I Am Also A We

Sense8Officer Will Gorski’s growing obsession with the site of the suicide he experienced is interrupted by a visit from the Department of Homeland Security, briefing the Chicago PD on the presence in Chicago of a dangerous man known as Jonas Maliki. No information is provided about why he is wanted, so it’s a huge surprise to Nomi when she spots Jonas staring intently at her at a LGBQT pride parade, causing her to fall from the back of a motorcycle. The hospital only allows Nomi’s birth family to see her, denying her girlfriend Amanta’s requests to see her. Nomi’s mother – who insists on called Nomi by her male birth name – reveals that a growth has been found in Nomi’s brain, a growth that the doctors feel must be removed immediately. Jonas appears to Nomi, telling her that she must not allow the surgery to happen. Around the world, Riley, Lito and Kala each face their own personal crises, trapped by society’s expectations or more direct dangers. Jonas appears to Gorski, telling the rookie cop that what he thinks he knows about Jonas is wrong.

Order the DVDswritten by The Wachowskis & J. Michael Straczynski
directed by The Wachowskis
music by Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer
additional music by Gabriel Isaac Mounsey and Ethan Stollar

Cast: Aml Ameen (Capheus van Damn), Doona Bae (Sun Bak), Jamie Clayton (Nomi Marks), Tina Desai (Kala Dandekar), Tuppence Middleton (Riley Blue), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang Bogdanow), Miguel Angel Silvestre (Lito Rodriguez), Brian J. Smith (Will Gorski), Freema Agyeman (Amanita), Terrance Mann (Mr. Whispers), Anupam Kher (Sanyam Dandekar), Naveen Andrews (Jonas), Daryl Hannah (Angelica), Purab Kohli (Rajan Rasal), Ness Bautista (Diego), William Burke (Deshawn), Sandra Fish (Janet), Anfonso Herrera (Hernando), Erendira Ibarra (Daniela), Adam Shapiro (Dr. Metzger), Ron Dean (Duke), Cedric Young (Friend #1), Danny Goldring (Friend #2), Howie Johnson (Miller), Larry Clarke (Police Captain), Kevin R. Kelly (Agent Stiles), Maxwell Jenkins (young Will), Eddie Martinez (Convenience Attendant), Darshan Jariwala (Manendra Rasal), Natasha Rastogi (Priya Dandekar), Huzane Mewawala (Daya Dandekar), Mita Vasisht (Sahana Rasal), Shruti Bapna (Devi), Amy Mubul (Anja), Max Mauff (Felix), Wanja Gotz (Thug), Avantika Akerkar (Aunty Ina), Dilnaz Irani (Lab Co-Worker #1), Palomi Ghosh (Lab Co-Worker #2), Rene Azuela (Cristina), Annie Munch (Teagan), Tara Mallen (Day Nurse), Hanna Dworkin (Surgical Nurse), Masahin Munor (Lola)

LogBook entry by Earl Green