A Change of Mind

The PrisonerOnce again, Number Six is subjected to a torturous session of brainwashing, but the process backfires, leaving him perfectly normal. In another plot to tear the Village apart from within, Number Six hypnotizes the woman who was used by Number Two to lure him into brainwashing. Number Six confuses his enemies by offering to repent and confess – and by planting a human time bomb in their midst. While this person poses no physical threat to Number Two, she does carry an important message that will turn the Village’s people against their dictator.

written by Roger Parkes
directed by Joseph Serf
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), John Sharpe (Number Two), Angela Brown (Number 86), George Pravda (Doctor), Kathleen Breck (Number 42), Peter Swanwick (Supervisor), Thomas Heathcote (Lobo Man), Bartlett Mullins (Chairman), Michael Miller (Number 93), Joseph Cuby (Member of social group), June Ellis (Number 48), John Hamblin (Woodland man), Michael Billington (Woodland man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green