Ring Of Fear

Police SquadA prizefighter past his prime has somehow been coerced into losing his matches in the boxing ring, and Frank Drebin is there. If the ex-champ would throw punches instead of throwing the whole fight, his career would be back on track – but his corrupt manager has kidnapped his girlfriend. Frank tries to save the fighter’s ladyfriend while also landing him his last shot at a career-saving match in the ring.

teleplay by Tino Insana and Robert Wuhl
story by David Misch
directed by Joe Dante
music by Ira Newborn

Special Guest Star: Georg Stanford Brown (as himself)

Guest Cast: Ed Williams (Mr. Olson), William Duell (Johnny), Rudy Solari (Martin), Patrick St. Esprit (Buddy), Tessa Richards (Mary), Floyd Levine (Cooper), Irwin Keyes (Luca), Grand Bush (The Champ)

Alternate Title: A Dangerous Assignment

LogBook entry by Earl Green