Episode 6

PrimevalAnother string of deaths and disappearances is the first clue of another deadly predator from the anomaly, but this time Helen Cutter arrives to offer her help. This time, the team’s adversary is very different: it’s a highly-evolved hunter from the future, a revelation which startles Cutter, who assumed that all of the anomalies led to the distant past. Worse yet, it’s a hunter following the scent of a very specific prey – Helen herself – so her willingness to help is hardly a gesture of goodwill toward Cutter or his team. Cutter’s increasing attachment to Claudia also seems to irritate Helen, who strikes back with the revelation that she had a brief affair with Stephen even while she was married. It’s only when Cutter agrees to accompany Helen through the anomaly in an attempt to lead the predator back to its native time zone that he realizes it’s all another scheme of Helen’s. Cutter barely survives this trip to the past, and when he returns, he’s the only one who remembers a woman named Claudia Brown.

Order the SeriesDownload this episodewritten by Adrian Hodges
directed by Jamie Payne
music by Dominik Scherrer

PrimevalCast: Juliet Aubrey (Helen Cutter), Douglas Henshall (Nick Cutter), James Murray (Stephen Hart), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Ben Miller (Sir James Lester), Mark Wakeling (Captain Ryan), John Voce (Tim Parker)

Notes: Not just one, but two “Wilhelm screams” can be heard in the course of the bloody encounter with the future predator. The “future camp” was glimpsed, complete with the partly-unearthed skull of its unfortunate victim, in the series premiere.

LogBook entry by Earl Green