The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith – Part 1

The Sarah Jane AdventuresLuke, Rani and Clyde are growing suspicious: Sarah has been increasingly secretive about a number of recent evening excursions. Luke places a tracking device on Sarah’s car and instructs Mr. Smith to pinpoint where Sarah is going. It turns out that it’s nothing more suspicious than a date, and while Luke tries to cope with some confused and very human feelings, Clyde and Rani do some investigating of their own, looking into the background of Sarah’s new boyfriend. Finally, Rani is convinced that nothing is amiss, but Clyde remains suspicious. When Sarah abruptly announces that she’s getting married, and just as abruptly deactivates Mr. Smith, it seems that Clyde’s fears may be founded. But even Clyde isn’t ready for a surprise guest who appears on the big day: a guest who doesn’t have an invitation, but does have a TARDIS.

Get the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Gareth Roberts
directed by Joss Agnew
music by Sam Watts & Dan Watts / title music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: David Tennant (The Doctor), Nigel Havers (Peter Dalton), Mina Anwar (Gita), Ace Bhatti (Haresh), Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), John Leeson (voice of K-9), Paul Marc Davis (Trickster), Zienia Merton (Registrar)

Sarah Jane AdventuresNotes: Nigel Havers was one of the stars of the UK series Manchild, a sort of all-male version of Sex And The City, in which his co-stars included Anthony Stewart Head (of Buffy fame and the villain of Doctor Who stories such as School Reunion and the Big Finish Excelis audio series) and Don Warrington (the ill-fated President from Rise Of The Cybermen, and the voice of Big Finish’s Rassilon). Appearing very briefly as the officiant at Sarah’s wedding is Zienia Merton, best known to SFTV fans as Sandra Benes from Space: 1999, but also a guest-star in the fourth-ever Doctor Who serial, Marco Polo, which starred William Hartnell as the Doctor in 1964. K-9 mentions a “stair navigation” hover mode, never before seen; this episode aired just two days before the K-9 spinoff series brought viewers a new-style K-9 who spends almost all of his time hovering!

LogBook entry by Earl Green