Revenge and Remorse

Police SquadA district judge’s courtroom is booby-trapped with a powerful bomb, and Frank Drebin is there. But Frank suspects that someone else was there, too – Eddie, a just-paroled felon convicted of similar bombings in the past. Eddie’s ex-wife Lana seems strangely disinterested in the possibility that Eddie’s up to his old tricks again, and she also doesn’t care about Frank and Ed’s investigation, though she has no qualms about pantsing them for charity. As it turns out, Eddie has a showgirl on the side, and has been violating his parole. But is he really the mad bomber, or just a slightly agitated bomber?

written by Nancy Steen and Neil Thompson
directed by Paul Krasny
music by Ira Newborn

Special Guest Star: William Shatner (as himself)

Guest Cast: Ed Williams (Mr. Olson), William Duell (Johnny), Peter Lupus (Norberg), Dr. Joyce Brothers (herself), Spence Milligan (Eddie), Bonnie Campbell Britton (Lana), K.T. O’Sullivan (Mimi)

Alternate Title: The Guilty Alibi

LogBook entry by Earl Green