Nowhere ManFurther study of his own photograph leads Veil to a research facility in Washington D.C., the home of the dark, top-secret Project Marathon. Not expecting a major breakthrough, Veil finds signs that he is very close to the prize, including cooperative allies at the highest levels, and a growing number of attempts to kill him. Veil discovers that at least one of the dead men pictured in “Hidden Agenda” is a U.S. Senator whose whereabouts are currently unknown, and is given the key to a safe deposit box whose contents will lead him to the end of his quest…for better or worse.

Order the DVDswritten by Art Montersatelli
directed by Stephen Stafford
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Nicolas Surovy (Stanley Robman), Elsie Sniffen (Jenny Tsu), Oz Tortora (Sparky)

LogBook entry by Earl Green