Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? – Part 1

The Sarah Jane AdventuresAfter experiencing an eerie sensation while hanging out with Luke, Maria, Clyde and Maria’s dad at the park, Sarah is reminded of an odd alien puzzle box that came into her possession. When she received it, she was told to give it to the person she trusts the most – and so she now gives it to Maria. She also lets Maria and Clyde in on a little secret: a large meteor is headed for Earth, and a collision would meant the end of all life on the planet…but Mr. Smith will harmlessly deflect it, without drawing any attention from the authorities. The next day, when Maria drops by Sarah’s house, Sarah isn’t there, there’s no sign of Luke, and suddenly Clyde has no idea who she is. Even Maria’s dad doesn’t remember Sarah. Sarah’s house is occupied by a woman named Andrea Yates, and there’s no evidence of any of their adventures together. When Maria tries to prove to her dad that Sarah Jane existed, she finds nothing but an obituary dated 1964 – involving a girl who died after falling off a pier during a school trip, witnessed only by a fellow schoolgirl named Andrea Yates. Something has happened to change history – and now Sarah and Mr. Smith aren’t there to save the world.

Get the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Gareth Roberts
directed by Graeme Harper
music by Sam Watts / title music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: Joseph Millson (Alan Jackson), Juliet Cowan (Chrissie Jackson), Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), Jane Asher (Andrea), Paul Marc Davis (The Trickster), Jimmy Vee (The Graske), Jessica Ashworth (young Sarah Jane), Francesca Miller (young Andrea), Jason Mohammad (Newsreader), Philip Hurd-Wood (voice of the Graske)

LogBook entry by Earl Green