The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith – Part 2

The Sarah Jane AdventuresThe trap has been sprung: the new man in Sarah’s life is a pawn of the Trickster, who still wants revenge against Sarah, and the trap is almost perfect. If Sarah calls the wedding off, Earth will suffer the consequences, and if she goes through with it, she belongs to the Trickster and his torments forever. Luke, Clyde, Rani and K-9 join forces with the Doctor, but the Trickster has trapped them in one second of recurring time, a temporal schism that leaves the TARDIS powerless to help. The Doctor isn’t giving up on Sarah yet, but the Time Lord doesn’t hold the key to ending this siege: Sarah’s fate lies in the hands of Clyde… and the man she was going to marry.

Get the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Gareth Roberts
directed by Joss Agnew
music by Sam Watts & Dan Watts / title music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: David Tennant (The Doctor), Nigel Havers (Peter Dalton), Mina Anwar (Gita), Ace Bhatti (Haresh), Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), John Leeson (voice of K-9), Paul Marc Davis (Trickster), Zienia Merton (Registrar)

Sarah Jane AdventuresNotes: David Tennant filmed these episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures after completing filiming on his final Doctor Who episode, The End Of Time; in a TV interview, Tennant revealed that the last scene he filmed and the last line he delivered as the Doctor was “You two with me, spit spot!” as the Doctor dashes up the stairs. The Doctor mentions a “Pantheon of Discord,” a cabal of powerful beings who are trapped outside of time, trying to wreak chaos; it’s possible that this pantheon may also include such previous enemies as Fenric, the Gods of Ragnarok, Kwundaar, and perhaps even the Black Guardian.

LogBook entry by Earl Green