The Schizoid Man

The PrisonerVillage officials enter Number Six’s residence in the dead of night, drugging him and taking him away. He is experimented on, injected with drugs, and awakens with a new face – or at least a new hairdo. Number Two tries to convince him that he is, in fact, Number Twelve – a deep cover agent assigned to break the will of the difficult Number Six. Number Six is unimpressed with this latest attempt to break him…until he returns to his residence and finds a man there with the number and the face that were once his own.

written by Terence Feely
directed by Pat Jackson
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Anton Rodgers (Number Two), Jane Merrow (Alison), Earl Cameron (Supervisor), Gay Cameron (Number 36), David Nettheim (Doctor), Pat Keen (Nurse), Gerry Crampton (Guardian), Dinney Powell (Guardian)

LogBook entry by Earl Green