Hammer Into Anvil

The PrisonerUnable to free himself from the Village, Number Six decides to begin tearing his prison apart from the inside out. He plays on Number Two’s paranoia with an elaborate scheme involving rumors that Number Six is actually a spy sent to the Village by Number Two’s superiors. Even Number Two’s most trusted aide is implicated by Number Six’s insinuations. Despite the fact that he is still stranded, Number Six scores a major victory when he brings his jailor to the brink of a total nervous breakdown.

written by Roger Woddis
directed by Pat Jackson
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Patrick Cargill (Number Two), Basil Hoskins (Number 14), Victor Maddern (Bandmaster), Norman Scace (Psychiatrist), Derek Aylward (New supervisor), Hilary Dwyer (Number 73), Arthur Gross (Control room operator), Peter Swanwick (Supervisor), Victor Woolf (Shop assistant), Michael Segal (Technician), Margo Andrew (Girl), Susan Sheers (Code expert), Jackie Cooper (Guardian), Fred Haggerty (Guardian), Eddie Powell (Guardian), George Leach (Guardian)

LogBook entry by Earl Green