The Chimes of Big Ben

The PrisonerNumber Six watches with curiosity and suspicion as the Village welcomes a new resident whose background is almost too conveniently similar to his own. But Number Six finally admits to compassion when he steps forward to cooperate with Number Two to put a stop to his new neighbor’s torturous interrogation. When the two prisoners begin hatching an escape plan, can either of them truly trust the other – or are each of them testing the other?

written by Vincent Tilsley
directed by Don Chaffey
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Leo McKern (Number Two), Nadia Gray (Nadia), Finlay Currie (General), Richard Wattis (Fotheringay), Kevin Stoney (Colonel J), Peter Swanwick (Supervisor), Christopher Benjamin (Number Two’s assistant), David Arlen (Karel), Hilda Barry (Number 38), Jack Le-White (Judge), John Maxim (Judge), Lucy Griffiths (Judge)

LogBook entry by Earl Green