The Bullet

SearchAfter an attempt to extract an eastern European weapons designer from behind the Iron Curtain fails, it falls to PROBE to help him defect and get him out alive, along with his designs and formulas for a poison-coated bullet that can kill a target even if it only grazes them. Lockwood ventures into enemy territory, and finds that his arrival has been anticipated. The defector whose life Lockwood means to save is killed, and when he himself is grazed by a bullet, Lockwood finds that the poisonous ammo is already in use in the eastern bloc.

written by Judy Burns
directed by William Wiard
music by Dominic Frontiere

SearchCast: Hugh O’Brian (Hugh Lockwood), Burgess Meredith (Cameron), Ina Balin (Alexia Trepov), Malachi Throne (Colonel Nobokov), Alan Bergman (Rolf Wentzel), Peter Von Zerneck (Bremer), Robert Boon (Balzak), Byron Mabe (Eagan), Genadii Biegouloff (Lieutenant), Stafford Morgan (Martin), Ron Castro (Carlos), Byron Chung (Kuroda), Amy Farrell (Murdock), Ginny Golden (Keach), Albert Popwell (Griffin), Walter Beakel (Harrison)

LogBook entry by Earl Green