The Mad Woman In The Attic – part 2

The Sarah Jane AdventuresA face in the mirror – the artificial intelligence at the heart of Eve’s stranded spacecraft – peers into the minds of Sarah, Luke and Rani, picking out their past and predicting their futures. In Sarah’s future, she sees the return of the TARDIS, but for Rani’s future, she sees nothing except the life of a hermit in what was once Sarah’s attic – a future that seems inescapable. Sarah and Clyde find Rani and meet Eve, and Rani tries to convince her friends that Eve isn’t a force of evil, but simply needs their help. Even if she convinces everyone that this is true, is she right?

Get the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Joseph Lidster
directed by Alice Troughton
music by Sam Watts / title music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), Souad Faress (Old Rani), Gregg Sulkin (Adam), Brian Miller (Harry), Toby Parkes (Sam), Eleanor Tomlinson (Eve), Kate Fleetwood (Ship), John Leeson (voice of K-9), Jai Rajani (Shuresh)

Appearing in footage from Planet Of The Spiders: Jon Pertwee (The Doctor)

Appearing in footage from The Hand Of Fear: Tom Baker (The Doctor)

Notes: For the first time in The Sarah Jane Adventures, footage from Sarah’s travels in the classic Doctor Who series is shown, namely her introduction to the third Doctor in The Time Warrior, the possessed Sarah attacking the third Doctor in Planet Of The Spiders (his final story), and Sarah’s farewell to the fourth Doctor in The Hand Of Fear. This is only the second time that classic Doctor Who footage has been incorporated into a modern episode from the Doctor Who universe (the first being a brief sequence in the Doctor Who Christmas special The Next Doctor).

LogBook entry by Earl Green