The Man Who Never Was – Part 2

The Sarah Jane AdventuresThe real power behind Serf has been revealed: the hologram of the long-dead computer tycoon is being generated by enslaved aliens, at the behest of Serf’s former business partner. Desperate to keep the truth from getting out, he locks up Sarah, Sky and Luke, and threatens the alien minions trapped in the bowels of the Serf Systems building. After receiving a message from Luke, Clyde and Rani go undercover to get into Serf’s building to rescue Sarah and the others. Sarah finds that others have been detained in order to keep Serf’s illusion a secret, and helps to free them as well. But can the plot be exposed before Serf’s hypnotic hologram persuades the public to buy a SerfBoard for every home?

Get the DVDwritten by Gareth Roberts
directed by Joss Agnew
music by Sam & Dan Watts

Sarah Jane AdventuresCast: Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Tommy Knight (Luke Smith), Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer), Anjli Mohindra (Rani Chandra), Sinead Michael (Sky), James Dreyfus (Harrison), Mark Aiken (Serf), Edyta Budnik (Adriana), Peter Bowles (Lionel Carson), Dan Starkey (Plark), Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), Jason Mohammad (Newsreader)

Notes: The was the final episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures produced before production was halted due to Elisabeth Sladen’s health. She died on April 19th after a lengthy battle with cancer, and the three two-part stories already “in the can” for the fifth season were completed and aired in October of that year, Sarah Jane Adventureswrapping up the series. A special montage covering the entire series was added to the end of The Man Who Never Was. With no new season of Torchwood commissioned following Miracle Day, the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures also marks the end of Russell T. Davies’ involvement in the Doctor Who universe.

Guest star Dan Starkey is better known as the actor most frequently engaged to play Sontaran roles in both Sarah Jane Adventures and the new Doctor Who; he has also begun providing Sontaran voices for Big Finish Productions’ Doctor Who audio stories. Alexander Armstrong, the voice of Sarah’s sentient computer Mr. Smith, would go on to appear (in person for once!) in the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special.

LogBook entry by Earl Green