The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith – part 1

The Sarah Jane AdventuresSarah and her friends chase down a little schoolboy in a 1950s school uniform who has emerged through a random fissure in time. Too scared to go back on his own, the boy will only return if Sarah escorts him – and to her horror, she discovers that the fissure leads to her birthplace, just days before she’s discovered, left on the side of the road, with her parents never to be seen again. Try as she does to rationalize not going back and possibly changing history, Sarah feels she’s got enough time travel experience under her belt to deal with any problems. But moments after she steps through the fissure into 1951, Luke leaps in behind her to warn her that the present-day end of the fissure is unstable. Too late, Sarah discovers that she’s fallen for an irresistible trap constructed just for her…and that she has delivered Earth’s fate into the hands of the Trickster and his minion, the Graske.

Get the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Gareth Roberts
directed by Graeme Harper
music by Sam Watts / title music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: Mina Anwar (Gita Chandra), Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), Rosanna Lavelle (Barbara Smith), Christopher Pizzey (Eddie Smith), Paul Marc Davis (The Trickster), Jimmy Vee (The Graske), Georgie Glen (Mrs. King), Robert Madge (Oscar), Philip Hurd-Wood (voice of the Graske)

Notes: None of the background information on Sarah contradicts any facts established in Doctor Who, since this sort of in-depth characterization wasn’t common for 1970s Doctor Who companions. The Trickster was last seen in the season one two-parter Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?, which also featured the Graske, though the Graske was seen more recently in the Doctor Who short Music Of The Spheres at the 2008 Proms. The Trickster, though he hasn’t shown his face in Doctor Who, was apparently behind the attempt to change Donna’s – and therefore the Doctor’s – history in Turn Left.

LogBook entry by Earl Green