Rendezvous at Big Gulch

Police SquadA mob “insurance” scam threatens several inner city businesses and residents, and Frank Drebin is there. After a dance instructor is beaten up, Frank and Norberg open their own shop, and sure enough, the thugs drop by to offer them insurance. When Frank rebuffs their threats, the criminals strike, and strike hard. Frank does, in fact, have the key to ending the crime wave – largely because he and Norberg have opened a key-making store.

teleplay by Nancy Steen and Neil Thompson
story by Pat Proft
directed by Reza S. Badiyi
music by Ira Newborn

Special Guest Star: Florence Henderson (as herself)

Guest Cast: Ed Williams (Mr. Olson), William Duell (Johnny), Peter Lupus (Norberg), Al Ruscio (Dutch), Robert Costanzo (Leo), John Ashton (Rocky), Connie Needham (Jill), Rebecca Holden (Stella)

Alternate Title: Terror In The Neighborhood

LogBook entry by Earl Green