Can We Do This?

From The Earth To The MoonOn April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human being to travel in space, sparking one of the most momentous events in human history. Though just over half a month passes before an American astronaut named Alan B. Shepard is launched into a very brief spaceflight of his own, President John Kennedy announces a new goal for the American space program – to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. This objective will require knowledge, technology and materials that don’t even exist yet, and hundreds or thousands of people will be required to create them…and this pledge has been made on the heels of a single fifteen-minute spaceflight, while the Soviets continue to leap ahead of their American counterparts at every turn. The Mercury flights continue, along with the successful two-man Gemini launches, braving new risks and developing new techniques (despite the Gemini 8 mission, which almost kills Dave Scott and Neil Armstrong). But before an American will walk on the moon, NASA will face its darkest hour and its first launch pad fatalities.

Order the DVDswritten by Steven Katz
directed by Tom Hanks
music by Michael Kamen

Cast: David Andrews (Frank Borman), George Bartenieff (Hugh Dryden), Robert Curtis Brown (Gavin O’Rourke), Robert John Burke (Bill Anders), Andrew Chaikin (“Meet The Press” host), Kelly Collins (Hotel clerk), David Cooper (Businessman), Bryan Cranston (Edwin Aldrin), Brett Cullen (Dave Scott), Tim Daly (Jim Lovell), James Detmar (Engineer two), Cullen Douglas (Booster), Cary Elwes (Michael Collins), Al Franken (Jerome Weisner), Jack Gilpin (Ted Sorenson), Tony Goldwyn (Neil Armstrong), Steve Hofvendahl (Thomas Stafford), Mary Thompson Hunt (Teacher), Chris Isaak (Ed White), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), Fredric Lane (Walt Cunningham), Dan Lauria (James Webb), Jim Leavy (C.C. Williams), Ted Levine (Alan Shepard), Lamont Lofton (Engineer one), John Carroll Lynch (Bob Gilruth), Ben Marley (Roger Chaffee), Deborah May (Miss Hedges), John Mese (Donn Eisele), Kieran Mulroney (Rusty Schweickart), Greg Neff (Chamber President), Tom Nowicki (David Bell), Terry Odem (Screaming woman), Conor O’Farrell (James McDivitt), Jim Piddock (John Hodge), Mike Pniewski (Surgeon), John Posey (John Young), David Preuss (Procedures), Robert Quinn (EECOM), Steven Raulerson (Recovery), Mark Rolston (Gus Grissom), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), Linwood Sasser (Press rep.), Peter Scolari (Pete Conrad), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn), Hank Stone (Hotel manager), Bruce Taylor (Staff member), Tom Verica (Dick Gordon), John Wickersham (FIDO), Ralph Wilcox (V.I.P.), Rich Williams (Shreveportian), Steve Zahn (Elliot See)

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Apollo One

From The Earth To The MoonOn January 27, 1967, the fledgling Apollo program suffers its first setback, a disaster which almost ends the American space program. During a seemingly innocuous ground test of the Apollo capsule’s ability to function independently, a fire begins in the vehicle and burns out of control in the highly-pressurized, all-oxygen atmosphere. Astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee die when the life support systems of their sealed pressure suits are infiltrated by toxic smoke. In the already highly-politicized atmosphere of the space race, the finger-pointing begins immediately. An internal NASA review board begins an intense investigation of the charred Apollo capsule, as well as North American Aviation, the manufacturer contracted to build it. To make matters worse, Senator Walter Mondale sees the hotly-debated and very public accident as an opportunity to further his goal of ending the space program in favor of more Earthbound concerns. Before NASA can continue its quest for the moon, it will have to win back not only public opinion, but the confidence of the government.

Order the DVDswritten by Graham Yost
directed by David Frankel
music by Mark Mancina

Cast: Mason Adams (Clinton Anderson), Jo Anderson (Pat White), David Andrews (Frank Borman), Peter Anthony (Engineer), Donna Badger (Secretary #2), Janis Benson (Senator Margaret C. Smith), Dan Bright (Mondale’s aide), Tommy Canary (Simpkinson), Bill Cordell (Pyro technician), Ronny Cox (Lee Atwood), Ann From The Earth To The MoonCusack (Jan Armstrong), Keith Dickerson (Pyro technician), J. Don Ferguson (Senator Stephen Young), Dann Florek (Robert Seamans), Ru Flynn (Storms’ secretary), Don Fowler (Harrison Storms, Jr.), Rhoda Griffin (Martha Chaffee), J. Michael Hunter (Skip Chauvin), Chris Isaak (Ed White), Tom Kouchalakos (Technician), Mitchell Laurence (Bud Mahurin), Dan Lauria (James Webb), David Lenthall (Sam Heddingfield), Ben Marley (Roger Chaffee), Dakin Matthews (Dr. Floyd Thompson), George Newbern (Stu Roosa), Holmes Osborne (George Low), Kevin Pollak (Joe Shea), Robby Preddy (Phyllis Storms), Kevin Rainsberger (Dr. Berry), James Rebhorn (Harrison Storms), Ruth Reid (Betty Grissom), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Frank Silva (Levine), John Slattery (Walter Mondale), Joe Spano (George Mueller), Kritsin Stone (Astronaut wife), Arthur Tanier (Dr. Robert Van Dolah), Kathy Tyrell (Shea’s secretary)

From The Earth To The Moon
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We Have Cleared The Tower

From The Earth To The MoonIn the wake of the fire that claimed the lives of the crew of Apollo 1, NASA places new emphasis on crew safety and emergency procedures. An evacuation drill catches Wally Schirra and his two Apollo 7 crewmates off guard, as well as a visiting documentary film crew led by skeptical director Frank Burns. Following the intense public scrutiny of NASA that the Apollo 1 investigation brought, Burns and his team are granted unprecedented access to the astronauts and their ground crew in the weeks leading up to the critical launch that will hopefully get the Apollo program back on track. But as Burns and his team find out, there is nothing routine about the flight – and Wally Schirra is concerned enough about the safety of his crewmates to scrub the mission at any moment, even right up to the final countdown.

Order the DVDswritten by Remi Aubuchon
directed by Lili Fini Zanuck
music by Mark Isham

Cast: Krista Adair (Jo Shirra), Jay T. Becker (Jim Lewis), Virginia Ellen Chappell (Concerned spectator), Marcelo Durnt (Documentary cameraman), Joe Farago (Dr. Fred Kelly), Lowell Fenner (Russ Lawrence), Keith Graham (Skip Chauvin), Mark Harmon (Wally Schirra), Holland Hayes (Tech #1), Steve Hofvendahl (Thomas Stafford), George Hoggard (Evac supervisor), Jay Honeycutt (Launch Director), Peter Horton (Documentary director), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), Frederic Lane (Walt Cunningham), Ann Magnuson (Dee O’Hara), Joshua Malina (Tim Messick), Cindy Maranne (Deke’s secretary), John Mese (Donn Eisele), Mati Moralejo (Editor), Philip Nolen (Nerd #1), John Posey (John Young), Steve Purnick (Clyde Teague), Mark Rolston (Gus Grissom), Steve Sands (Nerd #2), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Brandon Smith (John Healey), Randy G. Stephens (Curious spectator), Max Wright (Guenter Wendt)

Note: Is it a M*A*S*H homage or is it a blooper? In a brief shot of the documentary crew’s clapperboard, the name “Mark Burns” is clearly visible under “director,” contradicting the character name Frank Burns heard throughout the episode – a name shared by Larry Linville’s paranoid M*A*S*H character. To add to the confusion, the character, played by thirtysomething star Peter Horton, was billed simply as “documentary director.” Writer Remi Aubuchon later pitched a series idea to the Sci-Fi Channel that became the Battlestar Galactica spinoff Caprica.

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From The Earth To The MoonSpy satellite photos prove to Washington that the Soviets may be ahead of America in the race to create a heavy-lift launch vehicle that could propel a manned spacecraft toward the moon, and when Grumman falls behind its timetable on deliver the lunar module, it appears that the United States is preparing to condede yet another vital milestone in the space race. NASA managers devise a startling and very risky plan to keep America ahead – two missions will be swapped. Apollo 8, a mission planned to take the first lunar module into lunar orbit for a no-landing test of its control systems, will be postponed, becoming Apollo 9. A new Apollo 8 mission is created, taking only the command and service modules along. The Apollo 8 crew is led by Frank Borman, who was instrumental in the investigation of the Apollo 1 fire. But as the events of 1968 grow darker with each month, with the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, Borman’s wife Susan becomes increasingly convinced that her husband’s mission, like everything else that has happened that year, will end in tragedy.

Order the DVDswritten by Al Reinert
directed by David Frankel
music by Michael Kamen

Cast: Brandon Ambrose (Edwin Borman), Sam Anderson (Thomas Paine), David Andrews (Frank Borman), Robert John Burke (Bill Anders), Maury Covington (CIA #2), Tim Daly (Jim Lovell), Keith Dickerson (Engineer), Steve DuMouchel (NASA rep.), Cary Elwes (Michael Collins), Tracy Frenkel (Rocco Petrone), David Drew Gallagher (Retro), Andrew Heller (CIA #1), Jim Howard (William Schneider), Steve Howard (Capcom), John Carroll Lynch (Bob Gilruth), Andy Milder (GUIDO), Holmes Osborne (George Low), Eric Paisley (BBC news reader), Mike Pniewski (Surgeon), Robert Quinn (EECOM), Michael Roddy (FIDO), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Brian Shields (Fred Borman), Kurt Smildsin (Flight Director #1), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn), Graham Timbes (Flight Director #2), Kristian Truelson (Kurt Debus), Robert Walker (GNC TELMU), Rick Warner (Julian Bowman), Norbert Weisser (Wernher Von Braun), John Wickersham (FIDO), Rita Wilson (Susan Borman), Steve Zurk (George Hage)

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From The Earth To The MoonIn 1962, Grumman Aerospace wins the contract for the construction of the lunar excursion module which will land on the moon with two astronauts. And getting the contract is the only easy part of the project. Over the next seven years, Grumman’s engineers, and project manager Tom Kelly, race against time to create a vehicle that has never been imagined before, using materials and methods that have never been conceived before. If the finished LEM isn’t delivered to NASA on time, Kelly and his employees could lose their jobs…but if NASA gets a LEM that isn’t spaceworthy, astronauts could lose their lives in the quest to reach the moon safely.

Order the DVDswritten by Andy Wolk
directed by Graham Yost
music by Mason Daring

Cast: Remi Aubuchon (Engineer Bob), Redd Birney (John Houbolt), David Brisben (Allyn B. Hazard), Max Brown (Glennan), Matt Craven (Tom Kelly), Brett Cullen (Dave Scott), Keith Borman (Kelly’s assistant), John Drew (Mylar engineer), Dann Florek (Robert Seamans), Randell Haynes (Houbolt’s critic #1), Steve Hofvendahl (Tom Stafford), Clint Howard (Paul Lucas), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), Paul Kiernan (Glennan’s assistant), Brian LaFontaine (Young engineer), Mark Lainer (Doubting engineer), Matthew Lussier (Arnold Whitaker), Phillip Martinez (John Coursen), Fred Mooneyham (Houbolt’s critic #2), Kieran Mulroney (Rusty Schweickart), Dean Napolitano (Seaman’s assistant), John Nutten (Colleague #1), Conor O’Farrell (James McDivitt), Holmes Osborne (George Low), Stan Petter (Colleague #2), Alan Ruck (Tom Dolan), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Grant Shaud (Bob Carbee), Russell Warner (John Rigsby), Norbert Weisser (Wernher Von Braun), Graham Yost (Engineer Dave)

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Mare Tranquilitatis

From The Earth To The MoonAs soon as the Apollo 11 mission is slated for the first lunar landing, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are thrust into the media spotlight, despite the fact that they are undergoing some of the most intensive training that the U.S. space program has put a crew through. And in some cases, such as a jet-powered landing simulator which almost kills Armstrong, even the training is a hazard to the crew. But despite their devotion to their duties, even the crew is not immune to contemplating the historical nature of their mission – especially not Buzz Aldrin, whose desire to be the first man to set foot on the moon makes a policy decision necessary months beforehand. And when Apollo 11’s lunar module, the Eagle, begins its final descent toward the surface of the moon, it seems as though the training simulators’ worst-case scenarios may all come back to haunt Aldrin and Armstrong at once.

Order the DVDswritten by Al Reinert, Graham Yost and Tom Hanks
directed by Frank Marshall
music by James Newton Howard

Cast: Sam Anderson (Thomas Paine), David Andrews (Frank Borman), Roger Bernard (Control), Betsy Brantley (Jan Armstrong), Tom Brooks (Jack Garman), Dan Butler (Gene Kranz), Joe Candelora (Cameraman), Bryan Cranston (Buzz Aldrin), J. Downing (Capcom), Cary Elwes (Michael Collins), Timothy A. Franta (Surgeon), David Drew Gallagher (RETRO), Tony Goldwyn (Neil Armstrong), Dan Hagen (Honeycutt), Don Harvey (Flight director), Bill Leavy (GNC), Mikki McKeever (Pat Collins), Timothy McLaughlin (TELMU), Andy Milder (GUIDO), Jeffrey Parrish (Booster), Michael Rafferty (Back room man #1), Roger Ranney (Back room man #2), Diana Scarwid (Joan Aldrin), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Robert Serwatka (EECOM), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn), Jack Swanson (Priest), John Wickersham (FIDO), Rita Wilson (Susan Borman)

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That’s All There Is

From The Earth To The MoonOn November 14, 1969, Apollo 12 is launched, almost becoming the first Apollo mission to abort in mid-launch after lightning strikes the command module. Even though mission control and the crew manage to get the situation under control again, nothing else about Apollo 12 follows the serious and even stately precedent set by Apollo 11. Lunar module pilot Al Bean, a member of the third “class” of astronaut recruits whose ranks have dropped due to deaths in aircraft accidents (and, in Roger Chaffee’s case, the Apollo 1 fire), feels especially priveleged to share the trip to the moon with Dick Gordon and practical joker Pete Conrad. Apollo 12’s crew are more than colleagues – they’re friends. But Bean also has a clumsy streak, which could endanger everything from a new color TV camera to vital scientific experiments. With the whole world watching (well, perhaps not, after he fries the TV camera by pointing it into the sun), he tries not to let his country or his crewmates down.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul McCudden, Erik Bork and Tom Hanks
directed by Jon Turteltaub
music by Mason Daring

Cast: Jeff Breslauer (Technician), David Clyde Carr (Gerry Griffin), George Colangelo (“Buck” Willoughby), Dave Foley (Al Bean), Jim Leavy (C.C. Williams), Ben Marley (Roger Chaffee), Paul McCrane (Pete Conrad), Geoffrey Nauffts (Ed Gibson), Mike Pniewski (Flight Surgeon), Shawn Pyfrom (Ten year old boy), Gary Rorman (Geologist), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn), John Travis (John Aaron), Tom Verica (Dick Gordon)

Note: Pete Conrad is the only astronaut played by two different actors in the series; here he’s played by Paul McCrane, but was originally portrayed by executive producer Tom Hanks’ former Bosom Buddies co-star Peter Scolari.

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We Interrupt This Broadcast

From The Earth To The MoonOn April 13, 1970, veteran TV journalist Emmett Seaborn hits the airwaves with the terrifying news that an unknown accident has crippled the Apollo 13 command module, forcing its three crewmembers into the cramped lunar module. Seaborn’s experience in covering the space program keeps his audience glued to the set, but his failure to grease the palms of his network’s new management opens the door for Brett Hutchins, a determined young reporter with his eyes on history, to dig for a story by any means necessary. Hutchins takes matters into his own hands, following leads and stories, breaking NASA rules for journalists, and burning bridges along the way. But the space agency, realizing how critically its public relations are suffering during the failed mission, is reluctant to shut the young reporter out. As the chances of returning home gradually start to look better for the crew of Apollo 13, Emmett Seaborn feels his own career fading away.

Order the DVDswritten by Peter Osterlund & Amy Brooke Baker
directed by David Frankel
music by Brad Fiedel

Cast: Tammy Arnold (Sarah), Rus D. Blackwell (Joel Kruger), Brian Brightman (Editor), Dan Butler (Gene Kranz), Jack Carroll (Reporter #3), Colette Piceau Colangelo (Reporter #4), Heather DeOreo (Doris), Steve DuMouchel (Jeff Jordy), Jeff Evans (Director), Billy Flanigan (Suit #2), Harold Fletcher (Dr. Swigert), Tim Goodwin (Mr. Radio), Erich Hoffelder (Brett’s sound man), John Hostetter (Ralph Cooper), Clint Howard (Paul Lucas), Key Howard (Reporter #5), John M. Jackson (Hal Deacon), Kathy Karol (Shirley), David Kaufman (David Gibson), William Larson (Seymour Rosen), William Laskin (Larry Thompson), Christopher Miles (TV #3), Jay Mohr (Brett Hutchins), Jeff Moldovan (Reporter #7), Dennis Neal (Suit #1), Don C. Noderer (TV #1), Conor O’Farrell (James McDivitt), Janet Peterson (Mrs. Swigert), Ethan Phillips (Stanley Craig), Ric Reitz (Reporter #8), Brett Rice (Sam Langfitz), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), John Rothman (Warren Moburg), Paul Rouffa (Mr. AP), Gerard Russell (Suit #3), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn), Catherine Stork (TV #4), Jan Taylor (TV #2), Todd Thompsom (TV #5), Doug Truelson (Mr. UPI), Cyndi Vicino (Reporter #2), Dave Wagner (Anchor), George Wilson (Reporter #6)

Notes: Clint Howard also had a role in the movie Apollo 13, as NASA technician Sy Liebergot. Ethan Phillips took time off from his role as Star Trek: Voyager’s Neelix to appear here.

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For Miles And Miles

From The Earth To The MoonThe career of Alan Shepard, the first American to reach space, is cut short when he suffers a severe bout of what turns out to be Meniere’s Disease, an inner ear condition which robs him of his sense of balance. Shepard is quickly pulled from the flight rotation for the new two-man Gemini flights, and fellow grounded Mercury veteran Deke Slayton convinces him to take a position in the Astronaut Office, selecting and managing flight crews. Shepard doesn’t take to his new duties well, and the junior astronauts fear his often foul moods. But when the opportunity to undergo an unconventional and extremely risky operation to correct his ailment arises, Shepard braves the dangers and emerges a cured man. Now his real challenge begins – can he convince anyone that he is fit for a trip to the moon aboard Apollo 14?

Order the DVDswritten by Erik Bork
directed by Gary Fleder
music by Mark Isham & Jeff Beal

Cast: Dylan Baker (Bruce McCoy), Adam Baldwin (Fred Haise), David Clyde Carr (Jerry Griffin), Gary Cole (Ed Mitchell), Tim Daly (Jim Lovell), Joanna Garcia (Julie Shepard), Henderson Gilleland (Bud), Jerry Hardin (Ben Taylor), Mike Harding (Ben Taylor), Steve Hofvendahl (Tom Stafford), Chris Hogan (Don Kyles), Gwen Hollander (Laura Shepard), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), David Kelsey (GUIDO), J. LaRose (Anesthesiologist), Ted Levine (Alan Shepard), Andrew Massett (Dr. House), George Newbern (Stu Roosa), Robin O’Dell (Gaye Alford), Kim Ostrenko (Louise Shepard), Jeff Pillars (Charlie), Caroline Ross (Scrub nurse), Andrew Rubin (Jules Bergman), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Tom L. Stearns (Dick), Marty Stonerock (Circulating nurse), Lesa Thurman (Joan Roosa), Robert Treveiler (L. Gordon Cooper), Rick Warner (Julian Bowman), Ashley Ann Wood (Alice Shepard)

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Galileo Was Right

From The Earth To The MoonWith three successful manned lunar landings under its belt, NASA faces two major public relations hurdles – trying to convince the public that moon shots are anything but routine, and handling a firestorm of criticism from the scientific community, which believes that little actual research is being conducted in the Apollo missions. With the number of future missions dropping due to budget cutbacks, NASA administrators realize that little time remains in which to prove that the Apollo program is about science, not political point-scoring. But there’s only one obstacle to this otherwise admirable plan…finding a geology instructor who won’t bore the astronauts to sleep, someone who can transform jaded test pilots into effective geologists.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeffrey Fiskin and Remi Aubuchon
directed by David Carson
music by Mason Daring

Cast: Tom Amandes (Jack Schmitt), John Aylward (Dr. Ray Pemberton), Barry Dell (Rocco Petrone), David Clyde Carr (Gerry Griffin), David Clennon (Lee Silver), Brett Cullen (Dave Scott), Keith Flippen (Jason), Joe Inscoe (Chester Lee), Marc Macauley (Karl Heinze), Doug McKeon (Joe Allen), Tim Parati (Blaisdell), Michael Raynor (Al Worden), Arland Russell (Geology professor), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Isa Totah (Farouk El-Baz), Tom Verica (Dick Gordon), Gareth Williams (Jim Irwin)

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The Original Wives’ Club

From The Earth To The MoonOn April 18, 1972, Apollo 16 is en route to the moon, and the wives of its three crew members hang on every transmission from the increasingly distant spacecraft. Other wives – most of them veterans of their own husbands’ journeys – gather to offer support and advice. Despite the fact that they don’t seem to discuss it openly, all of the astronauts’ wives know that some of them have handled the pressures better than others.

Order the DVDswritten by Karen Janszen, Tom Hanks and Erik Bork
directed by Sally Field
music by Marc Shaiman

Cast: Jo Anderson (Pat White), David Andrews (Frank Borman), Katie Austin (Susan Lovell), Robert Catrini (Reporter #48), Wendy Crewson (Faye Stafford), Ann Cusack (Jan Armstrong), Tim Daly (Jim Lovell), J. Downing (Charlie Duke), Sally Field (Trudy Cooper), Keith Harris (Carlie), Jim Helsinger (PAO), John Michael Higgins (Master of Ceremonies), Kristie Horton (Barbara Lovell), Key Howard (Reporter #1), Zeljko Ivanek (Ken Mattingly), Elliot Kachnycz (Jay Lovell), Delane Matthews (Pat McDivitt), Claudia Miller (Reporter #72), John Mountford (Christopher Conrad), Deidre O’Connell (Barbara Young), Elizabeth Perkins (Marilyn Lovell), John Posey (John Young), Debra Jo Rupp (Marilyn See), Cynthia Stevenson (Jane Conrad), Robert Treveiler (L. Gordon Cooper), JoBeth Williams (Marge Slayton), Rita Wilson (Susan Borman)

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La Voyage Dans La Lune

From The Earth To The MoonStory: In 1902, French filmmaker George Melies begins working on a new movie in his Montreux studio – but instead of a documentary about famous locales in France, he decides to film a fantastic tale about men traveling to the moon, something which few of his actors consider more than a fanciful fiction. But some seventy years later, Apollo 17 – the last of the Apollo moon missions – has landed on the moon in December 1972, and astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt are performing the longest moonwalk in history. Melies’ spectacular movie about a trip to the moon was eventually procured and copied en masse by Thomas Edison, robbing the French director of even the slightest portion of his film’s financial rewards. And seven decades later, politics and safety concerns are about about to rob the world of another, even more precious, opportunity – the Apollo program of lunar exploration is about to end.

Order the DVDswritten by Tom Hanks
directed by Jonathan Mostow
music by Michael Kamen

Cast: Tom Amandes (Jack Schmitt), Bart Braverman (Older Sahjid), David Clyde Carr (Gerry Griffin), David Clennon (Lee Silver), Blythe Danner (Narrator), Chris Ellis (Bob Parker), Keith Flippen (Jason), Tom Hanks (Jean-Luc Despont), George Kapetan (Ed Fendel), Tcheky Saryo (George Melies), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), Jason Khoury (Young Sahjid), Elizabeth Morehead (Tracy Cernan), Tim Parati (Blaisdell), J.C. Quinn (Special effects worker), Michael Roddy (Geologist), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn)

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