Dance of the Dead

The PrisonerNumber Six spots a former co-worker trapped in the Village, only to find that the man is being tortured for information about him. Worse yet, Number Two informs Number Six that the man’s ordeal can be ended if only Six will reveal everything he knows. The new prisoner is broken quickly, while Number Six finds a possible means of summoning help – and finds himself on trial as well…

written by Anthony Skene
directed by Don Chaffey
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Mary Morris (Number Two), Duncan MacRae (Doctor), Norma West (The Observer), Bee Duffell (Psychiatrist), Alan White (Dutton), Aubrey Morris (Town crier), Camilla Hasse (Day supervisor), Michael Nightingale (Night supervisor), Patsy Smart (Night maid), Denise Buckley (Maid), George Merritt (Postman), John Frawley (Flower man), Lucy Griffiths (Lady in corridor), William Lyon Brown (Doctor)

LogBook entry by Earl Green