The Butler Did It

Police SquadThe daughter of a wealthy businessman is kidnapped on her birthday, and Frank Drebin is there. Frank and Ed listen closely to the recording of the kidnappers’ demands, and find an excellent clue – the distinctively bloated and grumpy sounds of the tuba. (Though it could also be a ship’s horn.) When Police Squad tracks down the kidnapper, the ruthless crook fights back. And when someone opens fire on Police Squad, Police Squad looks for a hiding place as quickly as possible!

teleplay by Pat Proft
story by Deborah Hwang and Robert K. Weiss
directed by Georg Stanford Brown
music by Ira Newborn

Special Guest Star: Robert Goulet (as himself)

Guest Cast: Ed Williams (Mr. Olson), William Duell (Johnny), Peter Lupus (Norberg), Tommy LaSorda (himself), Nicolas Coster (Warner), Lilibet Stern (Terri), Byron Webster (Thames), Ken Michelman (Kingsley), Peter Elbing (Mime), K. Callan (Charlotte)

Alternate Title: A Bird In The Hand

LogBook entry by Earl Green