Back In The Red Part II

Red DwarfThings are not going well for Lister and his friends. Kryten has been sentenced to be completely rebooted back to his original personality parameters, and the others are due to stand before a board of inquiry for crashing a Starbug into the ship. Worse yet, Lister has entrusted Rimmer with helping them escape or bringing evidence of the nanobots to the captain’s attention. However, Rimmer has no time to do either since he’s spending all of his time enjoying the sexual magnetism virus. Cat, Kochanski and Lister barely escape being recaptured (thanks to Lister’s use of the luck virus), and are soon on their way to freedom…so long as nothing goes wrong with their plan. But they haven’t counted on Rimmer’s need to keep the source of his secrets…well, secret.

Order the DVDswritten by Doug Naylor
directed by Ed Bye
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: Mac McDonald (Captain Hollister), Kira Mirylles (Doc Newton), Jemma Churchill (First woman officer), Andy Taylor (Dr. MacLaren), Sue Keeryn (Second woman officer), Karl Glenn Stimpson (MP Thornton), Guenevere Swallow (Third woman officer), Geoffrey Beevers (Doctor)

LogBook entry by Earl Green