The Girl Who Was Death

The PrisonerNumber Six desperately tries to defuse a mad scientist’s attempt to launch a missile into the heart of London. But Number Six is also being pursued by the scientist’s daughter, who hatches a number of elaborate schemes to destroy him. Even if Number Six manages to foil the diabolical plot, he will still end up in the Village when it’s all over.

written by Terence Feely
directed by David Tomblin
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Kenneth Griffith (Schnipps), Justine Lord (Sonia), Christopher Benjamin (Potter), Michael Brennan (Killer Karminski), Harold Berens (Boxing M.C.), Sheena Marsh (Barmaid), Max Faulkner (Scots Napoleon), John Rees (Welsh Napoleon), Joe Gladwin (Yorkshire Napoleon), John Drake (Bowler), Gaynor Steward (Little girl), Graham Steward (Little boy), Stephen How (Little boy)

LogBook entry by Earl Green