Operation Iceman

SearchFor years, a mysterious figure known only as the Iceman has stalked the world of organized crime, carrying out “hits” only on major players in the underworld. But now the Iceman has killed a PROBE agent, and Cameron assigns multiple agents, including Nick Bianco and the soon-to-retire mentor who brought Bianco into the PROBE fold, to track the killer down once and for all. No matter where Bianco or any member of his team go, the Iceman is a step ahead of them, taking out key witnesses before they can talk. Even Bianco’s mentor becomes one of the Iceman’s victims, and Bianco suspects that the Iceman has an ally within PROBE control…

written by S.S. Schweitzer
directed by Robert L. Friend
music by Dominic Frontiere

SearchCast: Tony Franciosa (Nick Bianco), Burgess Meredith (Cameron),
Edward Mulhare (David Pelham), James Gregory (Gordon Essex), Mary Frann (Stephanie Burnside), Edward Bell (Andre Gerard), Poupee Bocar (Kalia Soulvan), Harve Selsby (Epstein), Patrick O’Hara (Mr. Johns), Russ Marin (Ginelli), J. Ben Hur (Secretary), Loren James (Guard), Abraham Sofaer (Lokarno), Ron Castro (Carlos), Byron Chung (Kuroda), Amy Farrell (Murdock), Ginny Golden (Keach), Albert Popwell (Griffin)

LogBook entry by Earl Green