Live Men Tell Tales

SearchA PROBE agent trying to track down an international crime boss in Latin America is reported killed in action. Nick Bianco was already under orders to coordinate with his fellow agent, but the fact that he was an old friend makes it personal; Bianco even has to deliver the news to the widow. Backtracking the dead agent’s trail leads to France, where Bianco encounters a beautiful woman who insists that she was the agent’s lover, and that he is still alive and plans to defect from PROBE. But her refusal to answer Bianco’s straight questions about his fellow agent’s whereabouts trouble him, and in no time at all Bianco is being tailed by murderous thugs. Worse yet, having learned that her husband may have had a lover, the missing agent’s wife goes to France to look for him herself, placing her in mortal danger.

written by Irving Pearlberg
directed by Marc Daniels
music by Dominic Frontiere

SearchCast: Tony Franciosa (Nick Bianco), Burgess Meredith (Cameron), Louise Sorel (Magda Reiner), Leslie Charleson (Nancy Kubica), Torin Thatcher (Stonestreet), Martin Koslek (Josip), Tony Matranga (Kubica), Penny Santon (Concierge), Norman Stuart (Dr. Rickman), Bryn Morgan (Vavin), Gino Gottarelli (Garcon), Robert Manuel (Waiter), Felipe Turich (Krishna Singh), Terry Leonard (Montalambert), Ron Castro (Carlos), Byron Chung (Kuroda), Amy Farrell (Murdock), Ginny Golden (Keach), Albert Popwell (Griffin)

LogBook entry by Earl Green