flying submarine commander Captain Douglas Gordon head to the South Pole to spring the King of the Monsters out of his suspended animation.

Gigan attacks the Gotengo as it awakens Godzilla. The beast evades Gigan’s attack and destroys the alien cyborg. Godzilla chases the Gotengo to the alien mothership. He faces a series of monsters on the way, but defeats them all.

The Gotengo approaches the alien ship and launches a full attack, but it cannot break through a force field. The mutant Kazama sacrifices himself by flying into the ship and crashing into the field generator. Gordon orders the Gotengo to ram into the ship. Before the masers can be fired a group of aliens materialize on the bridge, killing the crew and taking Gordon and Shinichi Ozaki into custody.

Monster X smashes into downtown Tokyo from space. In the ruins of the city, the monsters battle. Monster X brings Godzilla to his knees. Mothra arrives, but a new and upgraded Gigan clips one of her wings causing her to crash to the ground.

Xilian leader X reveals that the human mutants are related to the Xilians through the M-Base, but Ozaki is a Kaizer, more than human and more than mutant. Monster X and Gigan are getting the upper hand against Godzilla, but the wounded Mothra comes to his aid. She sacrifices herself and kills Gigan in a massive explosion.

With his newly awakened powers, Ozaki engages in a hand to hand combat with X. Godzilla blasts at the alien ship, allowing the humans to escape their captors. They also find the humans who had previously been replaced by aliens. They flee, with Ozaki staying behind to continue the fight.

The humans have to shoot their way past aliens on their way out, while Ozaki and X wage a fierce fight. Ozaki’s new powers give him the strength to defeat X. But the ship begins to self destruct. The destruct command also causes the death of the remaining aliens. The humans escape in the Gotengo as the alien ship is destroyed.

Godzilla and Monster X continue their fight. Godzilla’s nuclear blast interacts with the beams from the alien monster creating a massive explosion that rips through the countryside. The two monsters somehow survive, and Monster X transforms into the three headed Kaizer Ghidorah. They unleash fiery blasts at each other, with Godzilla falling to the ground. Ghidorah use his energy beams to thrash Godzilla about. It bites into Godzilla and starts siphoning off his energy. Ozaki channels his new powers through the Gotengo and reenergizes Godzilla. The King of the Monsters makes fast work of Ghidorah, blasting off one of its heads, and using the energy beam from another head to sever the third. He tosses the space monster around like a rag doll and throws it into orbit before destroying Ghidorah with a massive blast of his nuclear breath. He then turns and blasts the Gotengo, bringing down the flying sub.

Manilla, Godzilla’s son, convinces the monster that the time for fighting is over. Godzilla stomps away, with Manilla trailing behind. The few humans left begin the task of building a new civilization.

written by Wataru Mimura & Isao Kiriyama
directed by Ryuhei Kitamura
music by Keith Emerson

Human Cast: Masahiro Matsuoka (Shinichi Ozaki), Don Fry (Captain Douglas Gordon), Rei Kikukawa (Miyuki Otanashi), Kazuki Kitamura (Xilian Leader)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Manda, Mothra, Gigan, Zilla, Rodan, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Anguirus, King Caesar, Manilla, Ebirah, Hedorah, Monster X, Kazier Ghidorah

Notes: A Monster Mash of Toho Proportions, Godzilla: Final Wars was the most expensive Godzilla movie produced at about $20 million. Despite its title, Toho has hinted they are only giving the series a rest.

Final Wars features a battle in Sydney, Australia between Godzilla and Zilla, which has the same design as the American-made Godzilla. Zilla is destroyed in short order. Generally speaking, the movie features some excellent scenes of global destruction by the aliens and the monsters.

Director Ryuhei Kitamura is new to the franchise, with Versus as his most well known movie prior to Final Wars. His entry in the Godzilla series is wildly different stylistically than any of the previous movies.

Don Fry is an American professional wrestler known as The Predator.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.

GodzillaShobijin, fairy twins from Infant Island warn that Godzilla’s bones, which are now part of Mechagodzilla, must be reburied. Mothra will protect Japan in Mechagodzilla’s place. Officials reject the offer.

The carcass of a Megalo Matamata, a giant sea turtle, is found washed up on beach. It’s believed to have been killed by Godzilla. Later, a submarine is attacked and sunk by the King of the Monsters. He is lured to Shinagawa district of Tokyo, the site of the last battle and still in ruins. He crashes through to the Minata district, where repairs to Mechagodzilla are continuing.

Mothra, in her butterfly form, arrives and confounds Godzilla by beating up wind and dust, then grasping him and tossing him aside. They continue to fight into the evening. Meanwhile, the Fairy Twins await the hatching of a new Mothra at Himago Island. The Prime Minister decides to launch Mechagodzilla, even though repairs are not quite complete.

Godzilla fires a blast at Mothra, striking one of her wings and causing her to crash to the ground. As he advances against the flying creature, Mechagodzilla arrives to press its attack. Lasers, masers, and missiles are fired at Godzilla with minimal effect. Godzilla fires a nuclear blast through a skyscraper, striking Mechagodzilla and slamming it to the ground. Before Godzilla can destroy his robot doppelganger, Mothra flies into him. Godzilla fires another blast, hitting it with a deadly blow. Back at the island, two Mothra larvae hatch from the egg.

Mechagodzilla gets to its feet and renews the battle. While there’s some initial success, the remote controls are sluggish and the monster again brings the ‘bot crashing down. The larvae arrive and confer with the dying butterfly. Godzilla uses his nuclear blast against the three, but the flying creature sacrifices itself and takes the full brunt of the blast, exploding in a massive fireball.

Yoshi Chujo volunteers to enter Mechagodzilla to make repairs. While on his way, the larvae press their attack against Godzilla. Yoshi manages to repair the remote controls, but battle damage jams his exit from inside the robot. He lies and says he has left in order for remote operators to control Mechagodzilla. The robot is again put into service and the pair wrestle near the center of Tokyo. Godzilla is thrown against the capital building. He gets up, but the robot uses a hand-mounted drill against the monster. Injured, he backs away, but Mechagodzilla’s Hypermaser is deployed against it. As Godzilla falls, the Mothra larvae spin a cocoon around it.

The Shobijin remind the humans that “no human being may touch the souls of the dead” and Godzilla should be returned to the sea, including the remains of Godzilla that are within Mechagodzilla. The Prime Minister agrees to scrap the Mechagodzilla project but orders it to destroy Godzilla. The cyborg refuses to kill Godzilla and instead carries it off to sea. Before it can sink Godzilla and itself into the Japan Trench, a White Heron is able to shoot a hatch open, allowing Yoshi to escape. The Mothra larvae return to Himago Island.

screenplay by Mashiro Yokotani & Masaaki Tezuka
directed by Masaaki Tezuka
music by Michiru Oshima

Human Cast: Noboru Kaneko (Yoshito Chujo), Miho Yoshioka (Azusa Kisaragi), Hiroshi Koizumi (Shinichi Chujo)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, larval Mothra, Megalo Matamata

Notes: The original Japanese language version of this is Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. This is the only movie in the Millennium Series to continue the continuity from a previous Millennium Series movie (Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla). The Megalo Matamata is also identified as Kamoebas from an obscure Toho movie Space Amoeba. However, this also appears to be an homage of sorts to Gamera, the giant flying turtle from Daiei Motion Picture Company. Gamera rivaled Godzilla in the 1960s and also experienced a resurgence in the 1990s with a trio of movies that began with the excellent Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson